Fabricated Rose

"I try to run away but dreams are catching me, haunting me
forcing me, to go on and on and on and on...
Face me Closer to reality Closer to the edge Closer to reality
Closer to myself"

Cryoshell "Face Me"

My memories were flooding back into my mind, a tangled blurr, playing themselves like a decaying black and white film. People rushing past me, Leo's worried voice calling out for me, the threatening message that somehow erased my will.

Someone knocked the ribbon out of my hair, the other will pulled my old hat out of the bag I was carrying and forced it over my head… then blackness.

I opened my eyes to see a deep blue room I didn't remember, my head was pounding and I felt under the tight, woven hat to feel if I had injured the "special" birthmarks I had.

Still in tact… I sighed, 'There's nothing here that's going to attack me, at least, not yet. Let's focus on the situation at hand… I'm in a strange place I don't remember coming to…' I felt the stinging of multiple open cuts on my arms and legs, I now noticed several large bits of broken glass around me, '…aaaaaaand I'm also bleeding. Can today get any better?'

"Let's think of the postitives, Kaede. I probably have my collapseable scythe," I said to myself, feeling into my bag to make sure. "…YES! At least if I have to fight, I'll not lead Lucy to me… Another positive… Leonardo's looking for me, I hope… And if not, I'll find him soon enough."

'Better keep going, I probably fell in through the roof, so I definitely can't go back up. Well, where there's one exit, there has to be another… if I keep going forward, I can probably make it out through the other exit.' I told myself.

I staggered to my feet, feeling my injuries burning, most likely they were only as deep as papercuts so dressing them wasn't my first priority. A door was just visible a little ways ahead, 'Maybe it's there!' I thought hopefully.

I did my best to run for the door, a little slower due to the pain I was expiriencing, but I was still pretty fast, nonetheless. When it was finally in reach, I flung it open only to see an empty room with only a pedistal holding a vase that had a single aqua blue rose in it and a blue key. I groaned, "REALLY?!" I yelled at the unseen force that got me down here, whatever it was, "YOU BRING ME DOWN HERE FOR NO GOOD REASON AND ALL THERE IS IS A KEY AND A STINKIN' ROSE?!"

A sign beside the vase said "take it" in aquamarine paint. '… I might as well, seeing as nothing makes sense about my situation anyway.'

I grasped the stem and wrenched it out of its container, all of a sudden all the wounds on my body had healed as if by magic. "WHAT THE-" I started, then paused, "Just go with it, K." I told myself as I grabbed the small key and made my way back to the place I came from.

As I left the room, I heard really loud, really familiar splattering noises… ones I'd heard while I was stuck in that god-forsaken place I got my scars from… Sounds heard mostly in my room and Nana's…

"This one's still not turning her vectors against us? Are you sure chief?" asked the confused voice of the intern who'd just started working in that place

"Positive," the other man replied, nodding his head gravely, "No matter what we do to her, she's never used them."

"Have you tried physical violence?" the intern said, a malicious tone in his voice, I could see the glint of a knife blade in his hand.

"No! NO! STOP!" I pleaded, tears streaming from my eyes,

"Sorry girly," he sneered, showing he was not sorry one bit, "You need to be taught a permanent lesson!"

"No…" I wimpered, hearing the noises get closer, "please…I don't want to remember… GO AWAY!" in that last moment, I lost control.

The walls and several paintings were ripped to shreds during my outburst, I'd let my worst talent work on its own… "Darnit…" I muttered under my breath.

When I finally looked around, I saw the splattering noise was red paint that was flung at the walls spelling out the word "THIEF" over and over again…

'This should be fun.' I thought sarcastically

Raph, Donnie, and Mikey finally landed on the roof of the New York art museum, the youngest of the three still thoroughly confused as the other two took their places by the skylight and close to the power transformers.

"You're sure this is where Leo is?" Raph asked, looking around to make sure no Kraang droids or foot ninjas were on their tails.

"I'm 110 percent sure," Donatello replied, "When I built the T-phones I put a tracking device in them. You know, in case we ever got separated."

"Let's hope it works." Raph sighed.

"Can you please tell me why you dragged me out here?" Mikey asked.

"Leo's keeping secrets and we're going to catch him and force him to tell us what he's hiding!" Raph said, cracking his knuckles and grinning at the prospect of beating up his big brother and not getting in trouble with Master Splinter for a change.

"SHHH!" Donnie hissed, stopping Raph from most likely laughing out loud at his fantasy.

"What?" Mikey inquired, joining the brainiac at the large skylight he was looking through.

Donnie didn't respond, but he pointed through the glass at whatever was so important. Mikey followed the indication and saw Leonardo standing just outside the patch of moonlight that streamed in through the windows, pacing back and forth rapidly all alone.

"What's he doing?"

"I don't know."

"I DON'T CARE, WE'RE GONNA BUST 'IM!" Raph said, shoving his younger brothers out of the way to get in there and "bust"Leo.

'Let's see, Kaede would have said something about going somewhere… But she happens to be very stubborn and wants to handle things on her own… I remember when she fell ill that first time… she openly refused for Donnie to have a look at her, and yet… she seemed to need it more than she would let on…' "NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE!" I shouted loudly.

"You know what else makes no sense," began a voice I was not anxious to hear at a time like this, "keeping secrets from your freaking teammates!"

I turned and barely had time to see him before Raphael had tackled me to the ground and had me pinned down on the floor, one of my arms contorted painfully behind my shell.

"OW! CUT IT OUT!" I said angrily.

"Not until you tell us what secret you're hiding." Came the accusational voice of Michelangleo.

"Look, I will, just let go of me!" I said, shouting in outright agony.

"And why would that make any difference?" Raph asked testily.

"Because I can barely breathe with you standing on my back!"

"Just let him up, Raph." Donnie said calmly, and I was finally glad for our resident voice of reason to speak up.

Raph growled and reluctantly let me go, "Good god, Raph, what have you been eating?!" I said once he'd backed up enough to not be such a big threat.

"Don't push you luck."

"So what have you been hiding from us?" Donnie asked

"I'll tell you, but there's something more important I have to take care of." I replied, "if you all would let me take some time to do this-"
"LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT THERE, you're not getting out of our sight," Raph said.

"Yea, you're crazy if you think we're letting you go off on your own again!" Mikey chimed in.

"Fine… just follow me." I muttered.

They followed me back to the Fabricated World painting, new dark blue writing had appeared since I had last been there.

" 'Come on, Kaede, I know we can have some more fun. Dive into the painting below this one and we'll have a grand old time,' " Donnie read aloud, "whoever this person is, they must have followed the directions on this wall."

"What do they mean, 'dive in'? nobody can dive into paintings." Raph said.

"Well, all we have to go on is that she jumped into a painting a floor below and met whoever called her." I said, worrying more and more about who this person was and what they wanted with her.

"I guess this means we're going art diving!" Mikey cheered.

After we'd dived into the painting, we got our roses (even though Raph put on a huge show about how flowers are girly and that he wouldn't be caught dead holding one) we decided to go separate ways and see if we could find her, Raph and I went one way, Mikey another, and Donnie the last way, and I hoped I would find Kaede alive before this other person did or else it would bw game over for all of us.