A/N: Ok, so this is originally an assignment for a class of mine. We had to write an example of a blog entry and since I didn't feel like doing my homework, I did what seemed a bit more interesting: the first entry of Draco's personal blog. If you like it, let me know, maybe Draco will find the time in the awesomeness that is his life to update his blog.

Disclaimer: No, I don't own him.


Monday 26. November 2012

So, this is my blog. Welcome, if you must.

Since so many people are interested in me, I thought I might just give you a glimpse of the awesomeness that is my life.

I am Draco Malfoy, the filthy rich and famous Quiddich player, and of course, a womaniser extraordinaire. But I think I don't need the introductions, really.

I recently moved away from home and got a place of my own after starting my career. It's pretty decent, four bedrooms, a Italian style kitchen and what not. Not too bad, actually. The only bad thing was that it is on a muggle neighbourhood. I know, preposterous, right? But then I discovered this Internet thing that muggles are dependent on, and found that with this I can spread the good news that is me even further that with the Witch Weekly or Playwizard.. So, hello there, all you lovely witches outside Britain. ;)

Let me tell you a bit about my life. When I moved to my own apartment, I pictured a life that would include booze, women, earning money just by flying every now and then, people swooning at me..

That's pretty much the reality, I'm not going to lie.

I'm good-looking. Actually, I may just be the best-looking guy in whole London. Scratch that. I AM the best-looking guy in London. Probably in the entire world. People crick their necks just by staring at me too long. They giggle and blush when I look their way. Even guys. They buy glossy magazines trying to get a peek at my glorious life. And they should, my life is pretty awesome. I am awesome.

The only thing I was slightly mistaken about, was the flying part. Dear Merlin, our coach is brutal. Such things as bad weather, a bloody nose or a date do not bother him, and he insists on having a practise five times per week. But hold that thought, because it has its good sides as well. Imagine my physique after months of rigorous training. That mental picture was especially for you, my dedicated fan in Switzerland. ;)

Right now I'm going to end my first post a bit short, for I have a party to attend to.

I'm going to be uploading some photos of my apartment and my glorious self once I figure out how to work the device that muggles call a camera. Pathetic excuse for a camera, I say, the pictures aren't even moving. But then again, pathetic is what I was expecting, so I guess that's reasonable.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions down below, although I will probably never read them.

Until next time, then,