Yay! My first fanfic ever! And a crossover between my two favorite shows! This story will start out on the Teen Titans episode "X" from season three and no PP in the Danny Phantom world. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

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How would I describe myself? That is a hard question, if you asked me that three years ago, I would have said that I was a goofy kid at the bottom of the popularity chain, dreaming of being an astronaut, and loved to hang out with my best friend Tucker Foley, and my girlfriend, Sam Manson all while enjoying life and hunting ghosts on the side thanks to my ghost powers, my friends and my older sister, Jazz. Now however, I would respond as a bitter, bi-polar, border-line insane, anti-social, ex-hero on the run from the Guys in White and my former parents, not to mention the only people that have ever stood up for me are now dead and I'm being framed for murder.

Yeah, life sucks. But there is never anything you can do, especially when it spins out of control, and for me, that happened three years ago, when I got my so called powers. This is my life, and it isn't pretty. For example, the freak accident that turned me into a halfa, half ghost, half human. I was a superhero, or supervillain, which ever you prefer.

Back in my home town, I was considered both. How? Easy, most of the teens at my high school thought of me as a hero since I would always show up to destroy the ghosts that would attack the school, the adults would only see me as a menace that destroyed the town when these ghosts attacked.

Quite frankly I don't care what anyone thinks of me anyways, I know what I have done to help people and that's all that matters. I have to keep a low profile due to recent events; fortunately, no one knows my secret, and those that do want to keep it that way. Yet somehow they always manage to track me down and I end up running again, like four or five days ago when a gas station gets robbed while I'm in it and my alter ego, Danny Phantom decides that he wants to help, and well you can do the math. So I have tried to stop assisting people when they needed it. And every time, I end up helping anyways because of this stupid hero complex that was formed in my mind. After my life blew up in my face, I ended up with the only person that would possibly understand, and, of course, I absolutely hated him with a fire burning passion. Vlad Masters a.k.a Vlad Plamius, as he is known in his ghost form. He rescued me from the GIW after they captured me. After that, I tried to leave, I knew my future if I stayed with him, I would grow up to be the most powerful and evil ghost to ever exist and destroy the world.

Definitely not the future I had planned out for myself. I did try to explain everything to Vlad, one that I hated him, and two my predicted future if I did live with him. However he gave me something to think about and it made me realize that he was going to be the only person that could keep me alive and safe from everyone else that was hunting me.


"Daniel," he called out as I was walking to the front door of his mansion, "you think I don't know how you feel. You think I don't realize how hard life might be for you. You may hate me but realize that if you say with me, I can protect you."

"Why would I want to do that?! I hate you. You have always tried to hurt me or tried to destroy some part of my life just so you could be with my mom and have me as your 'perfect' half ghost son!" I screamed back at him, "Why should I even trust that you have changed! Why should I believe that you will help me when your past actions towards me speaks otherwise!"

"I realize that Daniel, I have tried to do things that were not my best decisions in the past but you must realize that, and I don't wish to be cruel about this, but if you parents can't accept you, their own son, as the half ghost that they created themselves, then what chance do I have to win over your mothers affections to me, a half ghost they created twenty years ago." He reasoned, solemnly he continued "Daniel, I'm not going to try to hurt you anymore, I have lost everything that you have as well. Everything I have planned for the past twenty years has just backfired on me because of the fact that your parents, my friends and the love of my life, hate what we have become and will never accept us because of that."

End of Flashback

As much as I wanted to walk out of that door right then and there, to leave and never come back, I realized that he was right. Everything had come crashing down on me the second I tried to tell my parents that I was half ghost. I ended up collapsing on the floor, my knees curled up to my chest with my head between my knees all while tears streaming down my face. I finally realized how lost I felt, how screwed up everything had become just because I wasn't fully human, I was a freak, a monster and as much as I hated to admit it, Vlad was right. I thought that they would at least try to understand what was wrong; I thought that they would love me as their son more than their hatred for ghosts, but I was dead wrong. Ghosts being evil won that battle in lest then a second, and after all the times I had helped them, saved them, save Jazz, and the town from ghost attacks, I was still an evil ectoplasmic entity that should be vanquished on sight. Vlad was really the only thing I had left. I felt someone's hand on my back, trying to sooth me from the shaking and crying mess that I had become. I lifted my head and looked into the eyes of the man who was in the same pain as me. His eyes showed emotions of pain and sadness. I had to stay with him. No matter how I felt about him in the past, or what he has tried to do to me, it didn't matter anymore. We were now outcasts. Enemies in the eyes of those we once loved and cared about. We needed each other. I didn't trust him right away, but staying with him was safer than running from the law and my now ex-parents.

For the next two and a half years I hid in plain sight by staying with Vlad in his mansion. No ghost hunter would ever think that Phantom would get anywhere near Plamius, the Wisconsin ghost and also known as my arch-rival, so it was the perfect place to hide. Vlad helped me train, not only my human side, but helped me develop my ghost powers as well. I could now duplicate myself, teleport, my cryokinesis abilities improved greatly too along with learning how to use the telekinesis powers that all ghosts are able to posses. My ecto-blasts were stronger and required less energy to produce. I could create fire, not hot fire due to my icy core, but a cold ectoplasmic green fire that was, similar to dry ice, so cold that it burned. I could also maintain my Ghostly wail longer and be able to use it more than once plus it wasn't as taxing on my ghostly self as it use to be. I also had more muscle, of course being 17 almost 18 and almost 6'4" helped. I'm not huge, more properly proportioned but I was defiantly bigger than the scrawny fourteen year old kid I once was. I had grown a lot after moving in with Vlad.

Vlad wasn't the only one that helped me train, I went to the ghost zone for most of my training, and met somewhat of a master. He has many names, but that's not the point, the main point is that he helped me out a few times and in return, I help him with some of his work, most being nonviolent, but I did have to take over for him a couple of times. He did give me some good advice though, and so far it is helping me get over my tough situation.

Anyways, I left all of my old things at my former families house, but I also gained a few things when I moved in with Vlad. I graduated high school early due to home schooling, thanks to Vlad. He also bought me everything I wanted to change my look as well, so I changed both of my looks, human and ghost, my name, and later my ghostly name as well. While human I now wore a tight, cotton, white v-necked shirt that showed off my muscles with a black and white pin-striped vest. I wore darker blue jeans and black sneakers, and a black and white belt complete with the DP logo belt buckle completed the look. I changed my hair style as well, with a full on skater-surfer look with my hair reaching my shoulders, and had bleached my raven colored hair to a blond with neon blue accents. I always had a pair of sunglasses, usually Aviators or Oakley's, covering my eyes or on top of my head. I changed my name from Danny Fenton to James Masters, using my middle name and Vlad's last name. Though I hated having to use it, I was able to stay under the radar from everyone that was after me so it wasn't all bad, plus Vlad was able to get me a new I.D. card that had my new name on it.

My ghost form was completely different from what it use to look like. I had Vlad custom ordered my new clothes that would become my ghost form after I had provided a detailed sketch of it. I first ditched the hazamat suit, as it was a dead giveaway to who I was, and that wasn't going to help me get anywhere. So while I kept the same color scheme, I added the green to it as well, the toxic neon green color of my eyes to the already black and white. I wore a tight, black, long sleeve shirt; that also showed off my toned and muscular body along with black cargo pants. I had white, steel toed combat boots laced with the neon green and the steel on the boots are the same green color. I had a white combat belt with the basic pockets for first aid supplies, the infi-map given to me by Frostbite, and a more portable Fenton thermos, along with a few ghost fighting weapons. I had white, half fingerless leather gloves that also exposed the palm of my hand as well, stitched with the neon green thread. My favorite part of the outfit was the sleeve-less, white leather trench coat, which almost reached the ground maybe a centimeter above, and it was specially designed with a deep hood that would cast a shadow over my whole face only exposing the two toxic green orbs that were my eyes, along with black diamond spikes, three placed in each of the shoulders on the coat. This also had a neon green strip placed and the very edge of the coat, and outlined the rim of my hood fading to white as it reached my shoulders.

I had added two weapons that I could someone while in my ghost or human form. One was a cane, with a black wood that was sturdily woven with metal so that it wouldn't break from my superhuman strength, and when necessary, I could pull on the handle and a two foot long blade made of ectoranium would emerge. I typically kept the cane with me in my human form. My Scythe on the other hand, was more of my ghost form weapon, with a blade also being made of ectoranium. The staff was black, and it glittered with black and white diamonds embedded in the wood, it also looked like it was an old branch off of a tree, and sanded down and formed into a weapon. The blade carried the famous DP logo, and extended out of the back end, making it a double sided weapon, I could either slash with the long blade or impale with the three spikes that form the outside of the D in the logo.

The appearance the ectoramiun would give was breath taking in my opinion, the eerie glow of the neon green blade was freaky enough, then, and on top that the blades gave off a weird mist like appearance, similar to a dry ice affect, I loved it. The looks on faces when I pulled either of the two weapons out were priceless.

Both Vlad and I were very cautious when I was living there, as I said earlier, I had told him about my predicted future of becoming the most evil ghost in the world and how it would happen, so he was prepared to not let my emotions of sadness and depression get the better of me. He had me meditate to get my mind off of these things, as well and increase my mental barriers to protect my mind from possible overshadows of other ghosts and from some people who could break into my mind with magic. We had many plans made for multiple different worst case scenarios. All of them being that I would have all the money I would every need in multiple life times, as well as moving me to a town that already had hero's in it so I wouldn't draw attention to myself by being a hero.

Unfortunately, my time with Vlad ended when the GIW figured out that Vlad was also a half ghost. How they did that will remain a mystery to me, they ended up surrounding the house and eventually destroyed it with the help of, you guessed it, my former parents by using a new weapon, the ecto-bomb, which would rip all ectoplasmic entities apart and killing them fully. Me and Vlad and gotten to his lab before they started to invade the house, mansion whatever you want to call it, and searching for us. We were going to escape via the ghost portal, I had just entered it when the portal closed, just as the bomb had gone off. It was Clockwork that told me that Vlad died saving me by closing the portal before the grenade exploded. I gained more respect for him after learning that, so I headed to Jump City as we had planned, it was always being saved by the Teen Titans so I figured I could hide out there for a few years before moving on to another city.

I was wrong, again.

Chapter 1

Present Day: Danny's POV

I was running again, the sound of gunfire not far behind me. How did they find me so freaking fast? I thought, I kept the lowest profile ever, I mean I was in the freaking woods, living in a cave for the past few days! A blast came too close and sent me flying a few feet. I landed with a thud before flipping myself up, and began running again. I would go ghost but the stupid Plasmas Maximus had shorted out my powers within the first few minutes of running.They must have taken it when they blew up the mansion.

I have been running for what seemed like forever. I cleared the woods and was coming up on a city, I had no idea what city, but there were people, and I could hide much easier here. As I ran, I could hear the agents shouting into their mics about trying to keep me from reaching the city.

I swear if I wasn't powerless I would turn and kill the damn bastards myself for what they did to me, my friends, and my sister. I had been running from these guys for three years now, the Guys in White, and they still won't give up on me. Then again being a hybrid made me something special to these idiots so I continued running. Trees flew past me as I ran, sweat dripping down my face as I ducked and dodged tree branches and ectoplasmic laser blasts from the agents. The city wasn't far way now, maybe three hundred yards left before I reached the welcome billboard. Jump City, finally! Too bad they know I'll be in the city, I thought, If I even make it to the city. I turned onto the sidewalk and ran towards the most crowded place I could find. Sadly that was a small coffee shop and it was closed. So, I decided to head farther into the city, taking an alley way and cutting my way around the slum areas. I looked over my shoulder and noticed that the agents weren't following me anymore, but that didn't mean I was in the clear. I stayed in the shadows as I slowed my pace a little. I wish I could heighten my senses and try to find the GIW agents, but my powers were still being locked out. I sighed as I stopped at the corner of two alleys.

I peered around the corner, making sure the coast was clear before heading down the one on the left towards the big city. I spotted a small shopping center and figured that it would be safest to hide there for a couple of hours, not to mention snag a new outfit. I was currently wearing a pair of ripped up dark blue jeans, my black sneakers, and a white v-neck t-shirt that was unfortunately drenched in sweat and full of singe marks, while my black vest was looking just as tattered. On second thought, maybe heading to a crowded place looking like this isn't such a great idea, I thought to myself. I guess I'm stuck until my powers come back. Stopped at the end of the alley way, leaning up against the cold stone, before slowly sliding down it, my knees in front of me, my arms out in front, resting on my knees, and my head resting back up against the wall, looking towards the sky. I thought back on the past three years, how I ended up at Vlad Masters just for my own safety, desperate times call for desperate measures I guess. The only good thing that can come out of his death is that I wouldn't become HIM.

I must have fallen asleep because the sounds of a battle going on in a nearby warehouse woke me up. My ghost sense didn't go off so I planned on ignoring the battle, but it sounded like it was going to last a while, I figured I would go check it out. No, this is why you keep getting caught, because of trying to help people. I yelled at myself, mentally. I tuned my hearing so that I could listen closely. Wait, I have my powers back, I charged an ecto-blast in my palm, grinning to myself as I let the energy die. I guess I would at least watch, and then decide if they need help. I changed into my ghost form, the blue rings appearing at my waist and splitting me in half, changing my appearance to my ghost form. Then phased thru the wall, and while keeping myself intangible, I also made myself invisible along with my mental blocks as well, and continued until I was in the warehouse. Of course, the Teen Titans, figures. I mentally cursed, but I noticed that they were getting their butts kicked.

"Come on kids, X marks the spot." Said a black figure pointing to the red x on his chest. I silently laughed at his teasing comment before continuing to watch, still intangible and invisible, I silently followed the X dude. It wasn't hard to figure out which Titan was which, based off of what I had observed and heard on the news, I knew that the big blue and silver metal African-American guy was Cyborg, as he shot a blue beam towards the villain, the X guy jumped out of the way, flipping on to a black box that was flying at him thanks to who I assumed was Raven by the way dressed with a black leotard and a dark blue cloak, with the hood pulled over her head. Somehow he managed to dodge some green blast thrown by Starfire, the alien with orange hair and, glowing green eyes? Seeing as I am the only ghost in the room, they couldn't be ecto-blasts, not to mentions the orbs, bolts, spheres, whatever you want to call them, were hot. I was close enough to feel the heat from them, mine where cold due to the ectoplasm in my body. The scrawny green skin and green haired dude was Beast Boy; of course him turning into animals was a dead give-a-way to his name, as he turned into a giant green monkey, most likely a gorilla or some other type of large ape, and attempted to smash he guy. X, as I was going to call him now, teleported out of the way, and I began looking to where I thought he would appear next.

I had guessed right when he reappeared on the box of crates behind the group. The last was a slightly less scrawny guy dresses as a traffic light, which was obviously Robin, who seemed to know how this guy's suit was working.Hmm, I wonder why that is? Robin tackled him from the top of the crates and they went rolling down on the ground a few times before separating. Robin pulled out a red and yellow weapon and thru it at X as he landed in front facing Robin. The weapon was fast, but X was faster, teleporting behind Robin, Man I was good, and threw a punch to the back of his head. I guess Robin knew X was behind him as he dodged the first punch and faking a leg sweep catching his second punch in-between his black combat boots and threw him over, well I would say the shoulder but seeing as how both shoulders are near the ground I'm not so sure, maybe just over himself? They threw a few more punches before Robin was on his back against the ground. It was easy to predict where the X guy was going to reappear, well for me at least, so I made a game out of it. So far I was two for two.

X jumped and was going to slam his foot down on Robin's face. Fortunately for Robin, he caught X's foot just in time and slammed him into the wall of wooden boxes; too bad the box ghost wasn't here, he would be having a field day, and grabbed the skull like mask and slammed it against the wood.

"Who are you?" Robin asked curiously. I decided to intervene and mess with his suit, just a little. I put my hand against the back of his belt and cooled the inside of his belt, just enough so that he would have a small issue. This just wasn't a fair fight for the five.

"If I wanted you to know that, would I be wearing a mask?" X his metallic voice countered; he obviously had a voice disguiser in the mask, before zapping the boy wonder and punching him into another pile of crates. Cyborg and Raven appeared and began to tag team attack, only to zapped by X as well. I flinched, I knew all too well the pain of being zapped like that, and it wasn't pleasant.

"Looks like you got your wires crossed." He commented, again. If he wasn't the bad guy, I would be cracking up. Starfire showed up and began launching her green orb things at X. I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up when it looked like she was going to actually be the first titan, other than Robin, to land a somewhat decent hit on him. And I was right. X turned around and launched a giant X at her which trapped her to the brick. "You know cutie, the only crime here is that you and I haven't gone out on a-" he began before she blasted him with her eyes. Well she did get a hit, too bad it was later than I expected.

I sigh as I watch Beast Boy charge him, as a green polar bear? It was like he hasn't been watching the entire fight, the ground split beneath the bear thanks to another trick by X.

"Watch your step." Again, another witty comment from X, man this guy was good. I should intervene a little more, but this was entertaining. The X guy flipped Robin over and picked up a gun before making an exit. I figured I should intervene again and close line him, then watch the Kodak moment of faces the Titans would make. Robin got up and continued to follow him, stating he wouldn't let him get away. X turned and shot some form of rope at his feet, causing Robin to trip and fall to the ground. Sighing again, I got into position. I guess they got a small break when the belt stopped working. I guess I don't need to make my grand appearance after all, oh well. I thought, At least they should now have a chance to catch him.

I followed them up thru the roof as X punched the belt to get it working again, Robin dove at him while X did a flip before commenting, "Catch you later," then teleported and disappeared. Robin was upset, that I knew for sure. I chuckled silently at the Titans, they couldn't even stop a simple dude that was running around with a big target on his chest. Before I left the roof, I noticed that they were just confused about who this X guy was. Apparently Robin made the X suit and used it. Huh, guess that's how he knew how the suit really worked. Well, it's their problem, not mine.

Too bad my hero complex thought otherwise as I ended up following the guy in the X suit.

Raven POV

After we got back to the tower, I began thinking about that mysterious presence that was also at the X fight. I didn't pay much attention to it, but it was there, like it was just out of my reach, I knew it was powerful, but how powerful and why was it even there? Is it on our side, or against us? What did it even want? I would have to meditate on this later, finding X was more important. I wasn't going to tell my team about the strange presence just yet, not until I was sure it was there and not my imagination.

"Zynothium. The fuel that powers the suit." Robin explained. I heard Starfire gasp.

"No." I said. Crap. That was bad. Zynothium was a very unstable chemical. Why on earth would Robin use that as a fuel source? Cyborg began yelling at Robin about using it as a fuel source. We need to stop Red X now, before he gets his hands on any more of that chemical. Cyborg downloaded the chemical signature so that we could track it while Robin went to find it the old fashion way, out on the street.

We all split up searching for the ore with the tracker Cy gave us, so while I waited for the beep signaling that I was close, my thoughts wandered to that strange presence again. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there actually was something there. But what? The strange whispers were just out of my grasp, the mind was being guarded by a strong mental shield that I haven't felt since being in Azarath. Thinking back there was a barely audible laugh, right after X had made a comment about us. But was it laughing at the sarcasm, or at us? Not to mention that X's belt stopped working even though none of us had even gotten close to damaging it? Now I was curious. I was forced back to reality when Cyborg asked us if we found anything. Wow, somehow I ended up in a graveyard. So typical me. Oh well. I told Cy no when Robin said he had and was sending the coordinates to us.

I headed off towards the direction of the coordinates, figures it would be at the top of a skyscraper, so dramatic, just like Robin. I phased thru the floor of the roof, and pulled my hood off before saying, "No sign of Red X."

Starfire landed next to me, "Nor of Cyborg." That concerned me, Robin pulled out his communicator to call Cyborg, but there was no response. Now I was worried. What if X did attack Cyborg? Or worse, that strange entity? My mind began to wonder again as Starfire tried to comfort Robin about his past as X. Something just didn't feel right. I was brought back to the situation at hand when a metallic like voice interrupted the conversation.

"And personally, I think it looks much cooler on me." It belonged to none other than X. He jumped off the ledge above us and threw two hand full's of shurkins at Robin and Starfire. Beast Boy, who was now a Rhino, and I charged after Red X. He turned and launched a medium sized x that hit rhino Beast Boy and the force caused the green rhino to fly into me. Unfortunately that also meant I was now stuck to BB as the x formed a sticky, rubber band like trap as we continued to sail across the roof and almost off the edge. Luckily Starfire was there to keep us up, using her alien strength to stop us and set us down next to her, a few feet from the ledge. Robin was walking over to us as I blew a puff of air at the green tail the lay on top of my face.

"And now I smell like Rhino butt." I deadpanned, while Star tried to release us from the trap, though all it did was allow BB to change back into his human form as we fell back down on the roof with a thunk.

"Dude, you think you gave this guy enough gadgets!" Beast Boy complained. I sensed that presence again, and I swore I heard some chuckling at my embarrassing situation. I knew there was something there, I just couldn't figure out what it was. And it was driving me crazy. We eventually got free and headed into the building's main floor where had disappeared to. Great idea Robin, lets stand at the top of the skyscraper, were a wrong move can kill us, when we are just going to have to go into the building's basement to stop X. Then again, I never try to understand what goes on in a guy's head anyway.

"Split up, and be careful. I don't want anyone else getting hurt." Robin ordered before taking off down a corridor in front of us. We did as we were told. I glided down my hallway when a shadowy figure ran by a door frame, I sensed another presence, figuring it was X, I went to investigate. Footsteps sounded behind me as I entered the other hallway and I turned only to see two bright red flashes of light that threw me against the wall. My head was spinning as I struggled to clear it, only to realize a red goo began to encase me against the wall. Struggling was no use, as most of my body was already covered, and quickly spread to my face. I took a big breath of air as the substance covered my head and everything went dark as I blacked out.

Danny's POV

I sighed, this is boring, and dangerous, if I get caught by them again, there is no way I'll be able to escape. I just help out one more time, though these lame excuse for hero's should handle it on their own. What is this guy looking for anyways? The gun thing flashed, showing a complex chemical was within a mile of our current location. I gasped, knowing what the structure of the molecule was. Zynothium! He is looking for Zynothium! Is this guy crazy! That stuff is highly unstable and completely dangerous. Is he trying to get himself blown up and or disintegrated! I defiantly needed to help now. This was a very dangerous chemical, one that if used the wrong way or disturbed by a sudden jerky movement would cause a painful experience for anyone within a ten foot radius.

We found ourselves on the top of a skyscraper, why we were up here was beyond me, but we were and we waited, or he waited I watched invisibly and intangible still, as four of the five titans showed up on the roof. They seemed worried that their last friend, Cyborg, wasn't here. X didn't do anything to him, but something didn't feel right. I threw up my mental block just in case. You never know who could read minds now days with all the superhero's that run around.

"And personally, I think it looks much cooler on me." Red X said, finally making himself know to the other four teens. And round two, DING! I thought as the battle began. A rhino, really, does this guy not learn from past mistakes. The battle didn't last long as the hero's got their butts kicked, again. That's two for Red X and zero for the Titan's.

"And now I smell like Rhino butt." Raven deadpanned. I nearly exposed myself with laughter when I heard that comment, and looked at the situation. I felt bad for her, she was strapped to the green Rhino's butt, and it looked like it wasn't going to change any time soon.

"Dude, you think you gave this guy enough gadgets!" the green guy whined as he was back in his human form. A small chuckle escaped my lips, but it was so quiet that I was sure no one heard me. That's when I noticed that X was gone. Damn it Danny. Good going, you let the wannabes distract you. I mentally cursed at myself. I left the area, flying down to the basement trying to find X again. I turned visible, my ghost form was an intimidating sight to look at, especially when I was looking at someone, all they would see were my glowing green eyes, the shadow from my hood covered my entire face. I scanned the room, looked up at the group of teens flying thru the roof and went invisible again. I floated over to the wall behind them and watched for a second before phasing thru it and searching for X. I didn't get much progress though as I heard a scream, sounding like one of the girls, unless Robin had a girly scream. I snickered at the thought, then realized that one of them was in trouble and I started flying again, trying to find them. When I did find them, I noticed that Beast Boy, who was in the form of a green blood hound, Starfire, and Raven, were all frozen in some form of ice, and being carried out by some guys in these weird looking hazamat suits, and some form of a black mask that had what looked like breath tubes on each side. I could have sworn it was ghost busters come to life. Some also carried these weird looking rods with a form of red electricity crackling at one end. Those look like they hurt, a lot, I noted. Though as intimidating as they looked, I knew I was much scarier. Then again, when you dress like The Reaper and have glowing green bladed scythe, how could you not be intimidating. I figured Robin could handle himself against X, he knew how the suit worked anyways so he was probably better equipped to handle it. These three were in need of my assistance.

I had to settle with followed them back to the observatory, seeing as there were too many of them to fight and I was betting that the energy at the end of some of their staffs could hurt me. We reached the top of a mountain or cliff, which ever you prefer, and I noted as they were placed in three of the five tubes. I gasped as I saw the Cyborg was already in one of the tubes and I assumed the last empty one was for Robin. I overheard one of the guys talking to a screen.

"- and now that I have enough Zynothium to power my disintegrator cannon, I can be very, very bad." They guy said, finishing quietly, then pointed to the telescope. Oh hell no. A disintegrator cannon! Shit! This is bad. This is very, very bad! I needed to do something, I looked around the room and I figured I would get the four Titan's out of there little icy prison first. Then try to stop this leader guy. At least he wasn't wearing one of those stupid masks, but his head gear wasn't much better. Is that a metal tube sticking out of his nose? Gross! Maybe the lame head gears would look better on him instead.

"Oh I think you will, because my good little boy, I didn't just steal the ore, I stole your friends. Stay out of this, or I'll test my cannon on them." He threatened. Crud, that means I can't interfere without them dying. Damn it! I was stuck waiting, again, as I watch the ghost men, as I like to call them, carry in case after case of the Zynothium ore into the building. I needed a good reason to release the teens, but how could I without getting caught. It's not like them all of a sudden being free of their tubes and the ice not being shattered was going to go unnoticed, not to mention I could reveal myself to someone that might know who I am. Man I'm sick of this.

"Building, neighborhoods, lives," the guy started to, while the cannon was getting prepped and began to move out of the dome roof, "countless targets just waiting to be disintegrated." He began to chuckle, then walked over to the tubes where the hero's sat, "Tell me pretty girl, have you ever seen something ripped apart, molecule, by molecule?" He questioned, "Its breath taking."

That made me angry, and apparently Starfire was angry too, as her eyes glowed and broke the ice around her head. That was it. I was interfering and that was that. I flew in front of him.

"Not when you're on the receiving end!" I yelled, using my deep and haunted like tone, turning visible and punched him in the face. He fell to the floor with a thud, slightly dazed he looked up and gasped, "And I would know, it's very painful."

"Who are you?" He asked, in a state of shock.

"Yes, who are you?" Starfire asked, innocently, "and what do you mean, being on the receiving end?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I chuckled half answering their question, then tilted my head down to look at the evil man. "Do you know how unstable that stuff is? One wrong move and this whole place could go up in flames."

He was starting to get up, though there was some fear in his eyes, I could see that. Starfire decided to interrupt at that time.

"It doesn't matter, you shall fail and Robin will come rescue us!" she screamed.

"Robin won't be joining us, not with your lives on the line." He said, then turned to me, "and you, stay out of my way or I will fire the cannon at you as well."

"You want to bet? I know for a fact that Robin will be here, and as for your cann- AHHHH!" I screamed as I got a blast of the electrical rod, then fell to the ground in pain. I forced myself to stay conscious and in my ghost form. Shifting now would be very bad.

"Hmm, put him in Robins' tube, and make sure to freeze him while you're at it." He laughed, while walking to the cannon. I heard the cannon power up and I was being frozen. I activated my icy core and reduced the temp in my boy so the insta-freeze wouldn't be so cold. I could still hear, though it was muted a bit, and semi watched as the leader guy climbed up to the control panel for the cannon. Because of the ice, I couldn't clearly make out what he said, even with my super hearing, so I focused on getting out of the ice. Easy! I thought as I went intangible and floated out next to the hollow ice statue.

"Please, how did you escape the ice?" Starfire questioned, startling me as I become tangible. I didn't notice that she was watching me.

"Easy, I just wished I could get out of the ice, and I did." I lied, her eyes narrowing as I back elbowed the hollow ice statue, and listened to it break and fall to the floor of the tube with a small smile on my lips. I looked back at her while the cannon got ready to launch its first blast.

"We need to get out of here, I have a way, but you're going to have to trust me." I stated to the alien. She nodded, but she didn't seem to by my excuse about the ice.

"Now let them hide from me! Prepare to fire!" The guy said. Robin chose that moment to fly in on a rope and kicked the fruit loop in the head, causing the cannon to miss most of its target.

"You just made a big mistake." Robin growled, as he got ready to pounce at the nut job again, but the nut job ordered his goons to attack robin, so he could fire the cannon again.

"No duh, he just fired the cannon. Don't all the villains make that mistake by pissing you off." I muttered to myself, rolling my eyes as I attempted to get out of the tube without showing all of my powers. The last thing I needed was for these heroes' thinking that I was a threat to them and the city. Apparently the glass casing was stronger than it appeared, but I was sure it would melt if the cannon was fired at us.

"It is no use, we are stuck." Starfire said with a hint of sadness in her voice. "Robin!" I looked over at the boy wonder as he finished six guards, when Starfire called his name to warn him of more coming his way. He quickly beat them when the fruit loop turned the cannon to him and began to fire at will, with the last blast almost hitting him.

"Who should I hit first, you? Or your pretty friends?" He questioned. Shit! Now I have to go intangible or teleport! There was no other option.

"Starfire!" Robin called, as the cannon aimed at her. Just then, X decided to stop by and destroy the main controls for the machine, and save Robin as he began to fall. The cannon started to charge before firing at Starfire, who ducked her head just in time for the beam to miss her head. That was a close one, thank the mercy of Death himself it was aimed at her head, otherwise she would be dead. There was no way I could have teleported fast enough to her tube, phase her out of the ice and then teleport her to safety. The cannon then began to malfunction, slicing off half of the building and letting gravity do the rest by taking it down the mountain, so I used the distraction to phase out of my tube, and then proceeded to get the others out by releasing the tubes and melting the ice. I turned to see Robin knock the wacko out of the control seat and down to the ground level as X began to head towards the Zynothium.

"Time to get what I came for." He stated, as Robin intercepted him, landing in-between X and the chemical tubes.

"Times up." Raven said, in a monotone voice, while the other Titan's landed next to Robin.

"Thanks for the help X, but don't think you can help yourself." The boy wonder snapped at him. I floated up next to the Titan's folding my left arm over my right, as if was trying to hide my right arm from view.

"No problem kid," X stated, pointing his arm at the Titans, "This should keep me going for quite a while."

"Somehow, I don't think that it will do you much good without the belt." I said, still using my deep, haunted like voice. I like to play the part of the Reaper, so I created that voice specifically for that reason. Raven turned and gave me a long look before turning back to Red X. Everyone but Robin and Starfire turned to give me a weird look.

"Huh," he said, looking down at the empty space where the belt should be, then back at Robin, who was holding the belt.

"Better luck next time." Robin smirked as X backed up to the ledge, and nearly falling off in the process. I floated over to the other side, ready to take him to jail, already knowing he was going to try to escape.

"Not bad kid, not bad." X said as he smashed the tube and leaped off the cliff, I caught him and turned us both invisible before flying off to drop him off at the nearest jail, while the Titans just stared at the empty sky.

"You are so lucky that I don't kill you right now." I stated, still using my haunted voice.

"Who the hell are you?" He asked, surprise and fear in his voice at the same time. I just chuckled.

"You know, I have many names, some you would be afraid of, and others that just tell you what kind of person I am. Which do you prefer to hear?" I asked.

"Does it matter, you're still going to take me to jail, aren't you?" He said, sounding defeated, though I could tell he was trying to find a way out of my grip.

"True, but don't try to struggle. It won't help your cause. My main name is Eidolon. Some of my more feared names were given to me based off of who I look like. But I'll let your mind wander on that one." I state, still chuckling, my voice even deeper sounding than before. I saw his eyes widen at the name I gave first, meaning he was already fearful of what the others could be. I laughed again.

I dropped him off at a jail, taking his Red X outfit and telling the cops I caught him with multiple attempts of breaking and entering along with stealing. The X just nodded in agreement when I hissed quietly in his ear. The cops asked me who I was and I just gave my usual, creepy laughed before saying in my haunted voice, "You really don't want to know." And I flew off searching for a hotel to stay at, or at least hoping one was still open for me to check into for the night.

Ravens POV

I was woken up when the ice was melted, warming me up. Where am I? And what happened? I thought. I noticed the strange presence again, but before I could dwell on the fact that it was here again, I saw X head for the Zynothium.

"Times up." I stated in my monotone voice, levitating behind Robin. I began to search for it again, when an dead and deep sounding voice spoke next to me.

"Somehow I don't think that it will do you much good without the belt." I quickly turned my head to see, it. It was floating next to me, and I could see what it was wearing. It was a white, sleeveless trench coat with a deep hood built-in as if it was a cloak with a neon green trim on the bottom of the coat-cloak and on the hood, and it faded to white as it neared the shoulders. Black spikes along the shoulders of the cloak and a black long-sleeved shirt with white half fingerless gloves, though it looked like its palms were exposed as well. I couldn't tell was type of pants it was wearing, but I figured they were black. And white, steel tipped combat boots with the same neon green as the laces and on the steel tipped part. The hood got in my way so I couldn't see the face, yet. It was emitting a white aura like glow from itself, however, I had no idea if it was it aura or not. But what, I wondered, was it hiding behind the hood and why? I stared at the figure next to me for a few more seconds before turning back to X. BB and Cyborg were staring at the strange figure next to me as well, both of them wide-eyed from shock.

"Better luck next time." I heard Robin say, then noticed the white hooded figure float to the other side of X. I stared confused. Was this figure helping X? No, if it was, it would have robbed the warehouse instead, and it would have gone to steal the Zynothium for X. So why? My thoughts were interrupted when the figure turned around, I saw the rest of its outfit as the wind blew the bottom part of the coat away from its legs. Black cargo pants and a white combat belt, but what really drew my attention was the face, or rather the lack of. The shadow of its hood covered the entire face so that all I could see was two piercing, neon toxic green orbs under the hood. I nearly gasped in shock, and couldn't help but stare at this figure. I reached out to probe its mind.

Jail… was all I could get from the figures mind. So, was it helping by taking X to jail, or saving X from going to jail? I was still confused about the whole situation when X raised his hand and smashed the red chemical tube causing an explosion to escape. I immediately put up a shield with my magic to protect the team. When the smoke cleared, X and the hooded figure were gone, leaving myself and the team to stare out over the city from the edge of the cliff.

Robin had us split up, I went to return the chemical to the lab, BB and Starfire were to search for X, Robin went to lock up the belt for good this time, and Cyborg was to make sure that Professor Chang and his goons where safely placed in the high security prison.

The Tower was going to take some time before the damage for Chang's cannon was gone. We all wanted answers, that's for sure, but for me, I just wanted to know who or what that cloaked figure was, and why it was here?

So, what did you think? Sorry if it was a little heavy on the episode "X", or didn't deviate much from the either. I can promise that the next chapter or two won't be like that. Well that's all for now, so yeah.