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Draco apparated directly into Harry's bedroom. He'd been told several times not to apparate in because the house was crawling with muggles not yet in the know. Draco didn't know how Potter could stand to live with so many people who knew nothing about magic.

"Draco what the-" Whatever Potter was going to say was cut off as he released a deep moan and arched his back. His eyes fluttered closed and Draco could make out the movement beneath the covers where Harry's muggle was obviously rather busy. Draco smirked, it certainly wasn't the first time Potter had come with Draco's name on his lips.

A moment later Blaine poked his head out from under the sheet and glared at him.

"Are you going to just stand there? Can't you tell we're a bit busy?!" He demanded angrily. Draco rolled his eyes. Stupid muggle.

"Oh please you're clearly done. I know Potter's orgasm face better than anyone, besides I have a stack of papers that Potter needs to sign if he wants his orphanage to provide food. I mean I suppose you could put them off. It's not like orphan's aren't used to being hungry, I think we all remember Oliver Twist."

"Oh my god Draco just. . go wait in the kitchen okay?" Harry's voice was tinged with frustration so Draco decided not to push him. Instead he left the room and directed his footsteps to the kitchen. As he entered he found a thin man with brown hair singing to himself as he made coffee. He was one of Potter's muggle roommates but Draco couldn't remember his name.

He was spotted at once but the man just smiled at him before asking.

"Coffee?" Draco shook his head and couldn't help but muse to himself about how surreal his life had become. If he'd been told five years ago or even two that he would one day be running Potter Incorporated so Harry Potter could dick around and snog some American he would have laughed. He'd had big plans once upon a time and some might argue that running an international multi-billion galleon company was pretty big but for Draco it was a sign of just how far he'd fallen.

Draco had taken the company on after it became clear no one else would hire him, distinguished recommendation from the boy-who-lived or no. Potter hadn't even realized the company existed the daft git. He'd hired Draco to sort through all the paperwork that Gringotts kept sending, in one dusty stack likely from before the Potter's died, were the details of Potter Inc. which had been quietly operating for years. It was bringing in a small profit but had clearly stagnated when he took the details to Harry, Harry asked him what he should do about. Draco had listed off several viable options only to have Harry declare it 'over his head' and promptly named Draco CEO.

Draco had tried to protest but Harry had helpfully pointed out that he'd helped Draco out of his betrothal to that vile Greengrass girl. Under Draco's careful guidance the company was already making record profits even despite Potter's numerous charitable endeavors, which he seemed to come up with on a whim then leave Draco to make it happen. The latest was an orphanage for the children of Death Eaters.

Potter padded barefoot into the kitchen with only his sleep pants on. His eyes were blurry and his cheeks were still pink from his recent orgasm but he didn't bother mentioning Draco's recent invasion into his bedroom. Draco figured the muggle would have plenty to say on the matter as soon as he emerged from his shower.

"Thanks Kurt͵" Harry said softly as a cup of steaming coffee was placed before him. Draco noted the roommate, whose name was Kurt how very common, looked rather strained as he returned Harry's smile. Harry took a long pull of his coffee before finally acknowledging Draco.

"So. . .papers?" Draco couldn't help the sneer that appeared on his face, honestly couldn't Potter form a whole sentence?

" Yes Potter papers," Draco replied condescension heavy in his voice. He pulled a thick stack of parchment from his bag and laid them in front of Harry who stared at them blankly, "You need to sign them Potter."

"Err right, I just gotta find a pen." He stood and began to rifle through various drawers and Draco sighed drawing a quill from his pocket and holding out to Potter.

"Honestly aren't you lot supposed to be students?" Draco asked with a roll of his eyes. Harry opened his mouth to answer but was distracted as his muggle boyfriend strolled in. The boy was already dressed and his hair had been gelled. He cast a hard look at Draco before leaning down and greeting Harry with a long thorough kiss.

Draco looked away and ended up catching the roommate Kurt doing the same. Their eyes linked and for a moment they just looked at each other before Harry spoke again.

"So what's all this for anyway?" Draco took deep breath and turning back to Harry began to explain.