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Chapter 1

Everybody has their darkest secrets about themselves, but the secrets I have are not mine.

My name is Josie, I wont tell you my last name or my location. You're just going have to trust me on what you're about to read is true everything; the places, the creatures, and the powers. Ever since I was given these secrets about the world, a lot of weird things have happened to me lately, I'm not going to tell you what they are because you're going have to read into this story to see how my life changed on short notice. You may think that I'm crazy or I'm making all of this up but it's the truth, I've seen them happen, to me I thought all of it was a dream that I can just tell myself they weren't real and none of this is really happening, I was wrong cause what I saw that night had happened.

This all happened seven years ago when I was given the blue cube, the 'Escafil Device' during Spring Break.

I still remember that day like it was just yesterday even though it's been years, my family and I were out a town visiting my aunts and uncles from my dad's side of the family for spring break {I can't tell you the locations where I've been either, sorry} I was very excited to see them but that feeling didn't last through the trip, because when I started having this dream I began to fear them, real or not I was afraid of what might come out of this. I've had the same dream all the time but it never changes; the same place, the same feeling, the creatures, the same situation over and over.

Seven Years Ago:

It was Thursday or was it Friday - I don't know which day was it exactly - in the afternoon, I was with my family walking around the mall ( you know a tour )as usual. When we first walked in, the size of the mall from the inside was shocking which made me feel even smaller and even more uncomfortable in a weird way. My parents have told us to stay close to them cause in this mall you can lose yourself in less than 3 minutes tops.

I tried my best to keep up with them but I get to distracted so easily and the feeling that made me feel uncomfortable gotten worst from every step I take, like something wasn't right, like it was misplace. Until the weird feeling just went though my body which made me sick in my gut, than a sharp pain hit me out of nowhere. I felt like I couldn't breath and my head ache started up, I looked at my reflection in one of the display windows and I saw my cheeks red like I was running a fever and I started to have cold sweat and looked pale [ Why is this happening to me again? Why?] I asked myself.

I started to concentrate on calming down, - I don't know why but it helps - while doing so I can feel my body cooling off, like how you feel when you just recovered from a flu or any sickness. When I finished I looked in my reflection once more and I saw that I looked normal, to tell you the truth this was not the first time it happened, the last time was weeks ago when I stayed home from school for a week and when I came back on Thursday I had a weeks of catching up papers but this time it's getting smoother that I was able to control it.

Than I realized that my family wasn't with me or I wasn't with them, I started to panick when I don't see them in my sight, I walked toward the crowd hoping that I would be running into them, but hope wasn't with me, I walked almost through the entire mall looking for my family until I stopped in front of another store, I'm afraid I might never see them again. I look to my reflection again and saw how lonely being in the mall was. I saw the bench behind me from the window so I turned towards it and sat down. I waited and waited for a familiar face to come and take me to my family but nobody came.

For that long wait until I finally saw a familiar face, but it wasn't who I expected to, a woman had walked by the bench where I was sitting, my heart skipped a beat when I saw her. She was tall, white but with a bit of color toned, long blond hair to her lower back, and when she looked at me her blue eyes had like a weird look in them like I don't know how to describe it but it was really weird.

When she walked past me, there was this sudden urged to follow her - I know it's not the smart thing to do but I know I've seen her before and I can't recall from where - she walked around the corner and I followed tried not letting her see me but when she makes a stop I jump out of sight behind a group of people, to store displays outside the door, when ever she turns around and looks my way I get this feeling that she wanted me to follow like want me to find what I'm really looking for.

Than we walk to the food court [ Is she meeting up with some friends here?] as I watched her walled toward a table, I saw who was there and I was left speechless cause I knew everybody who was sitting there at the table where she pulled a chair to sit in.

Until I now realized where I seen her before, I've seen her in my dreams, but I don't know their names and why do I know them?

[ Its them but how do I know them? Who are they? ]