Author's notes: This story will be somewhat AU for both HP and Glee. Assume most everything happened the same except Harry will have had some different relationships and never dated Ginny. EVERYTHING in glee up to now has happened the same This story takes place after Season 4 Episode 7. I don't know how closely I'll follow the storyline it mostly depends on how much I like the new episodes.

Sirius lost consciousness when he was thrown through the veil. He woke three days later and 25 years in the past. The first thing he saw was a handsome black man who was leaning over his bed. His name was Leroy Berry and it didn't take long for Sirius to figure out that he was his soul mate.

Leroy could never explain why instead of taking Sirius to a hospital when he found him unconscious in a deserted street in Ohio he'd taken him home. Part of it was of course his more than usually handsome face that even in sleep seemed to be worried but a bigger part knew he was following some deep instinct to keep this strange man close.

The first word from Sirius mouth had been 'Harry' but he quickly realized his godson was far away. It had only taken a few hours for Sirius to understand his predicament. He had ended up in America and somewhere on the other side of the globe a younger him was still a Hogwarts student. His first instinct was to change it to go to his friends and warn them but he knew enough about time travel to know that was impossible.

Instead he settled into a new life with Leroy and after three years together he told the man everything. Leroy was surprised that magic existed but it certainly answered a lot of questions about Sirius' life. It never occurred to him not to believe him, Sirius was his whole life.

Four years after that and a year before Harry would be born Sirius welcomed Rachel into the world. He and Leroy decided not to tell her about magic unless she proved to be magical. There was no reason to get her hopes up about something that might never happen. Rachel was magical not with a wand but with her voice. Sirius loved her as much as he loved Harry. A year later when Harry was born halfway across the globe they had a party to celebrate just as they did every year after. Sirius would tell Rachel all about her god-brother and promise that one day he would come to visit.

Finally the day he fell through the veil arrived. He wrote to Dumbledore telling him he'd survived and offering to keep Harry safe in America out of the Dark Lord's reach until school started again. Dumbledore's response surprised him. He said he was glad to hear Sirius had survived and promised to let Harry know. However he insisted Harry would only be safe where Dumbledore had hidden him and they couldn't risk any owls giving the location away.

Sirius was disappointed but understood that Harry's safety was the most important thing so instead he tried to focus on Rachel and her Glee club working to put his worries from his mind. It was almost two years later when news of Dumbledore's death and the attack on Hogwarts reached him. He'd been out of the loop and only happened to be in New York for Rachel's competition when he'd stumbled into Greenwich Village and come upon a newspaper reporting it.

He had immediately owled McGonagall demanding information and wanting to come and get Harry at once. Her response horrified him. She'd had no idea he was alive and neither did Harry. What was more she didn't know where Harry was, he along with his friends had disappeared only a few days ago. The Ministry of Magic had fallen and the boy was off on some harebrained mission for Dumbledore. Sirius had wanted to go at once but McGonagall was firmly against it with Voldemort in control Sirius would likely be killed the moment he entered the country. Sirius didn't care but McGonagall's words stopped him cold.

"Your recklessness has already lost Harry his godfather once. If Harry survives this he will need someone to lean on. Stay safe so you can be that person for him."

The decades with Leroy and Rachel had tempered Sirius's impulsive spirit and so he knew she was right. He stayed in Ohio, watched as his little girl won Nationals and was accepted into NYADA. He watched her become engaged and then break that engagement but the whole time a piece of him was waiting. Worrying about his godson halfway across the world doing god knows what. Until finally word came, the letter was short and to the point.

Voldemort is dead. Harry lives. I have told him about you. Come Quickly

M. McGonagall

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