She was crying and Derek couldn't take it anymore. He was always saying that he didn't do tears and that was mostly because he just wanted to hug the person that was crying. And he didn't do hugs either.

They were driving home from that party in Toronto where Icky Vicky and what's-his-face (Derek couldn't even remember his name) made out. Okay, they hadn't exactly made out, but they kissed, right in front if his princess face! What was he supposed to do? He droped the act and defended Casey like the good step-brother he is (step-brother yeah, right).

They droped Icky Vicky home and were heading now to London. It was a two hour drive and Derek wouldn't handle it if she cried the whole time. He was going to lose it.

"Casey," he warned.

"I'm sorry Der, I know you don't do tears," she sobbed. "I will try to keep it down. Turn the radio on or something, so you don't hear it." She turned away from him and watched the stars through her window, silenting her cries.

"Okay that does it!" Derek exclaimed. He then pulled over in the middle of the highway. It was deserted anyway.

"What are you doing?!" she shrieked. "You're going to get us in trouble."

"You need to stop crying! He doesn't deserve your tears. He doesn't deserve anything that comes from you, actually. He doesn't deserve the time you are wasting right now thinking about him. You have to stop crying because he is scum!" Derek ended his little speech by shaking Casey's shoulder slightly.

"Derek, I've just been cheated on. How do you expect me to react?" She yeld. Count on Derek to make her even more upset when she is already feeling miserable.

"I expect you to be bigger than this. The Casey I know is a strong woman who doesn't need a guy to make her feel good or bad about herself. Who doesn't care about a guy who rated every girl in her class. You are better than this. Just be you," Derek stated simply. He tilted his head and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Just be me…" She wondered. "I can do that. Der-ek! Start the car so we can get home before it gets too late. I can't get up late tomorrow because it will mess with my study schedule!" She smiled to herself. This was her. Yelling at Derek over stupid things. When did he become a part of her?

"That's my princess," he stated and smiled. Not smirked, really smiled.

"Yeah, that's me," she said, and then leaned in. "Thanks, Der." She kissed his cheek, lingering just a bit.

"Yeah, no problem…"

She leaned against the car window and fell asleep without crying again during the ride.

Derek looked at her and smiled proudly. He had gotten a kiss from her and didn't even tried to take it further. He was a strong man.