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Chapter 7

Normal POV

Edward lunged, snarling at Bella but he never got to her. Emmett was there in an instant, wrestling Edward to the ground. As they fought another guard attacked Bella but she attacked them back. She hissed and ripped off the guard's head, smiling as she heard the crack and cut off scream.

"You're like Aro when you rip off heads" someone chuckled

Bella looked up to see Felix, Demetri, Jane and Alec smiling down at her. Confused she stood up, "When did you guys get here?" she asked

"Just now, we were looking for Sulpicia when we heard you guys talking about going to fight with her. And to kill her, we wanted to find her to kill her as well. She's hurting Aro and we don't like anybody hurting our leaders, especially Aro." replied Felix

"Well, should I thank you guys?" Bella asked smiling

Jane chuckled and helped her up, "No, we should be thanking you. I know Aro is not close to being better but your plan...will work. We will kill Sulpicia and that will free Aro" she smiled

Bella returned the smile and then nodded, "Lets go then, but Jane"

Jane looked at her, "I got an idea, when most of the guards are dead you get Sulpicia to look at you and then do your thing...with the pain and stuff and then I'll rip off her head" Bella said

"Good idea, okay guys we need to kill as many guards as possible" Jane agreed

"Don't worry, we got that covered. " Felix said

Bella nodded as they all went back into the fight, Felix immeditally helped Emmett with Edward. Bella wanted to laugh when they asked her permission if they could kill him. "Go ahead, if he wanted to kill me...then why wouldn't I want to kill him?" Bella snarled

Felix grinned and he ripped off Edwards head while Emmett lit the body and head on fire.

As the Volturi, Cullens and the werewolves fought the Romanian guards were dying down quickly. Jane and Bella then went after Sulpicia, Felix and Emmett helped them get through the guards. As they spotted Sulpicia start to run away Jane went into action.

She quickly went in front of Sulpicia and stared at her straight in the eye. Sulpicia started to scream and agony, "Stop you bitch!" Sulpicia snarled/screamed

Jane only smiled with pride, "Why? So you can hurt Aro again?" Jane snarled


"Wonderful and I love him!" Bella snarled as she took Sulpicia's head

Sulpicia has felt this before, when Aro was about to rip off her head. But he saw the fear flash in Sulpicia's eyes and couldn't bear it. He let her free.

"Y-you're just like him..." Sulpicia whispered

"What?" Bella asked

"He does the same when going to kill somebody, but h-he...didn't kill me. He couldn't...he let me go because he loved me" Sulpicia said

"Then why are hurting him?"

"Because...I don't love him anymore..." Sulpicia grinned coldly

Jane noticed Sulpicia's body movement, she was about to turn and attack Bella. "Bella now!" Jane said

Bella listened and without mercy or hesitation she ripped Sulpicia's head off, and then threw it onto her body. Felix, Emmett, Alice and the others all stopped fighting and stood there shocked. "We won?" asked Jasper

"I guess" replied Alice

Bella sighed and then took her phone out. Hope, fear and concern filled her as she called Carlisle to see how Aro was. She was shocked when Carlisle didn't pick up but...Aro did.

"H-hello?" Aro's already stronger voice said

"Aro!?" Bella gasped

Everyone rushed over towards her but Jane rolled her eyes and made them give her space, Bella turned and silently thanked her. Jane nodded and smiled, already happy she was considering Bella a friend.

"Bella? I guess...she's dead isn't she?" asked Aro, referring to Sulpicia

"Yeah, she is. But are you better?" Bella asked

"Yeah, my shoulder feels bruised and I want to go to sleep very badly." Aro replied, yawning

"Then go to sleep smart one" Bella chuckled

Aro laughed, "Fine"

Bella chuckled softly, after they hung up Bella smiled. "He's doing really good, but tried"

Everyone sighed and relief and then left, leaving the castle in ruins.

~ 14 hours later~

Bella hurried into the house and ran upstairs to see Aro sound asleep, she walked over to where Esme was sitting. Esme looked up and smiled as she hugged Bella

"He's exhausted! He fells asleep before he could even put the cell phone back onto the table. Reneesme was cuddled into his side sleeping it was adorable!" Esme sighed

Bella smiled, "Where's Reneesme now?"

"Um...something about stealing the blood from Rose's cup..." Esme said

"Oh god"

"Yes, it was quite a fight but Rose was nice and let her win...or she would of crushed Reneesme"

Bella smiled and then watched Aro sleep, he almost looked dead but you could faintly see him breathing. He was curled up in the blankets, hugging the pillow and out cold. Bella chuckled quietly at him but sat down.

After a few hours Bella was downstairs getting a cup of blood, when she walked back upstairs she saw Aro sitting up. She put the cup down and strangled him in a huge hug, more than happy to see her he hugged her back.

"I'm so glad you're better!" Bella breathed

"I'm just glad you didn't die fighting Sulpicia" Aro sighed

Bella hugged him tighter, and kissed him. "Well, you need to rest and then we can take you back to Volterra"

Aro frowned, "What about you?" he asked

Bella chuckled, "I'm coming too silly!"

Aro smiled at this and kissed her on the lips, Bella kissed him back and was happy. She was happy that Aro was finally safe in her arms, she could feel him get stronger every minute and hoped it would stay like this.

But what she didn't know was that two certain vampires who are now dead had a secret. They have a adopted daughter who watched Bella kill her mother and the others kill her father. And she...

Was planning her revenge. Mostly on Bella and she knew exactly how to get it.

She had to hurt Aro.

Author's note: The end! Sequel coming soon! :D sorry if this was corny and rushed, i get excited with my stories