A/N: Warning, contains fluff!


She was dreaming of snowflakes.

The darkness of the pitch black night broken through with streaks of white, light and fluttery as they fell in the silence.

Beautiful when she lifted her face and stared up into it.

Flakes landed on her cheeks, cold on her tongue when she opened her mouth, and all of it mixing with the heat of his lips when he drew her closer. He joined them together with the brush of hands and the press of his mouth over hers, tasting of ice and coffee, cold skin and fresh air, sugar and wine.

And it felt like a dream.

A dream within a dream, an illusion wrapped in a mirage.

Everything with him a beautiful fantasy, fiction mixing with fact, truth and love, the brilliant white swirling around them both, as if someone had upended the snow globe of her life and the two of them stood, wrapped around each other, at the epicentre of white oblivion.

It was magical.

The only place where anything she wished for would come true, and all she wanted was the man beside her. The man who, pulling back from her kiss as they were surrounded by white, his tongue sticking out to capture a little of the wonder, would do everything in his power to keep her safe, keep her happy, give her everything her heart desired.

And all she wanted was him.

The snowflakes started to melt on her skin, warmed through by their touch and she tried to tell him with the squeeze of her fingers over his arm, the world setting itself to rights as they stood among the flakes of falling snow. The two of them separate from everything else.

Their eyes met, sharing a smile, before they both raised their heads and stared up into the heavy skies.


Kate woke slowly, a gentle flutter of lashes over her soft green eyes, and she sighed, content and warm.

She could feel him behind her, pressed against her back, curled around her in a sleepy embrace. His nose at the nape of her neck, breathing over her skin in the soft rhythm of sleep, his body loose and slack, but cocooning her with the secure bulk of his muscle.

It was heavenly.

A hum vibrated through her and she closed her eyes briefly, enjoying it, snuggling further into him, and pulling his arm around her, tight. She luxuriated in his touch, each measured sweep of breath pushing him against her.

Sifting her fingers between his, she massaged his skin, needing to touch, to ease the friction that continued to exist between them, sending warmth spreading through her. Another sigh escaped her smiling mouth before she brought their joined hands up by her cheek, still looking out of the window.

The curtains were drawn just enough for the peaking winter light to shine through, and she could see that it was snowing. Her heart sped up at the sight, thick puffs of white floating down on a lazy saturday morning.

Flurries of fluff catching the light, just like her dream. She smiled softly and snuggled closer, her eyes drifting to their hands, intertwined together, his pulse beating against her palm, falling finally on her ring.

Her beautiful engagement ring.

The simple flat band that rested against her finger. Four tiny square cut amethysts, one for every year they spent together as friends, partners and confidants, arranged around a single diamond, representing the life they would create together.

It was spectacular and simple, just showy enough to appease his need to spoil her and yet not completely over the top. It was beautiful and she loved it. Loved the effort he put into it, because Castle had planned and thought out every little detail. Embedding the ring that would remain a part of her for all eternity with meaning and love before he even placed it on her finger.

Kate ran her thumb the length of the band, feeling nothing but the smooth surface of the delicately crafted ring and an intense, overwhelming rush of emotion.

She trailed her fingers, touching the band in awe, each digit caressing it softly in passing before they wrapped around his finger, his bare finger. And it didn't take much to imagine a ring of his own there, one she would slide onto his waiting hand.

So much sooner than he realized.

She drew in a steady breath, her eyes lingering over their linked fingers, watching her own hands tremble, not with anxiety or worry, she wasn't frightened by the thought. It was joy, pure and simple, that bubbled up inside, she was being consumed by anticipation and longing.

This overwhelming excitement that leaped in her chest.

His fingers curled tighter around hers, as if he could hear her inner thoughts, pressing warmly into her back as he took in a waking breath. It blew, hot and delicious against her neck, making her shiver and smile, his touch the perfect wake up call, a beautiful elixir.

"Good morning, Mrs..." He murmured into her skin, peppering her with soft kisses.

"Not yet!" Kate rolled in his arms, shifting so she didn't have to break their connected bodies, until she faced him. "Not yet." She grinned up at him, her arms wrapping around his neck.

"But soon," He said sleepily, his voice rough and his stubble grazing her face as he nudged her nose with his own, his lips creeping up in a lazy smile.

Her fingers curled in his hair. "I meant it's not morning yet," She smiled softly in the darkness, her fingers roaming. "But yes, soon." Each short strand fell gently against her fingers as her eyes danced across his face.

Kate pondered the concept of soon.

His soon would be now, yesterday, the first day they met. And she wondered, considering how long it took them to get here, what he would do if he knew the truth.

"Soon." She agreed again, passing her fingertips along the shell of his ear, letting the soon in her head and the sooner in her heart melt into one.

She wasn't sure she could wait until midnight, she wanted to marry him now.