Okay just a quick note, this is slightly different as most Hawke/Isabella stories have an experienced Hawke, mine…not so much lol! I figure that with their dad dying and her being the eldest, she pretty much worries about everyone else first, with Bethany having to avoid templar's, sex would be the last thing she had time for…hence the premise for these one shots, anyway I hope you enjoy!

Hawke reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose between a thumb and forefinger, surely the Hanged Man's ale couldn't be this strong! And yet she was definitely feeling drunk, drunker than she should after just two mugs of the famously watered down ale in fact. Dropping her hand tiredly, she cast her ice blue gaze over the other members of the party assembled at the table. Aveline was as usual watching over both Bethany and Merril like a mother hen (in between glaring at Isabella that was) Varric was too busy consulting with Isabella on his latest story, or was it her latest story? Hawke still hadn't worked out which one of them was actually behind the x rated tales that kept sending poor Aveline into fits of pique. Hmm, it seemed that none of the likely suspects could have spiked her drink as they were all far too busy. Shrugging, she decided maybe she'd just been working too hard and drained what was left in her mug. She had the common sense to shake her head however when Varric motioned for another round.

"Hawke come on, relax! We just finished beating up the 'Cult of She' and deserve to kick back. Can I persuade you to at least join us in a game of cards?"

Snorting slightly, Hawke raised one eyebrow, glancing pointedly between the dwarf and the pirate.

"Not if Andraste herself asked me to, I know you both cheat…I cant prove it but I know it. Besides which, gold isn't exactly easy to come by at the moment and the last thing I need to be doing is losing it to you two!"

Varric just grinned widely and didn't even try to deny that he would attempt to cheat, Isabella on the other hand clasped a hand to her chest and affected a wounded look.

"Kitten, I'm wounded by your accusatory words!"

Merril smiled brightly and chipped in helpfully at that point.

"But Isabella you do cheat remember? You were even trying to explain to me how to mark the cards but I wasn't very good at it."

Sighing dramatically the pirate flopped into the seat next to Hawke and rested her elbow on the Fereldan's shoulder. Hawke just smirked into the dregs of her ale and remarked cheerfully.

"Thanks Merril, at least I can always count on you for honesty…unlike some."

The elf grinned happily and went back to her fruit juice, Hawke glared pointedly at Isabella. As usual however the ex Captain was anything but chastised and reaching out tugged on the end of Hawke's nose lightly.

"You, young Hawke just need someone to give you a damn good roll in the hay so you can oil the stiffness out of your joints!"

Hawkes almost fumbled her mug in the act of setting it back down on the table, it didn't escape her notice that yet again she was on the verge of making a fool of herself just because the…admittedly gorgeous pirate, mentioned sex. Clearing her throat she tried to think of one of her wise-assed comments, but didn't get a chance as her slightly inebriated sister butted in.

"Not a hope in hell Bella, I mean, I have had more action than Hawke and I'm the younger sister!"

The pirates eyes widened slightly and her grin became calculating as she turned back to the rapidly reddening Fereldan.

"Is that so?"

Scowling at Bethany, Hawke rolled her eyes, then directed a smirk at the intrigued pirate.

"Just because I don't tell you what I get up to sister dearest, does not mean I don't get up to anything at all. You think all those times I went into the Blooming Rose was just to chase down the odd job or quest?"

Despite being raised alongside Hawke, Bethany could never tell when her sister was joking, bragging, or telling the truth and she frowned slightly. Hawke was after all older than her and if she herself had been having urges then her older sister must surely have felt the same. In the end she just shrugged and went back to talking to Aveline about the activities of the Templar's. Using the moments distraction wisely Hawke rose from the table and with only a slight stumble in her step started making her way to the privy. Managing to attend to her business without falling over she washed her hands off in the well and after drying them on her shirt front, staggered out the door…and straight into Isabella, flushing a dark red, Hawke cleared her throat, mumbling.

"Um…hey, didn't realise you were waiting."

Playing idly with one of her many hidden daggers, the pirate smiled and shrugged one shoulder.

"I wasn't, well, not for the privy anyway, you however I was waiting for. You may be able to fool your sister into thinking that you're experienced but I'll wager you haven't so much as kissed a person."

Folding her arms and leaning on the wall opposite the pirate Hawke just raised an eyebrow.

"Why the sudden interest in my love life? Why not help widen Merril's horizon's, she practically worships you, you know that."

Hawke hated the fact that she couldn't quite keep all traces of jealousy out of her voice and hoped like hell that Isabella hadn't noticed. Judging by the way amber eyes suddenly locked on hers and the hands playing with the dagger stopped, she hadn't been that lucky. Isabella smirked as she started tossing the dagger from hand to hand idly, catching it with ease each time.

"Well, well, was that a trace of…jealouy I heard in your voice young Hawke?"

Rolling her blue eyes, the Fereldan idly blew a strand of black hair out of the way and scratched at the edge of the blood mark tattoo.

"You wish Bella, I merely meant that I'm quite capable of looking after my own love life whereas Merril might appreciate the advice, or Bethany…actually forget that! If I let you anywhere near Bethany then Mother will kill me."

Throwing her head back the pirate laughed loudly at that, Hawke found herself smiling slightly too as she pushed off from the wall happily.

"Come on, maybe you can fool a couple of the dock workers into thinking they can beat you at cards, we need all the gold we can get if we're going to join this expedition."

Slinging an arm around the slightly taller girls shoulders, Isabella grinned.

"Don't let lady man hands hear you say that, I don't think our friendly guardswoman would approve of you encouraging me to gamble right under her nose."

Hawke just smiled.

"Aveline isn't that bad Bella, you just have to get to know her…and please stop calling her that, you know she hates it."

Snorting as though it were obvious (which in fact it was) the pirate just dropped back into her seat and waited for Hawke to do likewise. Then she turned to Aveline and with a friendly smile said.

"You don't mind me calling you lady man hands do you?"

Smiling back just as sweetly the guardswoman raised her own tankard of ale and replied.

"Of course not, whore."

Isabella turned back to Hawke and clapped her on the shoulder happily.

"See? It's just my loving way of referring to her, just like Merril is kitten, and Bethany is…well, she's also kitten actually, they're both too sweet to be anything else."

Aveline nodded in rare agreement with the pirate over that one, and after taking a mouthful of the questionable house brew carried on thoughtfully.

"And Isabella is the whore…Hawke you're just, well, you're just Hawke really."

Isabella frowned slightly at that and then turned to Varric as something occurred to her.

"That's a point actually big man…you call me Rivaini, Beth is sunshine, Merril is Daisy and lady man hands is, well to me she's always going to be lady man hands. My point, however, is that even you haven't nicknamed Hawke."

The rest of the table turned to face the Fereldan refugee who suddenly wished a brawl would start. Isabella regarded her for a moment then glanced at Bethany.

"Beth, kitten…what is your sisters actual name, I mean we all just call her Hawke, and yet we call you by your given name."

Ignoring the pointed glare Hawke tried to discreetly fire at her fairly inebriated sister, Bethany smirked and leant heavily on Aveline, who looked more curious about the pirates question than anxious over the fact that Bethany was drunk.

"That's because Hawke hates her name, the kids used to tease her that it was a boy's name, so she started telling everyone she was just called Hawke."

Groaning, the elder Hawke let her head impact lightly with the nicked and scarred table their drinking vessels were perched on.

"Bethany…I swear I will put a frog in your bed again if you say one more word!"

Hiccupping between giggles the younger Hawke leant more heavily on Aveline's shoulder and pouted.

"But Hawke, you have such a cute name…and Isabella really wants to know it…"

Looking back up, the rogue couldn't help but smirk as she rubbed the tattoo across her nose in a familiar gesture.

"Isabella wants a lot of things she isn't going to get Beth…and unless you want me to let mother find out you're drunk then I'd suggest you keep quiet."

Scowling slightly the mage fell silent and started tracing patterns idly on the tabletop through the spilled drinks, and she found herself wondered vaguely if alcohol was meant to strip wood. Isabella however leaned in close to Hawke with a winning smile and the younger rogue found herself trying not to think too much about how much she liked the slightly spicy scent the pirate wore…and failing spectacularly.

"Come on Hawke, you tell me your name and I'll tell you something in exchange, sound fair?"

Sipping on the dregs of her beer again for distraction, Hawke shook her head determinedly.

"Some secrets cant be brought Bella, and this is one of them, Bethany knows better than to give into your wiles, and she's the only one that knows."

Smiling smugly at that, she almost fell off her chair in shock at her supposedly chaste little sisters next words.

"I don't know about that Hawke, Isabella has such interesting wiles!"

Hawke missed the discreet wink Bethany tipped towards the incorrigible pirate, mostly due to the fact she was sputtering as she tried to think of something to say to that remark, Isabella however saw it and received the message loud and clear…time to play with Hawke the elder! Clearing her throat, the pirate slid closer towards Bethany and smiled seductively.

"Why thank you kitten, I have after all always been quite proud of my wiles…would you like to see some of them in action?"

Hawke stood up so fast they all heard the almighty crack as her knee hit the underneath of the heavy oak table. Swearing under her breath (and using words that Isabella hadn't heard anyone but a sailor use) the rogue directed a glare at both Isabella and her sister.

"Knock it off Beth, mother will have kittens of her own if you go off with Isabella of all people!"

Seeing the pirates amused raised eyebrow, she realised how that sounded and hastily tried to backtrack.

"N…not that you're like, a bad person to be with, um, per se…it's just that, mother has somewhat higher standards than you. Again, not that you're bad, but Beth is sort of her little baby and you're…not the type of person she would consciously choose to, um, be with her baby."

Swallowing and realising she was still in a half standing, half sitting crouch as she rubbed at her rapidly swelling knee, Hawke sat back down and in a bid to distract attention from her vocal tumble, grabbed up Varric's mug and drained it in one. Shooting a smile at Bethany, Isabella sighed and leaning across the table did her best to catch the flustered rogue's eye. She would be lying if she didn't admit she was gratified when Hawke's gaze rested for more than a fraction f a second on her cleavage, but masking her smirk…for now…she held her hand out.

"Fine, I shall leave your sister unsullied by my less than pleasing person, but you at least owe me a drink."

Eager to get away from her friends amused gaze's, Hawke nodded readily, levering herself to her feet and making her way to the bar. Pride caused her to ignore Isabella's offer of a helping hand, despite the fact she could hear Varric giggling at her slight limp, once at the bar the rogue gestured to Corf for another round and avoided Isabella's eyes as she spoke carefully.

"You know I wasn't insulting you right? Not, um, intentionally anyway?"

Reaching out the pirate grinned and used her hand to turn Hawke's face towards her.

"You're quite an enigma Hawke, you know that right?"

Frowning slightly, the rogue scratched her tattoo, and after a brief moment, shook her head.

"Not really no…I mean, what you see is pretty much what you get! Ask me a question and you get an answer, nothing enigmatic about that."

Smile widening, the Rivaini opened her mouth to repeat the question she had asked earlier, Hawke's sharply raised eyebrow and warning point stopped her.

"Except my name…you really don't need to know that, in fact outside of family, the only person that needs to know it is the girl I marry!"

Pouncing on that bit of information, the pirate grinned wickedly.

"Ha! So it is the female form that floats your boat then…not that it wasn't obvious, but it's nice to have it confirmed for future reference!"

Rolling her eyes, Hawke passed Isabella her whisky as she nodded her thanks to Corf.

"Fine, I confess, women are my guilty vice…um, by the way, what did you mean by 'it was obvious'?"

The rogue was genuinely interested because as far as she was concerned she had managed to keep her private life successfully private, not that she actually had one, but still! Chuckling slightly, the pirate moved in closer and reaching out to where Hawke was perched on a barstool, placed her hand on the table damaged knee, reflexively the rogue swallowed.

"Because every time we have to go to the Rose on business your eyes are on stalks, plus you cant seem to help but react to my…presence."

Snorting in disbelief, or at least as close an approximation to it as she could get, Hawke kept her eyes on the pirate as she reached out and drained half her tankard of beer in one thirsty gulp.

"As I said before, you wish Bella, you wish! Right now I'm all about getting a roof over my mother and sisters heads and finding more honest work than smuggling. Anything else isn't important…including women."

Leaning forward until her lips brushed across the top of Hawke's ear, Isabella spoke in a seductive whisper that caused a shiver to run down the other woman's spine. A move which quite cleverly disguised the fact the pirate deftly tipped her whisky into the rogues beer.

"That's a shame, everyone should have a little fun now and again, even people who have no first name."

Forcing herself to roll her eyes, Hawke swiped her mug off the bar and gestured towards the table her friends were sat at.

"Let's just go play some cards okay? I've changed my mind, someone needs to knock you down a peg or two Bella, may as well be me!"

Laughing, the Rivaini flipped her dagger from it's sheath before rolling it down one arm, across her shoulder and into the other hand in a move so fast Hawke would have missed it if she blinked.

"You can try Hawke, you can always try!"

Two hours later and Hawke, Isabella and Varric were the only ones left at the table. Aveline had walked both Merril and Bethany home earlier, Hawke herself had refused to move, determined to either prove Isabella was cheating or at least win some of her silver back! So far…that plan wasn't working so well, partly because despite sticking to beer, the rogue felt distinctly drunk. Had she noticed that for every shot Isabella drank, she also snuck one into the rogues beer, she wouldn't have wondered why. As it was, she blinked her eyes rapidly and pinching the bridge of her nose attempted to focus on the cards in her hand. Sensing Hawke was close to becoming fall down drunk as opposed to pleasantly drunk, Bella reached out and folded the rogues hand for her.

"Come on, you obviously cant handle your liquor kitten, and I should get you home before either your mother or Aveline send out a blasted search party for you!"

Waving a hand airily, Hawke staggered to her feet stifling a giggle at her lack of balance.

"I'm fine, I could take on any (hic) bandit band out there and (hic) kick their asses with one hand in my pocket…huh, did you hear how funny that sounded? Bandit band, bandit band, bandit band!"

Giggling again, Hawke was unaware of the amused glance Varric shot towards Isabella, or the half whispered words he spoke while she continued to repeat the phrase 'bandit band' to herself.

"You got her drunk Rivaini, you get her home…and I hope you know what you're doing with her, despite being a formidable fighter and admirable thief…she's quite naive."

Rolling her eyes and ignoring the very faint pang of…something, she felt in her chest, Isabella slung Hawke's arm over her shoulder and began to walk them both out of the hanged man and towards Hawke's uncles house. Most of the way there Isabella was quiet as she pondered what Varric had said, and the way he had said it! Hawke was a good looking woman, she was…well, she was just a good woman all round really, she looked out for her family and she cared about her friends. Admittedly she could be incredibly sarcastic and had a wicked sense of humour but…there was just something about her that drew Isabella like a moth to a flame, and that was a very unfamiliar feeling for the pirate. As such, she had put it down to the fact she was pretty sure Hawke was inexperienced when it came to sexual matters and as she herself was considered an expert it was only natural she would want to guide the woman she was coming to view as a friend through the experience so it didn't turn out to be a disappointing one…now all she had to do was get Hawke to see that it was a good idea. Clearing her throat she interrupted what the rogue was singing, basically a musical version of the repeated phrase 'bandit band'.

"Hawke, do you remember what we were talking about earlier?"

Stopping abruptly in her tracks and causing Isabella to do so as well, Hawke frowned deeply as she tried to marshal her thoughts.

"Um…about you trying to do stuff to my sister?"

Biting back a laugh, Isabella just smiled and shook her head, moving them carefully along again before explaining in an amused voice.

"No kitten, about your name."

Scowling like a sulking cabin boy, Hawke kicked at a stone on the path, missed and almost sent both of them tumbling to the floor. Used to the rolling of ships in stormy seas however, Isabella was very sure on her feet and grabbing hold of Hawke by her shoulder's pressed her gently against the wall to steady her.

"I'm not telling you my name Bella…it's a stupid name and you'll mock me! And before you say it, there's nothing you can tell me that will make me reveal it!"

The pirate wasn't sure whether to raise an eyebrow in disbelief or snort in amusement when the rogue emphasised her words by stamping one booted foot on the floor. Settling for amusement, Isabella smirked and changed tact.

"Okay…well what about if I were to give you something then, and swear to you that I would never use your name in front of anyone…ever!"

Hawke looked deep in thought, frowning heavily as she regarded the pilot through bleary beer clouded eyes.

"Depends I guess…on what you're gonna give me, cos if it's something I can get from the market I'm gonna be pretty pissed!"

Biting down on a grin, the pirate moved one hand from Hawke's shoulder and crossed her heart solemnly.

"Pirates honour!"

Sighing dramatically, a part of Hawke knew she was going to regret this but nevertheless she found herself nodding.

"Okay fine…but you go first, you hand over whatever treasure it is and then I'll tell you."

Putting her hand back on the drunken rogues shoulder, Isabella smiled slyly and leaning in so close her lips brushed across Hawke's as she talked, whispered.

"I never said it was treasure now did I kitten?"

Frowning even more deeply, Hawke drew breath and opened her mouth to reply…before finding she couldn't…because she was being kissed. Hawke hadn't exactly been lying earlier when she said she wasn't without any experience, but the one very shy close mouthed kiss she had shared several years ago was nothing compared to this! Gradually she relaxed into the pirates arms, eyes sliding closed as she hesitantly placed her hands on the wonderfully curved hips of the Rivaini. Although she knew the technicalities of kissing, Hawke had always worried she wouldn't actually be able to do it when it counted…she wasn't worried about that anymore as her body definitely knew what it was meant to be doing. Isabella's own hands reached down briefly to grip Hawkes where they rested on her hips and squeezed them encouragingly, right about the same time she deftly slipped her tongue past the barrier of her fellow rogue's lips. Unable to hold back a groan (mostly because she wasn't aware she'd even made the sound) Hawke pulled the pirate closer and lost herself in the searching, yet surprisingly gentle, exploration of lips and tongue. Eventually Isabella drew back and Hawke became aware she was only still on her feet due to the pirates grip on her, somehow her knees had ceased wanting to work, blinking some of the fuzzy haze from her mind, the rogue realised Isabella had an eyebrow raised and had obviously asked a question.


Smirking internally the pirate now knew for sure that Hawke had never been properly kissed before, she'd suspected due to the instinctual hesitance on the rogues part when she'd first kissed her…but the dazed grin that Hawke probably didn't even know she was wearing confirmed it. Clearing her throat, the Rivaini repeated her question patiently…

"I said, now it's your turn, fess up Hawke…what's your name."

For a moment the rogue considered reneging on the deal, but that was after all one hell of a kiss! Sighing, she fixed the pirate with a cautious look and murmured.

"Quinton, that's my name, it's a boys name and I hate it and you are NEVER allowed to use it again, pirates honour remember!"

Smiling with that oh so telling gleam in her eye, Isabella leant forward to whisper gleefully.

"The only problem with that Quinton…is that pirates have no honour."

Before Hawke could reply, the pirate knocked on the wall behind Hawke's head, that turned out to be a door and not a wall after all. Eyes narrowing, the rogue opened her mouth to yell as Isabella who had begun walking away…and promptly the door behind her disappeared, depositing her on her back on the grimy floor of her uncle's house and looking up into her mothers surprised gaze. Somewhere in the distance she could hear the familiar light laughter of the Rivaini pirate and growled angrily under her breath.

"Pirates have no bloody honour, why in Andraste's sainted brassiere didn't I remember that!"

Hauling herself to her feet, Hawke stomped angrily towards the room she shared with Bethany, glancing between the open door and her eldest daughter's retreating form, Leandra shook her head and muttered to herself as she closed the door again.

"I think, perhaps this time, it's best I not ask!"