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God could feel the death of an angel. But being beings of grace they did not die. Their existence on whatever world they were on would end and they would come home to the world where angels lived. Muriel's death was not a death but a loss. Juggernaut had ingested everything there was of Muriel leaving nothing of his child that could be called home. God grieved for the loss but he also celebrated the demon's demise. Things had played out thus far the way he wished them to play out, but there was one more thing he had left to do.

Senator Rudolph Black had been forced to drop out of the campaign after his attack on Governor Greene. Being arrested for Aggravated Assault during the debate might have had something to do with it.

Eleanor Fenton-Wyatt had been given full guardianship of her granddaughter. Daniel Black had organized a campaign headquarters for the Governor on Campus and students were already in full swing raising funds for the Governor's inevitable Presidential campaign. With Black out of the way Greene's party nomination for President was assured.

It had been a week since the Archangels and Juggernaut had gone through the hell gate. The roadhouse yet stood and the hunters were realizing that Juggernaut may be gone but it didn't stop things from going bump in the night. There was still the odd child of Even wandering around that had managed to avoid getting tossed in Purgatory. That fact was brought home when Dean found a voicemail message on his phone from Benny letting him know that there were still some vamps around.

And the number of hauntings had gone off the charts. It was not unusual for the hunters to go into a town and find that they were dealing with several different hauntings. Castor had proven himself to be a good hunter often accompanying Bobby and John Winchester on hunts.

Samuel Colt and Oliver Winchester were also busy. With the help of the Angels and the Demon Zorath they were delving into old lore the build a Demon trap that could attract and hold something with the abilities and power of Juggernaut. Surprisingly enough, they chose Arlington National Cemetery. They had realized that when the ghosts of soldiers who died in combat rose, they rose ready to fight. Not to mention the Unknowns, well formerly Unknowns would make their presence known bringing Hunters to the area.

Sam and Dean had picked up a couple of followers. Yahel and Zorath brought them regular reports of what was happening in Heaven and Hell. Other than Sam summoning the Cardinal sins and threating to have them all sent to the deepest pits of hell if they didn't stop with the schemeing, both angels and demons seemed to be behaving themselves. Castiel and Raphael had even laid to rest the whole opening Purgatory to win the civil war in heaven thing. On the Supernatural front things were all in all going well even if thing were busy.

It was during a rare moment of quiet that the strange man walked in the door. He was all decked out for a fishing trip complete with a floppy hat with lures decorating it. All he needed was a rod and reel. He looked so out of place that he drew the attention of everyone in the roadhouse.

The man squatted down and began scratching the Hellhound pups behind their ears. The puppies were wagging their tails and bouncing around the man who gave an indulgent laugh before standing up.

The humans who had been engrossed in watching the man interact with the puppies from hell suddenly realized that every angel in the place had dropped to their knees and were looking at the man with awe and wonder.

It was Balthazar who broke the silence with a barely whispered "Father?"

"My children." The man said with an indulgent smile looking around the room. "My angels and humanity together. I have waited for this day for a long time. But there are some missing from this gathering aren't there?"

God closed his eyes for a moment and Seraphiel, Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel appeared in the bodies they had created based on their vessels. The four angels all seemed to be disoriented for a few seconds before Gabriel spoke up. "Well that was unexpected. Thanks a lot Dad. Now I get why the Winchesters hate flying angel air."

God grabbed a chair from one of the tables and sat down. "Now that we are all here, I should explain. Today is a day that I have been working toward for eons. Other than Seraphiel, you cannot comprehend how many worlds are out there. At first I created them because I was lonely, but as I watched life develop and grow I saw such potential. But I also saw such weakness. I wanted to create a world that could grow and thrive without constant attention.

There is a version of 'humanity' on every world that I have created and each time I saw humanity reach a certain stage of development and then stagnate. Or worse yet implode and completely destroy the world that they had been given. I wondered why this was and in time I realized that although humanity had free will, my angels were the weak link.

In order to create the world that I wanted, I had to change the way the angel's were created. And so I created you all to be different from your older brothers and sisters. I created you to be more like Seraphiel. I gave you a bit of what you so envied in humans, free will. And then I gave you a choice." God willed a PinaColada into his hand and took a sip

"I admit that I was disappointed that only Lucifer realized that a choice was given. Lucifer chose to fall. And even after you fought each other to cast him into the pit, you still did not realize that Lucifer could not have fallen without free will.

When Gabriel ran away I hoped that you would understand and yet you still did not realize that Gabriel could not have turned away from heaven t live on the Earth without free will. And her we are today, and I think that you have learned more about free will through the Challenge that Juggernaut presented than I could even impart to you."

God sat his drink on the table and leaned forward. "I will tell you a secret, free will is not about the ability to make a choice; it's about the ability to makes choices to rule your own lives. It's about understanding that destiny is what you make of it, not what you have been told it is.

Now Juggernaut is gone, but the world is here. Michael you have been given rule over Heaven and Lucifer you have been given rule over Hell. They are different places with different philosophies that they are built upon. There will be times when your differences cannot be so easily overcome. Just as Earth stands as a buffer between Heaven and Hell, so Your brother Gabriel stands as a buffer between the two of you.

As the two of you rule Heaven and Hell, the Earth is Gabriel's domain. Any demon or angels that set foot on it's soil must answer to him. That means that there will be no direct meddling in the lives of humanity. You may attempt to influence them from a distance but you will not be allowed to make a mess of people's lives."

God stood up and looked around the room again. "I leave you now, your future is in your hands, make of it what you will." God said as he faded from view.

"So now what?" Michael asked. "No orders, no plan to follow. What are we suppose to do?"

Lucifer piped up. "I have an idea, Gabriel didn't you say something about taking us to the Spearmint Rhino?"

Gabriel looked around the room, "Yep, sure did!" He said with a grin.