Chapter 2: A Treacherous Love

Tony POV

I had the best dream that night. I dreamed that Maria and I had been dancing, all alone in the fun. She had on a beautiful flowing red dress that showed her off in all the right ways. I thought it had been a wet dream at first, but it was all but that.

The song switched from waltz to sway, and I held her in my arms. In that moment, I remembered something I had always wanted to show her- the beautiful scene of New York City from one of the Jet-owned buildings. I whispered in her war and led her there, and then I kissed her, and...

Then I had woken up.

At first, I was bummed, and relieved myself from seeing Maria in that dress. But then...I thought...

You see, I've always had almost psychic-like dreams. Riff always called them stupid and preposterous, but I always knew that when I had dreams, it meant something was coming.

And in this case, if that something was what I thought it was, then it was sure to be something good. Something real good.

So, I quickly put on my best suit and tie and made my way go Shark territory. I knew it was treacherous, our love, and I know I was risking my life sneaking out with Bernardo's little sister, but I loved her. And love doesn't quell just because of differing backgrounds. Love is just love.

When I was just outside her room, I softly but forcefully tapped on her window and shouted, "Maria!" to get her to wake. Then I waited, until I saw her beautiful face appear in the window.

Her mouth formed a cute little "o", and then she smiled. "Tony? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?"

I smiled, and I thought of the dream. "I wanted to show you something."

She laughed, a beautiful laugh like the sound of wind chimes. "In the middle of the night?"

"Yes," I said. "When no one will see us, hear us, my love. Now, put on some clothes and let's go."

She smiled again and nodded. "Okay. Give me a moment then."

Maria POV

He's really here! He's really here, like in the dream!

And Anita calls my dreams crazy. Humpf.

More like amazing! He's here!

It was just like the dream; he was wearing a suit and a red tie, catching my breath. Sure, the dream started out in the gym, but still.

Now...what to wear?

Well, in the dream, I had worn a red dress. Hm...a red dress...

A red dress! I run over to my closet, going through my clothes until I find it, my mother's silk red dress.

I smile and pull the fabric to me. It should fit. Mama was about the same size as me.

I go back out, taking my nightgown off. I knew Tony wasn't watching? So I stripped openly and put on the silk dress.

I stroll over to the mirror. I gasp at what I saw. The dress fit perfectly, just like in the dream. It's the same dress!

But my's's...


Upon closer inspection, I see that my hair is indeed curliest than usual. Strange...just like in the dream...

I look back at myself again. Oh I need shoes.

I go back into the closet and find my ruby red slippers from back home and slip them on. I hear a knocking on the window, and grin to myself.

My prince awaits.

Tony POV

Holy shit...

I feel myself stiffen and get hard all over again as Maria climbs out her window. She's wearing the same exact outfit as in the dream; red dress, hair curled, red slippers. I gasp and feel myself start to go insane.

Don't jump her, don't jump her...

Like she's oblivious to my stiffness and the effect she's having on me, she grins and takes my hand, intertwining her fingers with mine. "So, where are we going?"

I gulp and start to lead her and gain my composure at the same time. "Um,'s something I've wanted to show you for awhile now."

She smiles. "Show me the way then, my love."

I gulp again, and we keep walking like in my dream. As I lead, she giggles and teases me as I try to focus on walking. I have no idea why she is doing it, but it's amusing and adorable so I laugh along with her, until finally, we arrive at our destination, at the stairs.

I decide to take a pointer from my dream self and deliver his same lines. "Ladies first. And don't worry- it's safe. And if you're ever unsteady, I'll be right behind you."

Like in the dream, she smiles at me and starts up the stairs. I start after her, making sure she is okay all the way up. Finally, she makes it to the top and waits for me.

Once I'm up, I take her hand and lead her to the edge, exactly how I did in the dream. I smile and look at Maria. "You can see the whole city from here."

Unlike the dream, she doesn't gasp at the sight, but all the same, she does look mesmerized. I look along with her, gazing at the beautiful lights that can only be described as New York City. Maria looks at me, and I remember that the Dream Tony had talked about something at this point.

But, I decide to tell her the ending to the story I started in the dream. "Once I broke apart from the Jets, I came up here almost every night. I felt like a part of me was gone, incomplete and missing." I look back at Maria and put my arm around her waist, bringing her close. "Those lights always made me feel better. They reminded me of opportunity in the world, even if I had been on a reckless path before." I look back at the lights. "But then I met you, and I realized that the part of me that was empty wasn't that way because of leaving the Jets. It was to make a place in my heart for you."

Maria shivers, and I laugh, loving how it was a bigger shiver than in the dream. But I then gasp when, at the same time, both me and Maria say, "Are you cold?"

I stare at her for a moment, dumbfounded. "Maria, how did you...?"

She smiles. "You had a dream, didn't you?"

I nod. "Yes..."

"What was it about?"

I tell her about the dream, everything from the dancing to this point. She just smiles at the end and wraps her arms around my neck.

"Tony, my love, we had the same dream. That's why everything is going the same. I found this dress, and I wanted this night to be perfect." She looks up at me. "Apparently the cosmos did as well."

I smile at her and lean in to kiss her, slow and gentle. She plays with my hair as I prod my tongue at her bottom lip, asking for entrance like in the dream. I feel her smile against my lips and she opens her mouth, letting her tongue dance with mine.

She pulls back for a moment. "Tony..."

I look at her, concerned. "Yes, Maria?"

She smiles and takes my hands in hers. "I just want to tell you I love you. And I don't care if our love is treacherous, or that we are from different sides. I like it. I love you. I need you, Tony." She looks into my eyes deeply.

I look back into her eyes, seeing love and desire in them. I smile. "I love you too, Maria. Forever."

She pulls me back to her and kisses me full on the lips in the moonlight. And I love it.

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