I'm doing the same thing to all my chapter as I did earlier, this will help me and those who follow and review this story will understand how it all happened.

Chapter 2

When I saw them, my heart wanted to stop but instead my head ache came back, not from the feeling I had earlier. It's weird because I felt like I was remembering them from a long time ago - but what is there to remember them by except for the dreams, - when I came out of it, I gotten light-headed like I work all I had left. I know it's crazy seeing your dreams come in reality but it's impossible from what I saw in my dreams, I want to believe them but it's insane. I wanted answers like, why do they seem familiar to me? I never even knew them, not even their names, and why do I have dreams about them?

I realized, I can't just walk up to them and ask, it's not okay to ask right away. I started making a plan to approach without them looking at like I'm crazy. Than I gotten this feeling from the back of my head that I'm being followed, I didn't dare to look back until I heard a deep man voice asking me "Are you lost little one?". I closed my eyes till I came face to face with him, I felt fear run through my body when he said those words I don't know why but I felt like I heard his voice before, I can't recall from where.

When I saw him look down to me and smiled I felt an evil smile instead of a warm welcoming, let-me-help you smile from him and in his eyes had the look of cold ruthless man. I'm shocked when I noticed the two other guys on each side of him like they're his second-hand men, they had a very unpleasant smile on their face.

"Ugh - no I'm not lost, I was just heading back to my family over there, they're just waiting for me at the food court, you didn't have to bother with me I'm okay thank you though" when I was about to walk away the man stopped me by asking again "Okay than, why don't I walk with you to your family," I started getting that weird and bad feel again from him, "no really sir, I'm not suppose to talk to strangers anyway" I tried pulling the stranger danger card on him seeing if he'll leave me alone.

He tried again "if I meet your parents than I wouldn't be a stranger to you anymore" I tried to reply back but he reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled me with force towards him "I'm coming with you, if you like or not!" that sounded like a demand when he said it that way "Sir please let me go, you're hurting me. LET ME GO!"

I was about to fight him until I heard someone calling out to us, the man stopped and look up, I did the same as well to see the woman I followed walking toward us. The man let go of my arm when I was free from he's grasp, I ran hide behind her than I saw one of the men that was sitting with her earlier came by her side. "What are you doing to her sir!"

"This does not concern you so stay out of this" his anger vibrate the air around us which made me grab the mans leather jackets sleeve "Hay if there's any problem here than let's take it outside but leave the girl out of this" the other man didn't have anything to say but stared at him than looked at me which I ducked closer to the guy I was holding on to. The man gave off a chuckle than went silent.

I looked over to see if the man left, than the woman had kneeled down to me to see how I'm doing "Are you okay?" I was still shaken up from the other guy "y-yes" than the man I was holding on earlier finally said "he's gone for now but I wouldn't let my guard down for one second he'll try anything to get what he wants. How is she?"

"She's okay but a little shaky" the guy grabbed my hand to reassure me "Hey it's okay everything alright, you're safe" [How can I, I'd be kidnapped by that guy if you two didn't showed up]

"Why do these bad things happen to me. He wants something, I can see it written on his face, but I don't know what he wanted from me." They didn't answer until I let it out "did it had something to do with me having this dream about you and your friends!?"

Than I saw their face expression changed and started looking at each other in shock "Rachel - ugh - you stay with her and I'll go tell the others" than she nodded her head as he got up and walked towards the table.

[Rachel? So that's her name, why does it sounds familiar. Do I know anyone else by that name or did we meet somewhere before?]

"Hey um what is your name if you're okay to tell me?" I looked to her like she was crazy but there was this feeling that I can trust her, tell her anything. "My names Josie ***" I told her my last name - I wont tell you sorry - when I saw her reaction to my name shocked me, like she can't believe what she's seeing. Than she looked up to see her friends looking our way all wondering who is she with. Rachel did nothing much but showed a worried face to them until they invited us to join.

She looked to me and asked "Josie ... uh ... my friends are wondering, do you want to come sit with us? If you're okay with it."

Knowing I shouldn't go with her or her friends, because I didn't know them but something about Rachel and her friends made me feel safe just being with them. When she got up to her feet, she held out her hand to me, showing her trust. watching her hand for a while until I took her hand and lead me to the table where her friends are waiting, while we were walking to them I started getting all these visions, it was like I was really there with them when they were younger like they were in my dreams, but this is in reality they're all grown up. "Did you and Tobias have to get in the middle of that situation, you both know we're suppose to lay low, and now Rachel, you bring her over here to us -"

"Her name is Josie ****, Jake." when Rachel told him, he even had the same reaction on his face when heard my name.

I had no clue of what's going on when Rachel mentioned my name, her friends went silent until the other girl who was sitting on the other side of the table broke the silence, "you don't mean" she asked like she wasn't sure. "I'm pretty sure of it Cassie, it's her name"

"Rachel have you forgotten about the promised you made?"

"I haven't Jake, and you know as well, I made the same promise as you all did. But what was I suppose to do let what ever that's going to happen to her happen," they didn't say any thing until a hispanic guy broke the silence once more " hold on Rach, we're not sure if it's actually her, her and if it is her well who knows but we can't just assume it is."

"I know Marco but like Rach said she can't let anything happen to her and you're right as well we're not sure if it is her." I look to Jake grasping what's going on. They were at each other while I was sitting there listening to Marco and Rachel arguing Tobias siding with her, Cassie trying not side with any one but tried to stop the argument and Jake staying quite through all of it while watching me, until he finally spoke

"Alright, if everybody done snapping and shouting at each other, can we get back on the topic on doing to help Josie."everybody nodded for an agreement "great then we should start heading out, now!" Nobody hesitated as they stood out of their chairs. I was still clueless from whats going on, when Rachel pulled my chair and grabbed my hand. I stayed with Rachel as we walked through the crowed.

Its crazy from what I had to go through somebody running into me, getting whacked by shopping bags, and getting caught in between bodies, until Rachel brought my in front of her. I tried my best to keep up with them until Jake stopped walking.

I gotten a feeling from him being on guard or something. Than Marco went over to Jake, "- someone's tailing us -" in a low whisper Jake nod to us - it's like he was giving us a signal - then we split up. I was in the middle of everybody until Rachel let go of my hand while Cassie grabbed the other. I stayed with Cassie until I saw Tobias closing in and took my hand I went with him for a while till Jake - getting where this is going, right - I got the idea of what they're doing. In case somebody was following them, to find me but it'll be difficult to do since I'm being passed around left and right which can make you dizzy.

I felt light head when it's Rachel turn. I knew right then and there that I'll mess up their plan. Tried ignoring the feeling as possible while staying close to her side until I tripped on my foot. Then soon realized I let go of Rachel's hand, I looked up quickly if I can still see Rachel in view but only saw that she was already gone, in pain I got up slowly to my feet when my head aches started again.

There was no time for me to do anything about it when I'm freaking out, I lost site of Rachel, and I was out of theirs. Fear taken over, nothing to do only keep moving but my headaches were slowing me down. I couldn't think clearly, I felt like everything been thrown at me all at once. My vision came a blur I couldn't see only figure, when I turned in a complete circle not knowing who's around me until I felt somebody hands wrapped around me then lifted me off my feet. I started panicking when my face placed on their chest unable to scream for help, until he spoke to me "Josie it's okay, I got you, its me Tobias."

When I heard Tobias my headaches started fading away and my vision clearing up. Tobias put me down when I saw Rachel coming I went to here than headed to the exit. Cassie was there waiting for us once we meet her there we gone outside, walked across the parking lot, until we made it to where they planed regrouping.

Soon I came to notice where we were going, I've been there before ... in my dreams ... it actually here in a real place in a real town. It's exactly how I seen it, rusted pile of iron pipes, concrete walls crumbled, and the cranes left to rust, like it's a run down ghost town. The three of us made it to the construction sit when Rachel said "Cassie take Josie and go I be on the look out for the others. GO!" Cassie lead me through it until we stopped in the open. When I looked out into the open field I started having these visions which they looked like I've been here before.

"Josie? Are you okay? Josie -" I was looking hard in the open when Cassie stepped in front of me, "Is something wrong?"

"I - I don't know ... I think I've been here before ... Cassie I've been here, I know this place!" I turned to face her and saw she was holding something in her hands. Than Jake, Rachel, Tobias, and Marco coming from behind, Cassie saw them arriving, than turned to me. As I watched them coming, a weird feeling from deep down was saying that I've seen this happen before, until I saw the vision, all of them are standing where they are, but they were younger. "Josie!?" I fell to the ground from my head ache. "Are you alright? ... We should call medical help -" Jake suggested "No, no you don't have to do that ... I'll be fine besides I don't think the doctors here will help me." then I looked up to see his face, seeing how worried he is until I told them "I'm not sure what's happening to me but ... Before I saw Rachel back at the mall I had these weird dreams about this place, and all of you. Every night I have the same dream and more I dream about them, I get this feeling that it's real and I was there. Like it's déjà vu, I was right here with all of you and there was something with us, wounded it warned us about someone or someth- wait ... Yeerks."