"Hey, what are you doing up so late?" Derek asked Casey as she entered the kitchen. He was reading the manual of courses for his next year in his new university while eating cereal. Their new university. He could see she was doing the same.

"Picking courses for next year," Casey answered, without taking her eyes from the manual. "There are so many amazing classes," she added.

"I know!" Derek exclaimed. "Women's literature, feminist theory!"

"Der-ek! You're only taking those to meet girls," Casey protested, but he just shrugged. It was his nature.

"Well, yeah!" he obviously stated. "But maybe I should just take the classes you're taking, and then take all of your notes." He smirked.

"Forget it!" There was no way Casey would work for him. "And do me a favor: when you see me in the quad, pretend you don't know me," she said arrogantly.

"Are you kidding?" Derek chuckled. "We are going to be best buds! Then you can introduce me to all of your sorority sisters," he stated, smirking once more. She sighed.

"Derek you are the most annoying brother-"

"STEP brother," he cut her off. That word made a big difference.

"Same difference," Casey shrugged and looked at him through her eyelashes.

"Yeah, all right…" he answered, looking slightly disappointed. She smiled shyly. "Hey! Maybe we can live in the same residence," he added jokingly, to light up the mood. Maybe he was only half-joking…

Casey rolled her eyes. "I'm living in an all girls residence."

"I know." And the smirk was back.

"Oh yeah? Well I can't wait to go to all of your hockey games and embarrassed you in front of all of your friends," she teased. Maybe just half-tease. She stepped closer to him.

"Okay, fine!" He exclaimed, raising his hands in defeat. "I won't take your classes if you stay away from my hockey friends," he proposed.

"No deal! There might some cute hockey players and frat boys…" she wondered.

"Oh no! You are not dating my fraternity brothers!" Derek warned.

"Why not? Jealous?" Casey asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, very," he said ironically, rolling his eyes. Maybe only half-ironically.

"You can't dictate who I date, so you better prepare yourself. I have a thing for hockey players," Casey warned, kidding. Or half-kidding?

"You only dated one hockey player," Derek stated, rolling his eyes,

"What about Max?" She asked indignantly.

"He is a football player, Spacey."

"Same difference," she shrugged, giving him the sane look than before.

"Is that your new catch phrase now, or something?" he asked, irritated.

"Or something…" she answered suggestively.

He squinted at her, trying to read her mind, She shrugged and just gave him his trade mark smirk, claiming that she was going to bed.

"Wait up! I'll go with you," he said quickly, but the realized what it sounded like. "I mean, I'll go to bed too. My bed. No yours," he said awkwardly.

"Calm down Der, no need to get your panties in a bunch. I got it," she winked. He smiled in response and began going at the stairs. She followed him closely.

They climbed the stairs in absolute silence and then he stopped at her door, although his was closer to the stairs,

"Good night, Case," he whispered.

"Good night, Der," she whispered back, blushing a little by his proximity. He leaned even closer and she thought for a moment that she was going to be kissed so she closed her eyes, only to receive a light peck on her cheek. When she opened her eyes again he was already gone.

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