A/N: I am basing this on the theory of the 9 choirs of angels *Celestial Hierarchy of Dionysis Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas* although I will be taking liberties wwith the whole thing for dramatic purposes. According to this celestial chart archangels are pretty low on the power scale, practically at the bottom of it all.

"Father, please." The angel begged as as the very cosmos roiled with storms. Not even God wanted to anger this particular angel. He had created this one with a single purpose to defend his throne and this particular child's wrath caused entire galaxies to tremble. Seraphiel, Defender of God's Throne, Protector of Metatron, Angel of Angels. The first Angel he created and one almost as powerful as himself.

"Soon Seraphiel. There are still things that must come to pass. For now remember you are the angel of angels, the firstborn. Comfort Gabriel as he recovers from his wound. I will send you when the time is right." God said soothingly. "You know Gabriel must make the proclamation before you set foot on Earth so until he has recovered you must allow events to unfold."

"And what of Castiel? You allow him to claim to be you. To release the Leviathans and to become an enemy to me."

"Castiel will serve penance. But his action's are also necessary to move things forward, in his mistakes he serves me as you do." God said sending comfort to the angel. "The time will soon come. Gabriel is almost fully recovered."

Seraphiel bowed to God's will and went to check on the recovering Gabriel's progress.

Seraphiel arrived on the large planet that father had created to house the grace of lost angels. Just as human souls went to heaven, lost Grace came here and when it was deemed necessary that grace was returned to whatever world it have been created on.

This world was the angel's true home. Most creations had no idea of angels and their power structure. They would know only of the angel's of their own world. Here angel's from hundreds of worlds lived together praising the Father who had created them. Seraphiel smiled looking around at the different species of vessels populating the Square in front of Jehoel's temple before stepping through the arch.

She found herself looking at Jehoel standing between Metronome and Gabriel.

"You immature little upstart archangel! How dare such a low being as you presume to tell me how to write our father's words!" Metronome spat. Gabriel was trying to completely hide behind Jehoel while Jehoel tried to protect the archangel hiding behind him.

"Metronome! Stand down!" Seraphiel looked at the angry Seraphim.

"This child needs to learn to respect his elders." Metronome said starting to take a step forward before he was thrown back against the wall.

"As it seems you also need to learn to respect yours. I said stand down. It was not a request, it was an order." Seraphiel made her way to Jehoel's side. "Never forget Metronome, you are not the only one that I protect. Now tell me what has Gabriel done to anger you so?"

"He tells me that my words are foolish. I who have recorded our Father's words since the beginning!" Metronome yelled.

"That is not exactly true Metronome. He said that the humans inhabiting the world now would see your words as archaic and foolish." Jehoel interjected.

Seraphiel turned to the archangel. "Why would you say such a thing to Metronome Gabriel? You invited his wrath."

"People don't talk like that anymore with all the thees and thous and taking 15 minutes just to say hello." Gabriel said. "He wants me to give a 2 hour speech. They'll all nod off from boredom before I can get around to 'Hi my name is Gabriel'."

"Metronome, I have not set foot on Earth since since I shielded Cain from those who would have killed him. And you were long gone then." Seraphiel sent a small smile Gabriel's way. "Gabriel has spent his entire existence there he has watched them and interacted with them in ways few other angel's have. Heed his advice."

She turned to the archangel. She was protective of all but Gabriel like Metronome fell into a special group. "Gabriel, do not forget that for all the power our father gifted you with as an archangel, compared to Metronome you are an infant. You can make the very ground of your earth tremble, yes. Metronome can destroy your very solar system with a thought."

"Yes Seraphiel." Gabriel said lowering his head in respect while Metronome and Jehoel left the chamber.

"Oh stop it." Seraphiel smiled "I don't buy that contrite act for a second. No angel I mentored would be that compliant."

Gabriel raised his head and smirked. "Well can't blame me for trying, Metronome is such a prim and proper wet blanket wrapped around a core of self righteous prideful arrogance. There's no denying he mentored both Michael and Lucifer."

"True and you can't take anything serious so full of your knowledge of how important you are to the grand scheme of things." Seraphiel spoke running her fingers through his hair. "Their is no denying that I mentored you."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Gabriel said grabbing her hand and pressing it against his cheek.

The Impala was traveling along a two lane highway. Kevin was curled in the back sleeping like a baby. Sam was obviously tired but unable to sleep after the last close call with Crowley's demons. Dean gripped the steering wheel just as agitated as Sam by their latest run in with the King of Hell.

They had so far had no luck in finding the tablet. Cas had flown ahead to check the safe house that he had discovered the deed for when they went through a forgotten storage unit belonging to the late Bobby Singer. There was more than just deeds to safe houses in the unit there were several books which Castiel recognized as being Enochian. But books so old that Cas didn't even know they existed.

"Sam you know it doesn't make sense. Bobby always said there wasn't any lore on angels and suddenly we find a storage unit full of the books on them." Dean said. "I don't like it."

"Cas said they were the real thing." Sam said with a yawn.

"I know. I just don't like it is all." Dean said.

"Well the demons were pretty interested in it." Sam glanced at Dean. "The stuff must be important for Crowley to send that many after it."

"Of course it is kiddo!" a voice piped up from the back seat. A voice they had last heard on a porn DVD telling them how to put Lucifer back in the cage.

Dean slammed on the brakes as he and Sam both turned to find a grinning Gabriel stretched out in the backseat with his feet propped in a startled Kevin's lap.

"Hey boys! Did you miss me?" Gabriel said snapping his fingers and producing lollipops all around. "I'm back!"

"Gabriel? What the hell?" Dean yelled.

"We thought you were dead!" Sam yelled.

"Oh make no mistake Luci got me and good. Glad to see I was wrong and you put him back in time out, along with Michael." Gabriel said. "Fortunately I'm really hard to permanently kill, goes along with the job description of being Dad's messenger and all. I'm what you'd call essential personnel.

As for why I'm here, I happen be the only available archangel and prophets have to have the protection of an archangel."

Kevin looked at the annoying man's feet and shoved them off of his lap.

"Prophet," Gabriel said pointing at Kevin and placing his feet right back where they had been , then pointing at himself, "Archangel."

"Cas! Get down here." Dean yelled.

"Good idea. You guys talk to Castiel and I'll just take the biblical version of Doogie Howser off your hands." Gabriel said as he and Kevin disappeared with a snap.

"Shit!" Dean said as Cas appeared in the back seat.

"Gabriel has collected his charge, good." Castiel said. "We should make haste." Castiel said reaching out and placing his fingers on the brother's foreheads transporting them to the safe house.