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Chapter 1

Normal POV

~In Volterra~

Aro walked slowly towards the throne room, holding onto the wall for support. He held on tightly each time the room spun around him and made him even more sick.

'Vampires can't get sick...we are not suppose to.' he thought to himself

Once he reached the throne room he quickly ran to the chair slumped down into it, Marcus and Caius looked at him with concern. They could tell something wasn't right, and that he was always joyful and would walk gracefully towards his chair. Not hurry up and sit in it like he was going to faint if he didn't.

"Aro, are you alright?" asked Marcus

Aro only nodded silently and stared at the wooden doors, the room was still spinning and all he wanted to do was sleep.

"Aro stop lying" Caius growled

Aro rolled his eyes and growled at Caius, "Would you please not use your power on me? And no I'm not fine...I'm just a little dizzy that's all"

Caius glared at him but knew to not push him further, because, even though he doesn't look strong Aro could quickly pin him down and rip his head off.

Marcus gave Caius a warning glare as he saw the blonde vampire glaring at Aro, he was worried also and knew that there was more than just being dizzy but he didn't want to make Aro angry.

At that moment Felix and Demetri walked in with a vampire, the vampire looked crazed and thirsty. Felix and Demetri held onto the vampire while explaining to the three strong and ancient leaders of what he did.

"He's going through town, during the day, and drinking the humans' blood. He's threatening us by revealing our secret" Felix explained

Aro sighed, obviously not in the moos for this. "Is he a newborn?"

"No" Demetri answered

"Who made him?"

"We're not sure sir, he's about twenty years old, as a vampire" Replied Felix

Aro groaned and rubbed his head as he looked at Caius, "Could you excute him?"

"Why?" Caius asked, seeing this as a moment to get the truth out of Aro

Aro gave him a death glare but then turned to Marcus, Marcus knew what he was going to ask and he nodded. Aro silently thanked him and watched as Marcus quickly killed the vampire and then sat back down.

Felix and Demetri watched in confusion but didn't say anything as they burned the body, cleaned the ashes and threw them away. During this though, Aro started to feel sick again. He sighed and got up and went to his room, without another word.

Caius sighed, "Marcus, there is something majorly wrong with him. He's not acting right"

Marcus nodded in agreement, "I agree brother, but you know what he'll do if we push it any further. I don't want him to get angry while in this state. Let him rest, I have a feeling he has the stomach flue or something"

"The stomach flue? You do know only humans get that right?" asked Caius

Marcus sighed and rolled his eyes, "Caius, have you learned anything in the past three thousand years?"

"You sound like Aro at the moment" Caius grumbled

"Fine, but really. Have you? Just because we are dead does not mean we can't get sick. We're hungry for blood aren't we?"

Caius nodded, "Well then, where does that blood go? To our stomachs and instead of us going through what humans go through the blood is circulated throughout our bodies. I don't know how but Carlisle Cullen figured this out after studying vampires" Marcus explained

"Then why don't we call him and ask him to come and take care of Aro?" Caius growled

"Well, we'll see. But he is the youngest of us and is one of the three youngest here. Him, Jane, and Alec we need to care for the most. Mostly Aro, even though he is the third to youngest he still has a weaker body and is sensitive"

"Why is he Marcus?" asked Jane as she walked into the room

Marcus smiled at her, "Because of the abuse he received when he was younger, our minds don't change when we are vampires. We're are not exactly dead, we have a working brain, stomach, veins and more. The abuse went to his head and he acts the way he does sometimes to protect himself, and his body...when he was turned...well...those bruises, broken bones and the internal bleeding made his body weaker. No one knows why, not even Carlisle but we hope to figure it out"

Jane sighed but walked away and stood with Alec.

~Meanwhile in Aro's room~

Aro wiped his mouth after puking up more blood, feeling even more weak he passed out right on the floor. Blood leaking from his mouth as he coughed.

After a while he woke up again to a pounding head, wet eyes, painful stomach and still feeling weak. He clenched his jaw as he got up, he winced as his shoulder felt like it was ripped off.

He looked at it and realized it was the shoulder that he broke before he was turned into a vampire. He sighed and slowly walked to his bed, while wiping the rest of the blood from his mouth. At that moment Marcus softly knocked on his door.

"" Aro said

Marcus quietly opened the door and walked in, he grew even more concerned as he saw Aro. "You look terrible Aro"

"Thanks for the reminder" Aro groaned

"You should really rest or we could get Carlisle"

"No I'm fine...j-just...a little dizzy"

"How about some blood?" Marcus suggested, hoping this maybe Aro just didn't drink enough because the stomach flue for vampires are very painful and Aro's already thin form can't lose anymore.

He may not look very thin and he only weighs the amount he does is because of all his muscle. Working as, technically, a slave to his parents he gained many abbs and muscles. But the fat on his body is very low.

Aro, still feeling rather sick, nodded. "S-sounds...g-good" he managed

"Okay and I know you're going to hate this, but you need water. Blood isn't going to help, since it is quite thick. Water will help is digest better if it's the stomach flu, but only drink a little bit of each okay?"


After five minutes, Marcus came back with a small cup of water and another small cup of blood. Aro only stared at the cup, Marcus took it and slowly tilted it so Aro could drink. He could feel how shaky Aro was and he needed the extra strength badly. After taking a small sip of blood he took another small sip of water, Marcus sighed.

Water as at least, the only human thing that Aro actually didn't mind. He could drink it without complaint and would look happy afterwards. Vampires weren't really suppose to drink water, since it didn't help them one bit and to most make them feel sick. But when it came down to having a hard time digesting blood, it helped.

After a little bit, Marcus left and Aro lied down. Only to get back up an hour later and throw up again, the water did help some what but not enough. Aro groaned, knowing he needs Carlisle to help him and for this to stop.

~Next morning~

Marcus and Caius sat in the throne room for an hour, Aro would usually be here by now but he wasn't. Caius growled.

"Of course he's not here. Like I said he's sick and not telling us anything so he got worst!" Caius snarled loudly

"I-I'm here Caius, stop's hurting my head" Aro groaned

Marcus watched him closely, seeing Aro starting to fall he quickly caught him and lied him down in his throne. Since he was bigger than Aro, his throne was bigger which made it more comfortable to lie down in.

"I'm getting Carlisle" Marcus said

He glanced back to see Aro out cold on his throne, he frowned. He's never seen the stomach flu get this bad with vampires. He also noticed how thinner Aro was as well.

~3 hours later~

Carlisle rushed into the throne room along with Bella, Caius looked at them confused. "Why is Bella here?"

"Because she knows how to drive faster than me now." Carlisle explained

Bella gasped when she saw Aro, he was still out cold on Marcus's throne. Marcus sighed and welcome the two vampires. "Thank goodness you're here, he's getting worst by the second!" He sighed

Carlisle looked at Aro, he was getting worst and quickly.

Author's note: Well I kind of like how this turned out :) again...Bella and Aro paring to come!