Nina's POV

"Hey, Zero, now that there are times I'm capable of using magic, are you jealous?" I asked.

"Me? Jealous of you? Yeah, right!" said Zero

"Gee, you didn't have to be so blunt!"

"Would you guys pleas keep it down? It sounds like you two are at it again!" Ichii said

"Yeah, well, maybe if Nina wasn't such a brat all the time, we wouldn't fight!"

"Who are you calling a brat!?"

"You, idiot!"

"As if you have the right to call me an idiot, idiot!"

"Gah, just shut up, before you wake the whole neighborhood up, Nina!"

Nina got tears in her eyes.

"Fine then!" she said, and ran out of the house and down the street(with Pearl and Zura not too far behind), and wondering if Zero will ever know how she really feels about their relationship.

"Boys are so stupid! Why can't they ever understand how a girl feels? Can't he tell that underneath us fighting all the time, there's more than friendship?"

"If you feel that way zura , why don't you just tell him zura?"

"Oh, Zura, I didn't realize you and Pearl followed me!"

"Of course, we have to zura, every promised to protect until the END of the exam zura, didn't they? And technically, the exam isn't over yet zura!"said Zura

"Oh, that's why. I don't tell Zero because…I can't, okay Zura, it's just,I don't know,I guess,since we live together and all,I suppose things would be weird if we end up with the same feelings."

"If who ends up with the same feelings as who?" said Zero

"Now's your chance zura, tell him!"

"Tell me what?" said Zero.

"Zero, do you remember the day we got Pearl? When you almost…died?" she whispered the last word of her sentence.



PLEAS NOTE, I read the manga, so working off just the anime's a bit hard, so you may not see chapter two for a while, because I'mm going to re-watch the anime, since I cried through most of the end episodes.

Zero: Stop being such a wus!

Me: Realize Nina's feelings, you know you two feel the same to some extent!

Nina: Yeah, Zero!

Ichii: Oh, come on, not this again!

Me: Sorry, Ichii, my fault!

Ichii: I'm used to it. Hey guys, why don't you just go make-out, or something!

Zero & Nina: *look at each other*

Nina:*grabs Zero and goes to his and Ichii's room*

Me: Wow, they took it seriously!

Ichii: They better not do anything reckless. HEY DON'T MAKE A MESS, I JUST CLEANED, YOU GUYS!

Me: Seriously? That's what your worried about?

Ichii: Anything they decide to do to each other is up to them, as long as they're comfortable with it. But I love Nina, too, so he better not do anything to her!

Nina & Zero: * come out of the room*

Nina: That was fun!

Zero: Want some cake?

Nina: Yeah!

Me & Ichii: *confused*