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Unser watched the girl in the back of that truck, he couldn't shake that bad feeling he gets when he knows something is about to happen.

"Ahh shit," he muttered as he climbed inside his cruiser and headed toward Teller-Morrow.

He drove a little over the speed limit, figuring this was a slight emergency, he saw Juice pull out in front of him in the tow truck and followed him back to the garage. Once inside the gates and after putting the cruiser in park, he climbed out. Juice jumped out of the tow truck and flashed him that goofy grin of his, but before he could even say a word, Unser cut him off.

"Where's Clay?" he said abruptly, "I have some information I think he may like to hear,".

"Uh, I'm sure he's in the clubhouse, I mean, just head on in," Juice said, hitching his thumb over his shoulder to indicate the building behind him.

Unser walked toward the main door and caught the attention of every SAMCRO member present, whether they be working on a bike, car or just bullshitting each other, they all paused to watch the sheriff walk by. He cast friendly, yet serious smiles in their directions, but never faltered in his stride. He stepped in the door and saw Clay had his back to him, talking in a hushed tone to Jax, who cast a quick glance at Unser and then nodded his head toward him so that Clay would turn. Clay flashed him a big toothy grin and spread his arms as he stepped toward him.

"Unser," he said, looking glad to see him, "Just the man I needed to see,"

"Well, Clay, you better hold that thought until after we talk," Unser replied.

"Ok, but I think I may have a need for your hauling business," Clay said with a wink.

"We can discuss that later, right now I have some information that you may find useful. I was just in town and I saw one of Zobelle's guys hauling a dirty, beat up looking girl out of that cigar shop he has. No reason for him to be having any sort of ellicit affiars going on inside Charming, but just out of curiosity, I'd like to talk to that girl. She looked terrified," Unser said clearing his throat at the end. He knew good and well the the Sons weren't interested in playing rescue, but he couldn't just let that girl be killed in his town, not now. He hoped Clay wouldn't think too hard on this and just appease him and do it, but then again, he had known Clay for a long long time.

"Huh, now you know we don't like to play hero, especially for something we don't know anything about. Sometimes those sweet butts get in a little over their heads, I'm sure they'll just drop her off somewhere and she'll be fine," Clay said smoothly.

"Yeah, I know, but she may know some personal things, about Zobelle, maybe she's willing to part with those secrets for a price," Unser tried.

"Well, my friend, I would, but not tonight, I have a very important meeting with the Mayans, hopefully going to get a good business relationship established. I don't think there will be enough time to be concerned with this other matter," Clay bristled, becoming annoyed that Unser wouldn't let it go.

"That's fine, Clay, but if this girl shows up dead, its on you," Unser spat turning and walking away.

Clay watched him retreat, feeling slightly sorry for the old man, getting slightly soft in his age and failing to see the bigger and more important picture. Jax turned to him and gave him a hard and unforgiving look.

"We don't kill women or kids, and we sure as hell don't let them get killed," he said eyeing the president.

"Well then fine, you wanna go on this search mission, go, but I'm taking a majority of the guys with me tonight," Clay resigned, turning and walking out the door.

Jax sighed, he hoped this would be worth it, or else he would be on Clay's shit list for quite some time. He wandered out the door and into the garage and called Opie aside.

"Listen, you and me are gonna go track down Zobelle's guys and see what they're doing tonight, we have a hunch they have some girl and we don't know what exactly they plan to do with her," Jax explained.

Opie nodded, "Ok, but what about the mayans?".

"Clay said he would take care of it, he just wants the majority with him, I mean he'll want Tig, that's a given and anywhere he goes, Koz will follow, Chibs and Happy won't want to go play hero with us, so they're out, and the Prospect won't want to cross him, so there is no way he's gonna come," Jax reasoned.

Both men stood facing each other, trying to decided who their third man could be, when Juice came stumbling through the door, dropping about five different tools he was attempting to carry at once.

"AH SHIT!" he cursed as he tripped over one trying to pick up another. He glanced up when he realized they were standing there and flashed a huge smile, "Sup?".

Opie and Jax just grinned from Juice to each other, they had found their third man.

Late that evening, just as dark was settling, Juice jumed in the driver's side of the van and followed Jax and Opie on their bikes. They made their way through the twists and turns of the roads until they came to a stop at pull off. It was determined that they would walk the rest of the way and try and surprise the men holding the girl. They walked silently through the woods, weapons drawn, taking no chances. They came across the house, not a light was on, they walked around the back and saw a barn a few hundred yards back, a faint light emitted through the cracks in the siding. The men jogged back to it and peaked through the spaces between the boards.

The girl hung by her wrists, her head bleeding, the left side of her rib cage turning purple, and her wrists were bleeding. She didn't move. Just then the sound of glass bottles and men's laughter shook them from their distraught thoughts. Three men sauntered over to where the girl was, they cut her down and one man grabbed a rope from inside a box. They made their way outside and into the woods, they stumbled along, tugging the barely conscious girl along with them. She moaned and stumbled and even fell a few times, the Sons decided to wait until they were free and clear of the house before they made any moves, just in case.

About one hundred yards into the tree line the man with the rope fashioned it over a sturdy limb and tied one end around the girl's throat. The man holding her lifted her up a ways and the third man grabbed the loose end of the rope and tied it tight to another tree. Just like that they let go of her, she struggled profusely against the rope around her neck but had no energy to attempt to free herself. The three men toasted bottles and walked back toward the barn.

All three Sons couldn't believe what they had just witnessed, Jax jumped up first from his position in the thick brush and made an attempt to follow the men, Opie ran to the girl and lifted her up to relieve the pressure of the rope on her neck, and Juice frantically sawed at the tied end to try and free it.

Jax had a clear shot at every single one of those bastards, but he couldn't bring himself to do it, he just kept thinking of the war that would erupt and maybe this girl would be better off if they thought she was dead. He lowered his gun and puffed out a few breaths he had been holding, he turned and headed back toward the others.

Juice got the rope free and the girl slumped limply into Opie's arms. She barely moved until the took off the blindfold, she took one look at Jax and Opie and freaked. She scooted back until she hit Juice, who placed his hands protectively on her shoulders, this caused her to jump sky high. She spun around to face him, she stared hard into his deep brown eyes and her brow furrowed, she felt the tears, but she couldn't fight them. She looked over her shoulder at the other two men, and she just felt as if all the weight of this whole mess came crashing down on her, the tears slid down her cheeks and she felt herself attempting to stifle another heavy sob. She lowered her head, but felt a hand come across her cheek and wipe away a tear, she glanced up tentatively.

"Hey," the guy with the deep brown eyes and odd hair cut whispered, "You're going to be fine, everything is going to be ok," he smiled a very small smile, nothing much, just a reassuring one.

She couldn't return it at that moment, but she believed every word he said.