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Chapter 19

Danny POV

Things around the tower had been quiet for the past week with Cyborg and Dani being gone. As if we didn't have enough issues to deal with (like Professor Chang breaking out of prison), so when Cyborg said that he was staying as the leader of Titans East, we freaked. So far, it's been a depressing week as well… Robin doesn't believe that Cyborg is staying just to be the leader of the team. Not that I can't help but be suspicious either, but I was still watching their conversation play out… And unfortunately, I get a front row seat to this conversation. I internally groaned as I continued to sip my tea.

"And you're sure there is nothing I can say to change your mind?" He asked Cyborg. I glanced up at the screen, and watched as Cyborg was putting together what looked like an oversized hard-drive made out of his tech.

"No man. I'm staying in Steel City as leader of Titans East. That's it. End of discussion." Cy stated firmly, semi-glaring at Robin as he turned around.

"Well, could you at least tell me why? I mean, I'm losing a member of my team here. And it's not like I can read your thoughts." Robin countered, explaining his side of the story calmly. I did have to agree with Robin though, Cyborg just decided that he wanted to stay, that hurts our team. He's our techno geek, in a sense, we don't know how to run his stuff as well as he does. And this tower is built out of his tech, so we essentially just lost our mechanic too.

"They need me. And this is my big chance. I'm ready to show people what I can do! I'm ready to grow up. To be a man." Cy argued back. To be a man? Really, that's your reasoning. Because you feel like you need to be a man… I sighed heavily at the thought. He already is a man, he just doesn't see it yet…

"What about Blood?" Robin questioned, with a good reason to believe that there was more to this story then Cyborg was letting on. Hell, that was Robin's reason as to why he thought Cyborg was staying in Steel City to begin with.

"What about him?"

"I know how badly you want to catch him. And I know a thing or two about being obsessed with your target! Look, I'm just worried about what you're getting yourself into." Robin stated, louder than his previous question. I didn't have to read any past files to see how worked up Robin gets when capturing villains, especially ones that he hasn't ever managed to catch as of yet. Raven had filled me in later about Robin's obsession over capturing Slade(fruit loop) last year, so yeah, Robin would know what he's talking about. He would recognize the signs and try to help Cyborg to keep him from making the same mistakes. Only Cyborg took it the wrong way.

"You think I can't handle it?" Cy challenged, anger in his tone just slightly. Oh boy.

"I didn't say that."

"You didn't have to. Man this is supposed to be a good thing! My own tower! My own team! Why can't you just be happy for me?" Cyborg exclaimed, his anger was building, but Robin didn't seem to get the fact that Cyborg wasn't coming back. Things were about to go south real fast…

"Because you're already on a team. My team. And you can't just quit."

"I can, and I did. Which means I don't have to put up with you telling me what to do anymore!" Cyborg was getting ready to blow his top, and so was Robin. I hate it when I'm right.

"So now this is my fault?!"

"IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!" Cyborg screamed back. I winced at his tone, and decided it was time to try and solve this argument.

"No! It's all about you. Because that's all you care about. You talk about being a man, but if you can turn you back on us after everything we've been through, you're nothing but a spoiled child!" Robin shouted equal in volume right back at Cyborg, "You think that just because I'm not there, that you can just do and decide whatever you want. News Flash, being a leader means you weigh all the pros and cons of your decisions. You are leaving my team one member short. A key member, Cyborg! You have a bigger role here on my team than you realize! That's why I'm trying to figure out why you are staying! Just because they need you, and because you feel like you need this to become a man isn't a good enough answer!" I jumped out of my seat and moved quickly to the other side of the room. Things were getting really ugly really fast. I skidded into the view of the camera, but Cyborg didn't seem to notice.

"I'm staying." Was all Cyborg said, and the way he said it was way to calm for the fight they were just in, "I don't care what you say, I don't care what you do, and right now I don't care if I ever see you again."

He was livid, I placed a hand on Robins shoulder and gently moved him out of the way so that I could try and defuse the situation, "Cy, you don't really mean that. Look I know you two are having a disagreement, but isn't that a little too extreme? It doesn't matter what you are arguing about, but getting this upset over it doesn't mean you should turn your back on your friends." I tried to reason with him, his expression softened slightly when we locked eyes, but not by much.

"I'm sorry Danny," He replied softy before glaring at Robin again, "but I do mean it." And he ended the call. I turned to see Robin's stunned expression. Crap, I probably just made things worse… Like usual…

"I'm sorry if I made anything worse. I tend to do that when trying to help…" I apologized to Robin.

"It's not your fault, but thanks for trying to help." Robin said, a small but sad smile on his lips. I nodded, and then a brilliant idea popped into my head.

"I'll see if I can get Dani to reason with him tomorrow, after he's had some time to cool down." I mentioned, knowing Dani would be able to get his side of the story out of the cybernetic teen. She didn't like it when friends were fighting, and when she hears that Robin and Cy just had a huge fight, she'll definitely try to help us out. Then again, she has been off recently… At first I just placed it as jitters and her getting used to being a full-time hero and actually having a permanent home, but then I started noticing things about her that weren't normal for her. And I was getting concerned that things weren't as great as she was leading me on to believe.

"I'd appreciate that." Robin nodded, "But for now, we need to figure out who broke Professor Chang out of prison. And why?"

"Of course. I'll call the team to the lobby, and make a quick phone call after the briefing." I answered, though something in the back of my mind was hinting that there was something big going on, and I hoped that I was wrong. Though I'm sure that I was right about this as well...

Dani POV

"He's broken contact with the Titan's, Headmaster. We will proceed on your command." Aqualad reported into the HIVE communicator. The fresh wave of the warm red haze filled my mind again as the Headmaster was very pleased with our progress.

"Wonderful my students! Brother Blood is very happy." Headmasters tone was overjoyed at our work too, "Continue the charade, Cyborg mustn't suspect that I've recruited you, until I'm ready to recruit him. And I should be ready in a matter of hours." He ordered before cutting off the transmission.

"Alright, we have our orders. Just a few more hours until everything is ready." Bee announced, "So, places everyone."

We all nodded, I headed back to my room until dinner, seeing as I had nothing else to do for those hours I just lounged around on my bed until I got a phone call. I rolled over to my nightstand and picked up the cell phone that was currently ringing. As I picked up the phone, I growled at the name and face that had appeared on the screen.

"Urg, why does he keep calling me! I don't have time for this! But, because I need to keep up appearances, I'll answer him. One more time." I lifted the phone to my ear and put on my best nothing-is-wrong voice as I answered, "Hey Danny, what's up?"

"Dani, hey. How's your day going?" He asked. I guess I'm supposed to care about this guy seeing as how he is my brother, but right now, he is interfering with my chill time.

"Okay, we had a tough training session. Cyborg really worked us to the bone today, but you know what they say, no pain no gain, right?" I responded playfully. I really needed to work on my hand to hand skills, but I know Headmaster can help me there. He's a master in hand to hand.

"Well, that's true, it's good to know that he is taking this leadership thing seriously. Though that's not what I'm calling about. I need you to do me a favor okay?" He said seriously. I rolled my eyes, as if I would do him a favor.

"Sure, what do ya need?" I asked, knowing it was going to be about Cyborg and his fight with Robin.

"It's about Cyborg. He and Robin had a fight, and I'm worried that they won't make up. They left on pretty bad terms, and they need to resolve it before something major happens. Do you think you could ask him about it?" He asked. Told you it was going to be about Cyborg.

"Yeah, but later, he might still be cooling down from it." I stalled, honestly, Headmasters plan was going to go down in half an hour and this talk that Danny wants me to have won't happen.

"Dani!" I heard Bee shout from outside my door, "Dinner is ready. And Headmaster wants all of us to be there to take down Cyborg." Luckily for me, I had placed my hand over the receiver so that Danny wouldn't hear Bee from his end of the phone line.

"Got it. I'll be out in a minute. On the phone with Danny." I automatically responded, before talking to Danny again, "Bee says hi, by the way. And I got to go, its dinner time. I'll call you later, okay?"

"Sure. Later Dani."

"Bye!" and I hung up the phone, growling after I set back down on my nightstand. Calm down, just relax. Headmaster will recruit him too, then we can be a family again…

Where the hell did that come from? And why the hell did I even care if we could be a family? I'll have to ask Headmaster about this later… I felt slightly light headed as I moved towards my door, shaking it off I made my way to the main room for dinner, I was looking forward to overthrowing the 'leader' of our group.

I entered the main room, and walked over to Speedy, who was over by the ledge. As I approached, I spotted the HIVE communicator in his hands. I stopped next to him and looked over at the screen of the yellow device. The red H on the screen switched to green, meaning we could attack. We both turned our heads towards each other a fraction and smiled a knowing smile. It was time.

"Yo! Dani, Speedy! Come over here! After the way I have been working ya'll in combat practice, I figured my team could use a good meal." Cy happily announced. Speedy and I glanced at one another, nodding together with the idea that we would both attack when he wasn't paying attention, and when the time was right.

"So say hello to homemade spaghetti with Cyborg's patented triple meat sauce!" He stated, pulling out a huge pot full of the meal we were suppose to eat. The others crowded around the top of the pot, telling him how it looked and smelt really good.

"Mmm, Mmm! What did we do to deserve this?" Bee asked, setting Cy up for our attack.

"Just my way of saying thanks for making me boss!" he stated proudly, puffing out his chest and placing his hands on his hips. I charged up and ecto-blast while Speedy loaded an arrow, and at the same time, we fired. Cyborg caught the arrow, but my blast hit him dead on.

"You're welcome." Speedy answered calmly.

"Hey!? What's the matter with you two?!" Cy exclaimed, not understanding what was happening as we crowded around him.

"Sorry Sparky." Bee smirked.

"You're not actually the boss around here." Aqualad chimed in, smiling as he said that.

"Give you three guesses." I grinned.

"Brother Blood. He never left the tower. He brainwashed all of you." Cy stated as the realization dawned on him. The look on his face was great, to bad we had our orders from Headmaster.

"The Headmaster is teaching us." Speedy stated as he loaded another arrow.

"And soon, he'll be teaching you." I finished Speedy's sentence, switching to my ghost form and floating right behind Speedy and Aqualad. Speedy let his arrow fly, and that was our silent cue to attack.

Danny POV

After our meeting about Professor Chang, I left the room to call Dani, and she didn't seem like herself. Again. Her tone just seemed so, robotic. Like someone was controlling her. And her conversation with Bumblebee was weird. I don't know if she knew I could hear it, but I did, mostly because everything seemed off when she first picked up the phone, and I know Bee never told Dani to tell me hi. Her behavior has been strange all week, but everyone else just thinks I'm being paranoid. But I'm not… At least I don't think I am? Not anymore.

I walked into the main room to see the rest of the team on the couch, talking to Robin about Cyborg not coming back, and they all seemed really upset about it. Not that I blame them, their friend just left them and they can't understand why.

"This isn't about us." I answered Beast Boys question. He turned to look at me with a confused face.

"Danny's right. Plus, it's a good opportunity, and we have to let him go. No matter how much we are going to miss him." Robin finished, sitting back down at the computer.

"But Robin, if we are not there, who will make sure he is… Safe?" Asked Starfire, concerned for her cybernetic friend.

"Cyborg's old enough to take care of himself." Robin grunted as he began typing. We all looked at each other after Robin's comment.

"So, how did the talk with Dani go?" Raven asked me, hoping that this problem between two friends would soon be resolved. I raised an eye brow and she elaborated, "Robin told us you were going to call her."

"Yeah! Did she say anything about me? Looks, charm, that she misses me?" Beast Boy added enthusiastically, I could practically see the hearts in his eyes. Raven glared at the changeling for asking such an unimportant question, then smacked him upside the head, "Ow!"

"No, she never mentioned you." I answered with no emotion, watching him begin to sulk before turning to Raven, "She said she would talk to Cyborg but…"

"Is there something wrong?" Starfire asked, "She is alright? Oh, I would hate to see your sister hurt."

"She just hasn't been herself lately. And it's really bothering me. I know you all think I'm being paranoid, and maybe I am… But that doesn't change my suspicions. That and the conversation she had with Bee was… weird. Weirder then normal." I explained, looking at the back of Robin's head.

"What did you hear?" Robin asked, turning towards me.

"Something about a headmaster and Cyborg going down? Just the way she answered Bumblebee wasn't like her. It wasn't her playful tone, it was more of an automatic, more robotic-like response. And I know Bee never told Dani to tell me hi! It's just-" I was cut off by an incoming message. The screen was full of static and quick flashes of the other side of the camera came in. Most obvious was that Cyborg was the one calling us.

"Cyborg!" We all shouted. Not very many words got through from Cyborgs call but we knew he was calling for Robin… But his tone was desperate, like he needed help.

"Can I be paranoid now?" I asked, glaring at the screen.

"Titan's move! Cyborg's in trouble and he need our help!" Robin said, heading for the garage with the others already out the door, "Danny?"


"You were right, something was wrong. I'm sorry I didn't believe you." He apologized.

"It's okay, right now we need to save the Titan's East." I answered, and Robin nodded. If something happened to my sister...

Dani POV

Cyborg dodged his arrow and took off towards our right side, Bee quickly began to counter by shooting her stingers at him, missing him by centimeters. Speedy kept firing his arrows as well, still missing. Cy quickly turned, and fired his cannon at Bee. I jumped in-between the two of them and blocked his attack with my dome shield. Cy growled and continued towards the hall, or tried to, the speed twins tripped him up and he landed flat on his face. I took advantage of his surprise and threw him over the edge and into one of Aqualads ocean pools, and Aqualad dived over the edge to finish the cybernetic teen off. We watched from the upper platform as Aqualad grabbed on to Cy's shoulders and dragged him back underneath the surface, the bubbles on the surface signaling his oxygen levels slowly thinning in numbers, until no air bubbled up to the surface. I reached for my HIVE communicator when a giant sonic blast tore thru the air, and launching Aqualad to the ceiling.

Bee and I took off after Cyborg, flying right on his tail as he exited the pool and ran to the right side entrance to the main room. Both of us fired blast after blast, most of them missing as he zigzagged his ways through the hallways. I growled in frustrating, and turning intangible, I decided to cut him off and flew through a few walls and decided to wait for him to come to me, not the other way around.

The hallway seemed to flood a little, meaning that Aqualad had joined the hunt. I smiled to myself at the joke… Wait, why is that a joke? I shook it off as Cyborg came rolling through the hallway, and I turned myself invisible. I watched as he picked himself up and turned towards me, even though he didn't know I was here, and began to walk towards me. I winded up a fist and charged an ecto-blast in it, and punched him square in the jaw, he flew backwards a few feet, and I giggled to myself just loud enough to creep him out.

"This isn't funny Dani," He said, loading his cannon as he scanned the room for me, "Come on, I know that your brother wouldn't let this creep control him, so why are you?"

It made me pause as the red haze seemed to clear, but I shook it off and snuck up behind him, sending a good kick to his back as he spun around again trying to find me. The twins came flying down the hallway and knocked him closer to the window, and an arrow flew down a different hallway, launching Cyborg out the window and onto the ground floor. He slowly stood up, and immediately began calling for Robin to come rescue him. I chuckled darkly to myself, we were jamming all signals within a twenty mile radius. No help was going to come.

"Your signals being jammed." Aqualad informed, earning a look of shock and terror from the metal teen.

Mas was punching his hand while Meños finished the sentence that Mas had started, and they effectively held Cyborg attention so that Bee could blasted him in the back of his neck, acting like a taser in a way, but effectively knocking him out.

"Someone call The Headmaster, tell him that we have taken him out of the picture for the moment." Bee ordered.

"On it," Speedy answered pulling out his communicator, "Headmaster, we have taken the target out. We are awaiting your order before proceeding to phase three."

"Excellent my students! You have made me very proud. Continue with phase three, I will meet you in the main room of the tower." Headmaster responded. We each nodded to each other, and picked up the fallen Titan and carried him back to the main room in the tower, strapping him down onto a circular examination table. I hate examination tables. I shuddered, and then shook my head in bewilderment, Why would I hate them? More questions to ask Headmaster with. I planned on talking with Headmaster after phase four was complete, no need to trouble him with petty thoughts, at least not while he was overjoyed with capturing Cyborg.

Slowly, Cyborg came to, grunting as he realized he was strapped down, "Arg, let me go! C'mon team, snap out of it! Can't you see what's going on? Blood is messing with your minds-"

"No he's not, he is teaching us many new things." I stated, cutting off Cyborgs rant. Who was he to say that our Headmaster was controlling us! Headmaster is helping, and protecting us.

"He's not teaching you! He's forcing you to be criminals! C'mon Dani, Bee, anyone? I know you still have some form of control. I've seen it! Stop letting him tell you what to do! He wants you to be just like him!" Cyborg shouted, but it was falling on deaf ears, we knew the truth, sadly Cyborg couldn't see it… Yet. But that would change soon. I smiled, knowing that Cyborg was going to see the light very soon. He would understand why we trust the Headmaster.

"Not exactly." Headmaster interrupted, slowly making his way towards the Titan from the shadows. He was in his normal uniform. The one he teaches in. "You see, Cyborg, I don't want them to be like me… I want them to be like you."

Cyborg was unable to form words from Headmasters new look, his terror and disgust were clearly written all over his face, "What have you done to yourself?"

"Now Cyborg, don't tell me your disgusted with the very technology that keeps you alive." Headmaster challenged, "Or, are you just jealous it looks better on me?"

"You look like a psychopath." Cy glared, "What is my tech doing in your head?!"

I was interested in the argument between the two metas in front of me. I crossed my arms as I continued to watch the debate, slowly floating off the ground for comfort.

"I believe it was Socrates that said, 'If you can't beat them, join them.'" Doors on each side of the room opened to reveal the workers that would keep this place running, they were yellow robot versions of the original. Only all machine of course. "Thanks to you, Cyborg, I have entered the digital age. With your nifty cybernetic implants enhancing my mental powers," Blood spoke, taunting Cyborg as he walked towards us and eventually behind us, "I'll be able to control thousands of students! Once they've been upgraded with the proper hardware of course." I could hear his grin even though I wasn't looking at him. I knew he was over by Speedy though; my enhanced hearing was able to pick that up.

"No! I won't let you, I won't let you do this to anyone else!" Cyborg struggled against his bonds while half pleading, half promising that he would stop Headmaster from upgrading us with his tech.

Wait… What? I don't really want to be half machine too… I groaned, my mind felt clearer, free from that red haze. I glanced around the room, noticing that Cyborg was chained to an examination table and Brother Blood looked just like him, only red tech instead of blue. Psychopathic Fruitloop. Not going to happen.

"Dani!" Cyborg shouted, almost relieved that I was free. To tell you the truth, I was too. I didn't like that red fuzzy feeling in my head and I don't want it to come back either.

"Hmmm, it seems others are able to escape my control..." The fruitloop mused, before turning around to face me, "Students, grab her!"

The team turned and instantly pinned me down on the ground. I was stunned at first, but I smirked after I realized that they couldn't hold me down for long, "You do realize that I can escape whenever I want, right?"

"Dani! Help!" Cyborg called out, this time more strained.

"Oh, right." I muttered, turning myself intangible, I phased out of my friends grip and flew towards Cyborg.

"Ah-ah-ah... Not so fast." Blood scolded playfully, "Just where do you think you are going? Not to help Cyborg."

"Yeah she is, you freak! Dani get me out of here!" Cy growled as I reached his side.

"I'm hurrying..." I growled back, getting ready to turn him intangible and pull him free. I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my mind, and dropped to the floor crying out in agony.

"Dani! What did you do to her?!"

"It is such a shame that I can't control her like the others... Maybe she'll have to be the first to be... Upgraded." I could hear everything that he was saying, but I couldn't respond. I gripped my head as I tried to fight off the red haze that tried to take my mind over by force. I didn't want to be under his control again.

"Leave her alone! She did nothing to you!"

"Oh but she did, she broke free of my grasp. Therefore, she is my problem as well."

"Danny-Danny will k-kill you! Once he f-f-finds out! You're going to... be screwed... Fruitloop." I grounded out, trying to clear the fog in my mind. Unfortunately, talking gave him the advantage he needed to break through my mental walls and I felt the red haze sweep over my control as I lost to Blood's power.

"Ah, that's better. Isn't that right, dear?" I heard Headmaster ask.

"No! Dani no!" Cyborg screamed in failure.

"Yes, Headmaster. Everything is better now. I was wrong to doubt you." I stated simply as I picked myself up off the floor and moved back over to my friends, who were all picking up drills. I picked one up as well, knowing Headmaster wanted us to use them soon.

"Now where was I- Oh yes. As I have told you before, Cyborg, there is no room in my school for a discipline problem Cyborg! And that's what you are!" Blood shouted, his anger and mind control strengthening his control over us. I shook my head, what did I not want Headmaster to do to me? He would never hurt us, only help us. "Something in your circuitry allows you to resist me, and before I proceed, I must know what!" The Headmaster continued.

"I'm not telling anything!" Cyborg growled, glaring at Headmaster.

"Oh, you don't need to tell me, I'm just going to take you apart, and see what makes you tick." He promised, leaving a very terrified Cyborg as he back away, "Students, you may begin."

We each proceeded to walk towards the panicking man on the table to continue with the other half of phase three. Disassembling Cyborg.

Danny POV

We arrived and we could already tell there was something off within the tower. The place just had that eerie feeling to it, but it wasn't a ghostly feeling, just a creepy eerie feeling. One that I didn't like and I immediately flashed to my ghost form, but I pulled my hood off, not thinking I would need it for now.

"Shh!" I commanded, trying to hear what was going on inside. I couldn't really get anything else, but I could have sworn I heard a scream, "We need to move, now!"

"Titans, Go!" Robin called, and we raced into the tower… Or, we flew to the top floor, Starfire carried Robin up, the rest of us flew. We arrived, and I saw five tall shadowy figures, and two mini ones. The two small figures and four out of the five tall ones were moving closer to Cyborg, who happened to be strapped down on an- Oh shit! He was on an examination table, and he was panicking. Hell, I was panicking and I wasn't the one strapped down! I reached out and everyone grabbed a hand or an arm and I phased us through the window. I dropped the intangibility and attacked, taking down Dani with an ecto-blast since I was the only one that would be able to take her on with little to no problem. The green blast hit her on her left side and knocking her away from Cyborg. I heard a roar, meaning Beast Boy had taken someone else by surprise, Raven knocking everyone else off their feet with her magic, and Robin and Starfire took out the yellow robot versions of Cyborg.

"Titans!" the creepy dude in what looked like a cult robe shouted angrily.

"I'll be honest Blood, you don't look so good." Robin jabbed, crossing his arms as he landed in front of Cyborg, the rest of us quickly following his lead and making a shield with our bodies.

"So this is Brother Blood," I examined the crazy dude in front of me, "in the flesh… Or machine parts now. He kinda looks like Dad, minus the Cyborg parts… and that Dad wasn't a crazy fruit loop."

"Yeah, does that stuff get cable or did I-" Beast Boy tried to joke, but Blood cut him off.

"Silence!" He ordered, firing a red sonic wave at us, I quickly put up a dome shield to neutralize the attack. We all got into our attack stances, Robin pulled out his eskrima sticks.

"If I can't disassemble you, I'll just experiment on your new friends. Pity, trial and error is such a messy process." Blood smirked, his voice holding a sinister tone to it. Experiment? Wait? What?! He wants to make all of them cyborgs?! Dani! She won't survive!

"NO!" I screamed, charging straight at Blood and the Titan's East. I missed as they teleported away, and nearly ran into the newfound steel walls that surrounded the top deck. There was a groaning and the shredding of metal behind me, but I couldn't focus on that, I was too wrapped up in the fact that Blood was about to kill Dani. I could hear a conversation behind me, but the thought of losing Dani… I could feel tears forming in my eyes, but they weren't tears of sorrow, they were tears of anger. Pure and utter rage swept through my body as I stood up. I could hear my own breathing as it became harsher, my fists clenching tightly as I stared at the steel wall in front of me.

"Danny!" I heard someone call my name, "Danny?" but quieter the second time, as if they knew something was wrong.

"AARRGGHH!" I screamed, slamming my right fist into the wall, giving it a good sized dent before spinning harshly on my heels with a murderous glare on my face, "Where did he take her!?" I demanded harshly. I saw everyone flinch from my visible anger, but I could care less about that at the moment. I was currently trying not to let him take over and murder that fruitloop for what he was intending to do.

"Danny, calm down." Raven said worriedly, she could obviously sensed my anger, but I was in no way going to calm down. Honestly, letting him out wasn't sounding like such a bad idea anymore... But I knew I couldn't let them see that monster, that side of me. If I was alone, I probably would have let him out already, but I wasn't. I was with the Titan's so I had to keep myself in control, I took a deep breath before I continued.

"Where did he take her?" I repeated, this time in a lower voice, which was probably scaring them even more.

"I don't know, but-" Cyborg answered. Anger and rage surged though me again, and I started to scream at him, losing more of my control.


Raven POV

Danny's anger flared as he yelled at Cyborg, and I was honestly scared of what he might do. Until he stopped yelling, and it was an unexpected stop too. No one was cutting him off, or telling him to stop, but I could feel the tension within him, and something was… awakening inside his mind. Something bad… Something Evil. His hands quickly flew to his head as he groaned, everyone reacted as if he had just gone into an episode, but something about this didn't feel like one.

"Dude, we so don't have time for this!" Beast Boy whined, and normally, I would agree with him.

"I don't think he's having an episode, but something is happening in his mind." I quickly explained, earning myself a few weird looks.

"So then what is happening?" Robin asked, taking up a battle stance, "You don't think its Brother Blood, do you?"

"No, it's not Brother Blood. Mind control affects the mind differently. I don't know what it is, but I really don't want to find out." I responded, currently fearing for my life right now, and black energy forming in my hands. I felt the rest of the team getting ready to attack or defend themselves from whatever was about to happen. He closed his eyes tightly while his hands balled up in his hair. He looked up at us, but his facile features had changed, his eyes flashed to a deep crimson color, his teeth seemed to become more like fangs and a forked tongue flickered between the now snake like teeth, along with a throaty growl before everything returned to normal before he collapsed to his hands and knees, breathing hard. What the hell just happened?

"Okay, did anyone else see that?" Cy asked cautiously, looking at all of us before turning back to Danny.

"See what?" Danny asked as he picked himself up off the floor, his expression was difficult to read, but he seemed worried and hesitant. He seemed, afraid of what our answer was going to be.

"Your eyes, and the rest of you face… It just changed, fangs, forked tongue, crimson colored eyes, before it all returned to normal. Why?" Robin informed, Danny paled as while his eyes widened and gulped, he was afraid of Robins answer. But it wasn't just fear of Robins answer, it was much more than that. It was like he was afraid of what we would think about him being what ever it was that we saw. I guess I could see why, I mean I didn't really want them to know about my demon half, or what I'm supposed to cause. But the look on his face made me think it was something very, very similar to me. I can honestly say I was worried about him if that were true. But was it possible for him to be that similar to me? To share that kind of fear of himself? I knew I was going to have to worry about this at a later date, and to talk to him about it.

"I-It's nothing, d-d-don't worry ab-about it…" Danny stammered, not looking any of us in the eye, making my hunch seem more and more like a reality then a hunch, "C'mon, we have a team we need to save." He was obviously trying to change the subject, and I could sense the Robin wasn't going to drop it.

"I need to worry about it. If something wrong, you need to tell me." Robin argued, he wanted to make sure that whatever it was that just happened wasn't going to put us in danger.

"You won't ever see that again," Danny stated calmly walking past Robin and away from us while pulling his hood back up, "As long as I stay in control." He mumbled the last part to himself, but I still heard him. Stay in control? Stay in control of what? What was that supposed to mean? I didn't have time to dwell on that at the moment either, and my hunch was becoming more like the truth. I decided to changed the subject, and to get us focused on rescuing the Titan's East.

"Danny's right. We need to help the Titan's East. Cyborg, do you have a plan?" I asked, turning to Cyborg, but not before seeing the relief on Danny's face and taking over his emotions.

"Yeah. I can take this place apart, but we need to get past the drones first. Danny, can you phase us through the wall behind me?" Cy asked. Danny turned his head to look at Cyborg, then the wall behind him, and back to Cy. The only reason I knew he was turning his head was the small movements from his hood.

"No problem." He grinned. I couldn't see his grin due to his hood, but I could tell he was grinning.

"Good, we need to get out of here first, then deal with the drones. After that, we can search for Blood and the rest of my team."

We all headed back towards the wall, Danny placed his hands against the doors and turned them intangible, allowing us to walk though them as if they were never there. We then continued on down the hallway, sneaking around until we reached a corner where a patrol passed by.

"So, when they made your clones, they didn't break the mold? Huh?" Danny asked, or rather pointed out. He seemed to have a distaste for the word clones, though I couldn't figure out why.

"Apparently… Okay look, I've never told anybody this but my electronic eye can't see in low ultraviolet. If these things have my eyes, a simple blue shade should make us invisible." Cy informed, activating his flashlight and blasting each of us with his blue shade.

"Are you sure this is going to work? Cause I can still see me?" Beast Boy stated confused. He wasn't listening, obviously, but Danny explained it for him, along with a backup plan.

"The flash was supposed to make us invisible in the eyes of the yellow bots, not for your own eyes. And if this doesn't work, I'll just turn us all invisible and phase us through the walls."

"Sounds like a plan, Cyborg?" Robin asked, glad to know there was at least a backup plan in place. He always felt the need to be safe rather than sorry. I guess in our line of work that would be a good habit to get into...

We made our way down the hallway and towards another set of doors when a bot came out, scanning the hall before continuing forwards, never seeing us as it walked by. Beast Boy started to make faces at it, only for Danny to nudge him and drag him into the next room. There were tons in this room, repairing the wiring and adding new things to the tower, and with the ultraviolet light shielding us, we passed through them easily. Making our way towards what seemed to be the garage, Cyborg said it was probably the best place to conduct this type of procedure, or the med bay, but we had already been there and it was empty.

"-they'll but unable to break free from my control!" He heard Blood shout in triumph. There was a slight pause as we entered the room. I took in the scene, each of the team members was strapped to an examination table, all eyes were red, except Bumblebee's but that quickly changed as she told Blood to proceed with his psychotic plan.

"Or maybe, you should quit while you're ahead!" Cy shouted angrily, jumping off the platform and firing his sonic cannon at Blood. Blood blocked the attack with his red energy shield, but it pushed him away from the brainwashed teens. I could feel the rage emanating from my team with Bloods plan, but mostly from Danny. We each landed on the ground floor in battle positions, ready to attack Blood.

"Students, attack." Blood quickly ordered before teleporting away. Or trying to, Danny flew at him, and managed to grab a hold of Bloods white robe and the two of them disappeared in a redish beam. We turned to the Titans East Team, all of them in battle positions as well. We squared off, each of us picking a target to handle, I picked Dani. Mostly because I was the only one that would have the best chance of fighting her.

"Go easy on them, their still my friends." Cy reminded, "Titan's GO!"

And the battle was on. Dani fired a green ecto-blast at me, I dodged and quickly used my magic to pin her to the ground. She turned intangible and tried to phase through my black magic, only to fail. I heard her grunt, and then melt into the metal panel underneath her. I cursed under my breath as I spread my sensed out, trying to find her energy signature. It appeared behind me, turning I attempted to blind side her with a crescent kick only to be knocked off my feet by Mas and Meños. As I was getting up a red light flashed behind me, and I heard a grunt as someone landed hard on the floor. Turning, I found Danny, and he looked pissed.

"You help Beast Boy with the twins, I'll take care of Dani." He ordered, and I complied with his wish, knowing he was way better equipped to fight a ghost, or half ghost. I watched as Beast Boy was getting tossed around by the speedster twins, and I sent out a bump through the ground, tripping them up.

"Robin! Now!" Cyborg screaming, grabbing my attention, and the attention of the entire room. I watched as Aqualad practically flew behind Cyborg on a water tentacle, and was getting ready to strike. Robin, who was running from a never-ending rain of arrows, looked just above Cyborg and grinned. Aqualad caught on, and made a minor movement to deflect the oncoming attack from Robin, or almost did. A blue beam fired from my right side and hit the water stream, freezing it solid, causing Aqualad to lose his footing in a sense and allowing Robin to land a nice kick to the Atlanteans face. I turned to see Danny and Dani fly through a wall and leaving the room to continue their battle. I returned my attention to Mas and Meños, who were currently recovering from their wipeout. I quickly surrounded each in a black beam of energy and tossed them to Beast Boy, who had changed himself into an octopus and held each of the boys apart.

I then diverted my attention to Starfire and Bumblebee, who were both in mid flight. It was like watching an airplane battle, the two planes flying around, one being chased and trying to find a way to lose the second plane that was tailing the first.

"Starfire, take out the arrows!" Cyborg shouted, pointing to Speedy who was on a walkway above the action. Starfire flew straight at Speedy, and knocked him out with a few starbolts and a strong punch to the face, sending him to the ground. Starfire then turned and launched a few starbolts of her own at Bee, trying to land a good hit on the mind controlled teen.

"Raven! Cut her off!" I heard Cyborg order. I summoned my energy and formed a small black sphere around Bee, trapping her within the ball. Then, using the same energy, I knocked her out by slamming the ball into the ground, making the energy disappear at the last second and forced her downward momentum to work against her.

"Nice work team!" Cy congratulated us.

"Wait, where's Danny?" Robin asked, as everyone else looked around the room. There was an ear splitting wail that erupted though the silence, causing each of us to cover our ears. But just as quickly as it started, it stopped.

"What was that?!" Beast Boy shouted.

"You don't think it was Danny, do you?" Robin asked, only for Danny to appear next to me.

"What was me?" He asked, and with his hood down, I could see the grin on his face. I noticed the he was holding a thermos in his hands, instead of it hanging from his belt… I briefly wondered why that was when his grin quickly faltered as a red light quickly flared up behind us, "Cyborg, watch out!" He warned, reaching out towards the cybernetic teen. We all turned to see Brother Blood reach towards our friend, grabbing a hold of his shoulder, and the two of them disappeared in the same red flash.

"Cyborg!" Robin shouted. Bee blasted Starfire unexpectantly as she grew to her normal size, the rest of the fallen Titan's quickly moving to their feet. Everyone but Dani showed up, meaning she was trapped somewhere or- the thermos, Danny must have locked her away in there, to keep her and the rest of us safe.

"I only count five, where's Dani?" Robin asked, glancing around the room.

"I locked her away for safe keeping." Danny responded grimly, placing his thermos on his belt, "Now, I think they need to chill. To sub-zero." He slyly grinned, moving into an attack stance. I only now realized that we have never fully seen Danny in action, and that we were going to be in for a surprise this time around. The air suddenly dropped thirty degrees, and I could see my breath every exhale, and a bright blue light flashed through the room before the temp returned to normal.

But that was the only thing that was normal, the Titan's East were frozen, each trapped in their own icy prison. Only their heads were free and that was so they could breathe.

"Flash freeze. That'll hold'em." Danny stated, relaxing a little.

"Dude, Aqualad uses water, he can just free himself!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"I know, that's why my ghost ice has a greenish hue to it, I infused ectoplasm into it so that even if he were to try and break free, it would be a different type of elemental water, and something he wouldn't be able to control. At least for now, Dani will have to work with him on that later, but for now, we should-"

"Headmaster!" Aqualad called out, panicking because he couldn't escape. Danny turned to look at him with an annoyed expression, a green orb forcing in his hands, and shot a green goo at Aqualads mouth, effectively shutting him up.

"There… Much better." He stated as the sounds of metal doors opening sounded throughout the room. And a hundred or so robots began walking into the room, and completely surrounded us.

"Really wishing Cyborg was here." I stated to no one in particular.

"We don't need him." Danny stated off-handedly.

"Really? And why not?" I glared at him.

"Because, you all have fought with Cyborg at your side, therefore, you should know what and where his weaknesses are in combat, and that should allow you to take out the copy-cats easily." He explained, "Now, let's kick some metal!" Danny's shouted.

We attacked. I used a wave of my magic to knock ten over to the side, Danny then blasted a few more with his ecto-blasts. We charged forward, Danny freezing a few to the left while I disassembled two on my right. I could hear the shouts and grunts from my other teammates as they chopped, blasted, or stomped on the other robots. And Danny was right, all the times we have covered for Cyborg in pervious battles gave us the advantage over the clones. We took advantage of every weakness that Cyborg has ever had, and that allowed us to easily take down the robots.

It was a massacre, machine parts littered the floor while we had hardly broken a sweat but the robots just kept on coming in wave after wave.

"Aww man! I thought we were done!" Beast Boy whined, his shoulders slouching slightly before transforming into a T-rex, getting ready for another round.

"We don't have time to just keep slaughtering fake Cyborg's… We need to find the real one and help him." Danny grumbled to himself, he was currently debating on whatever his solution was going to be. Robin heard it and figured that Danny had an idea to get out of this never ending trap.

"Danny, do you have a way to stop them and find Cyborg?" Robin asked, his breathing a little on the heavy side. Danny seemed to debate this for a few more seconds before nodding, scanning the room for something.

"Move the Titan's East over to that corner, and wait for me there." He ordered, breaking the ice that held the other team to the floor and each of us carried them to the far corner. We all looked at him hoping he had a plan after forcing all of us into a corner. He quickly placed a dome shield over us and gave us more instructions, "Stay behind me and cover your ears." He ordered.

"Why?" Beast Boy just had to ask.

"You will thank me for that later."

"What about them?" I asked, motioning towards the Titan's East. I didn't understand why we had to cover our ears, but I had a feeling we were about to find out.

"They'll lose their hearing for a few minutes… hopefully it's just for a few minutes." He answered grimly before turning around. I quickly placed my hand over my ears, watching the rest of my team quickly do the same even though they were all confused about it. He lowered the hood on his coat, dropped the dome shield, and took a deep breath. There was a sight pause but a massive build up of power before he exhaled. But it wasn't just breathing out, he screamed. I have never heard something so loud, so depressing sounding, until now. Well, that's a lie, we did hear it just a little while ago but didn't know what that sound was. I guess we know what it is now. I watched as the green sound waves exited Danny's mouth and smashed, eroded, and disintegrated the army of Robots in front of us. But it didn't just stop there, it was taking out half of this room. The wail like sound lasted for about a minute, but that was more than enough time to clear the way for us and get rid of the yellow machines.

"Duuuude… My ears are still ringing… what the hell was that?" Beast Boy whined again, pawing at his ears. We all were aware of a faint ringing sound in our ears after this attack.

"That… is my ghostly wail. My most powerful attack, and from the looks of this room, I'm sure you easily concluded that this also my most devastating." He panted, "I don't use it often because of how powerful it is, and because it takes a lot of energy. Though it used to take more, I can use it two or three times before I'm out of power."

"Okay, with these guys gone, we need to-" Robin was cut off by a redish glow that surrounded him, and quickly surrounded the rest of us. I was suddenly teleported to the roof, along with both the Titan's East (who weren't trapped in their icy prisons) and my team. We were each surrounded in the constricting red power that was emanating from Blood. We were forced to watch the current battle between Blood and Cyborg. And Blood won. Cyborg was currently just a head, torso, and parts of his limbs still attached. He was missing his left arm, right shoulder and right arm, his left leg was cut off just below the knee, and his right leg just above the knee was also cut off. I noticed his missing limbs were in a pile off to the side, just outside out the circle of us Titan's. I could see Danny struggling to break free, and he wasn't fairing to well, same with me. I was using my magic to try and find some form of a weak spot and with no luck, meaning we had to watch the battle in front of us. I prayed to Azar that Cyborg somehow finds a way to win.

"You should have accepted my first offer, Cyborg," Blood growled, encasing what was left of our friend in the same red energy that encased all of us and lifted Cyborg to his eye level, "I would have made a man out of you… I still could you know."

"You can take your offer and blow it out your ass for all I care."

"Insolent Child!" Blood interrupted grabbing a hold of a power core inside of Cyborgs chest, "Where is it Cyborg? I've combed though your blueprints, peeled back your armor, stripped off your machinery, but still you defy me!" Blood shouted, enraged that Cyborg was able to keep control of his own mind. Blood reached a second hand into Cyborg's chest, "Where in this vial contraption is the part that allows you to resist!"

Cyborg suddenly grinned as the red energy around him turned blue, "It's not in the circuitry is it? It's not the machine that resists you, it's ME." He grinned, blasting blood back while keeping himself afloat, "My spirit!" suddenly, the yellow bots that were behind Blood were being ripped apart and the pieces were attaching themselves to Cyborg, making him whole again.

"That's the part you can't break!" He shouted, "I don't need you to make me a man, I already am one."

Blood shouted as he lunged towards Cyborg, and missing as Cy took control of the situation, dodging each attack that Blood threw at him, each kick, punch, energy attack. Blood lit his hands up as he tried to punch Cy again, but Cyborg caught his right hand. And when Blood threw his left hand at Cy, he caught that one too and forced Blood to kneel, before ripping the red machine hands off of Bloods body.

"NOOOOOO!" Blood screamed in demise as Cyborg finished him off with a spinning jump side kick and whispering 'Booyah' to himself. Both teams were lowered to the ground and the red energy disappeared.

"We're free! We're finally free!" Aqualad exclaimed, happy and relieved that he wasn't going to have some psychotic old man telling them what to do any more. All the teammates from the Titan's East began thanking Cyborg for breaking Brother Bloods mind control and freeing them from his grip. Or almost all of them.

"Hey… Where's Dani?" Asked Speedy, looking around on the roof trying to find his other teammate. I heard a light thunking sound and turned to see Danny pulling out his thermos that held Dani in it.

"Let me out!" A muffled shout sounded from the small device, causing everyone to turn towards Danny. Danny looked down at the cylindrical container in embarrassment as he uncapped it.

"Oh, right… I should probably let you out now huh?" Danny laughed sheepishly. Everyone gave him a weird look, and looked at the thermos in confusion.

"You think?!" A muffled yell from Dani emitted from the thermos in Danny's hands. Danny hit a different button and a blue beam shot out, but instead of sucking in a ghost, it released Dani from her tiny prison.

"Sorry about that Dani. I just didn't know what else to do that wouldn't hurt you…" Danny stated, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. Dani gave him a tight hug and forcing him to stop talking.

"Relax bro, I understand. Man, it feels so good to be in control of my own thoughts again!" she exclaimed, "Whoa, head rush…" I turned away from the family reunion and focused on the others.

"So, are you like Magic now?" I heard Beast Boy asking Cyborg.

"I'm pretty sure that was a onetime deal. Blood was trying so hard to hack into my brain, I guess I sorta hacked into his." Cyborg explained, and Danny snorted.

"More like Clockwork decided to have some fun…" I heard Danny grumble, and I caught him rolling his eyes as he walked over to the edge of the roof to look out over the bay. I examined the rest of the scene on the roof, Mas and Meños were trying to impress Starfire with gifts (and ended up getting into a fight over it), Robin, Bee and Aqualad were chatting about a few things and laughing over the speed twins little fight, Cyborg and Speedy were talking a little ways away from me, Beast Boy had pulled Dani aside to talk to her. Dani seemed annoyed about it but I left it alone as I turned to see Danny still watching the ocean. I didn't have to be an empath to know he was probably blaming himself for what happened and for not stopping it sooner.

"Hey." I said, walking over towards Danny.

He looked at me for a second before answering, "Hey."

"You okay?"

"I will be." He answered, looking back out to the water, "Now that I know Dani's safe. I hated when I was under the influence of mind control. I just wish I could have stopped this from going as far as it did, that I could have helped her sooner. I should have recognized that something was wrong a lot sooner than I did and done something about it." I remember that, he mentioned that Mad Mod wouldn't have been able to hypnotize him because he was used to the mind control thing, and knew how to break it. Of course that was when we knew him as James, but that didn't really matter anymore. But I was right, he was blaming this on himself.

"It's not your fault, you know." I reasoned with him, but he didn't seem to agree.

"Yes it is. Dani's my little sister, and I couldn't protect her from that psychopath."

"No, it's not. Danny, you're not always going to be able to protect her. It's not something you want to hear, but it is the truth." I reasoned. He seemed to be deep in thought at my comment, his eyebrows furrowing together as he stared at the ground, "You should talk to her about it. You said yourself that you've been under the influence of mind control. Tell her how to keep herself and her mind safe from that sort of thing again." I suggested, knowing he would probably feel better after talking to her about it. I felt his sudden spike of emotion on that idea, and while the guilt wasn't completely gone, it had at least moved itself to the back of his mind.

He turned to look at me and smiled, "Thanks Rae. I'll do that." I normally only let Cyborg call me Rae, but that's because he is like an older brother, so it's acceptable for him to give me a nickname. I only let Danny get away with it this time because he was dealing with so much at the moment, that I didn't him to get upset over something else. Plus, I haven't seen him genuinely this happy over anything in a long time. I would save that for another day, but for now, I just nodded. There was still a lot that I did want to ask him, like why he changed for a split second, what that evil force was, and why he stated that he needed to stay in control. Something told me that it was going to be a long time before I ever got those answers, but I'll be okay with that, just knowing that I will eventually get them. Danny and I made our way over to the rest of the group as Bee and Robin were finishing up some last words.

"Hey Cy! You should keep these as spares in case something happens to your new ones." Danny stated, picked the old parts of Cyborgs limbs off the ground and handing them over.

"That's not a bad idea, Danny. Thanks!" Cy thanked taking the parts, Danny responded with a smile and nod.

"So this is Dani's older brother in the flesh? Damn! You don't seem like the same guy we saw on the video chat a few weeks ago?" Bee commented as she looked him over. The other Titan's began to look at him, realizing that what they saw on the small computer screen a few weeks ago didn't show the real Danny.

Danny chuckled, "Nice to meet you too," reaching out his hand to shake everyone else's on the Titan's East team.

We did have to stay an extra two days because we did damage part of their tower in the effort to get rid of Blood. Everyone worked in pairs, Danny and Speedy, Aqualad and Cyborg, Starfire and Bumblebee, Mas & Meños were with me, and Beast Boy and Dani. The most damage was in the garage and the training room. Danny apologized for that, multiple times, saying that it was mostly his fault for decimating the rooms. He offered to fix those rooms himself, but everyone told him no. He actually went to sulk in a corner a few minutes after we told him no. Danny did get to talk to his sister, and I could tell just by the way he was walking around after that talk that he knew she was going to be able to keep herself safe from mental centered attacks. And I guess Dani told him that she would teach the rest of the team how to protect themselves from mental attacks as well. I guess it meant that she was that much safer than before.

The tower looked brand new by the time we had finished rebuilding it, for the third time that week according to Bee. We were on the roof again, getting ready to leave and saying goodbye to The Titan's East and Cyborg.

"Thanks for everything. Bloods in jail, and we'll be stickin' around to make sure he stays there." Bee said, shaking Robins hand.

"Besides, I have a feeling he wasn't the only criminal in Steel City." Aqualad added, "And, you got to get Professor Chang back to his cell in Jump city as well. Something tells me that there have been a few crimes since you have been gone."

"Probably. I had to clean up their mess the last time they disappeared." Danny joked, Robin frowned while the Titan's East just gave him and us confused looks. The sad thing is, he's telling the truth. I remembered that trip to Starfire's planet because of her betrothal, and when we got back, it was like we had never left. Plus Doctor Light was back in jail… along with the rumor that there was a new hero in the city…

"It's a long story…" I cleared up for them.

"I guess this is it." Robin said, looking over to Cyborg.

"It is. For me." Cyborg said as he walked over to our side, "Thanks for the offer Team, but I already have a home. And you already have a leader. You just need to listen to her." Cyborg announced.

Everyone started congratulating Bee, "Thanks, and I already know who my second in command is." Bee said, looking at Dani who began blushing.

"You girls deserve it. I know you two can do it." Cy encouraged, shaking Bees hand.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy cheered, caught up in the moment… or the fact that Dani was now in charge as the second in command. I rolled my eyes as his emotional spike. Dani seemed to notice this as well, and pulled him off to the side to talk.

"Ohhh, somebody's got a crush!" Cyborg teased. Beast Boy turned his head to wiggle his eyebrows in a manner that basically said he was about to get a girlfriend, while Dani just seemed to ignore the comment all together, probably rolling her eyes. The others watched as they made their way across the roof, before looking at each other with knowing looks. Danny was grinning, and I already had an idea as to how this was going to end.

Danny only laughed, obviously listening in to Dani and Beast Boy's conversation, "No, someone's about to be crushed!"

"What are you talking about?" Speedy asked, giving Danny a weird look.

"Just watch…" Danny said with a grin on his face as he looked over to the two teens on the other side of the roof. As we watched, I felt emotions spike, Dani seemed to be relieved and a little sad about whatever it was that they were talking about. Beast Boy was the one I was more affected by as his emotions plummeted.

"So, what are we suppose to be watching?" Bee asked, a little confused.

"Beast Boy has a very large crush on Dani, but Dani doesn't feel the same way. And she just told Beast Boy that." Danny explained with a grin.

"So, did she like… just… friend zone him?" Speedy asked again, a little more eager than before. Oh, that's going to be interesting. Danny seem to notice Speedy's eagerness and shot him a quick warning look before anyone else could see it.

"Yep." Danny said, popping the p. Everyone shuddered, feeling bad for the green titan.

"That sucks." Aqualad stated, felling slightly bad for the green changeling.

"So… other than that depressing note, we'll keep in touch." I said, signaling that we did need to leave, our city was probably in ruins knowing our luck. Dani was making her way back, and stood next to Bee.

"Yeah, totally. Thanks for all the help." Bee thanked. We all nodded, and headed over to the T-sub while Cyborg headed over to his T-car. All of us strapping in, Danny taking Cyborgs usual spot, we took off.

It was a quiet ride back to Jump City, mostly because Beast Boy was in a depressed mood after being turned down by Dani. Honestly, I wasn't surprised, Dani always seemed annoyed when Beast Boy tried to do something to impress her, whether it was jokes, video games, or just talking to him. Though Danny had told me before we had gotten on the ship that she didn't think Beast Boy was mature enough to hand a relationship, and that she only saw him as a younger cousin. I did have to agree with Dani, Beast Boy was way too immature to handle something like that. Besides, someone needed to knock him down a few pegs to get his ego back in check. Who better than Dani, his crush, to re-sync him with the harsh truths of reality.

When we did get back, the City was still standing. Then again, it would remain standing until my Dad decided that he wanted to take over our world. I wasn't looking forward to that so I pushed that thought away as we landed in the garage.

"I think, we need a day off. All in favor?" Danny joked, a smile on his face as he raised his hand. Cy just laughed, giving him a high five.

"Hey, Danny?"

"Yeah, Cy?"

"Dani had me video tape the Ghost that was plaguing the Titan's East team. She said something about you needing to see this attack…" Cyborg trailed off, and I assumed that he didn't fully understand why, or he just didn't want Danny to understand until he watched the video.

"She probably wants me to see her in action, just as a way to show me that she would be fine, but I do want to know who the ghost was… Sure, let me see the tape."

"In the main room, there's a better quality system." Cy explained. Danny nodded and we all made our way up to the common room, Cyborg plugging in his arm and downloading the video, "And according to Dani, you needed to see this video."

"We'll see…" Danny said, very skeptical about that comment. Cyborg pulled up the video and hit play.

There was a blur of images as the two phased though the multiple ceilings, finally reaching the main room. The room was destroyed and the Titan's East all looked like they had been thrown carelessly across the room, along with the boxes that were on top of them. Bee growled as she got up and charged at the figure in the center of the room, Speedy and Aqualad right on her heels. The figure at the center was a blue man in overalls, white gloves, black work boots, and a gray beanie on his head. He was very fit, defined muscle showing that he worked out a lot, or did something that required a lot of strength for heavy lifting. His hand glowed a pinkish color as a few boxes behind him rose and tackled the charging teens.

Aqualad was the first to recover, and he pulled a ball of water out of the ground somewhere below the upper deck in the main room, and threw it at The Box Ghost, while the Speed twins tried to knock him down. The Box Ghost turned intangible, dodging both attacks, causing the Twins to get blasted by the water ball and go flying somewhere off camera. The twins came flying back on camera and Aqualad had started to charge, the Box Ghost when intangible again, causing the three to run into each other, and a wave of boxes flew through the screen knocking the three down.

"Aren't you going to help them?" Cyborg asked Dani, who was currently had he hand over her mouth and was trying so hard not to laugh at the scene in front of her. Of course the comment from Cyborg set her off, and she fell to the floor in a fit of laughter. Cyborg sighed and charged into battle, hitting the warehouse worker in the back of the head with the surprise attack.

"Oww, that hurt!" The Box Ghost whined, rubbing the back of his head as he floated off the ground again, "You shall pay for that! With my ectoplasmic boxes of DOOM!" A pink beam charged in his hands, and three small ice cube shaped squares formed in his hand, and he threw them at Cyborg, with a successful hit. The camera when wonky for a few seconds as Cyborg flew through the air from the attack. Cyborg flipped himself up and fired his sonic cannon at Boxy, missing as the beam went though him again. Another wave of boxes tackled Cyborg, and the camera when black for a few seconds, but Dani's laughter was still present underneath the notice from the battle.

"A little help here Sparky?!" Bee shouted somewhere off camera as Cyborg dug his way out of the mountain of boxes. Cy quickly moved towards Bee and Speedy, who apparently had also been hit with the last wave of boxes. In the corner of the screen, Dani had paused her everlasting laughter for a split second to look up at the damage, only to start laughing again, her feet kicking the empty air above her. Aqualad went flying through the screen again, the pink cubes against his chest as he flew over to the other side of the room.

"AT LAST! MY CARDBOARD VENGANCE HAS BEEN ACHIVED! YOU HAVE SUFFERED FROM THE MIGHT OF THE ALL POWERFUL BOX GHOST!" the ghostly warehouse worker shouted in his victory, "BEWARE!" he shouted as he left the building, phasing thought the ceiling while Dani was still laughing.

Cyborg cut the video off there, all of us turned to look at Danny, who just stood there with a dumbfounded expression on his face as he tried to process what just happened. His jaw had been hanging for the last few minute of the video. I honestly didn't like the fact that Dani didn't help her team at all during the attack, but after seeing Danny's expression, I was wondering if there was a reason that to her laughter.

"They… were losing to… the Box Ghost. The BOX GHOST!" He finally stated, turning to Cyborg before following Dani's example in the video, started laughing. I was confused to say the least, but the sheer amount of genuine happiness coming off of Danny was different. He was on the floor now, just laughing at the thought of this Box Ghost winning.

"How is that funny? They were losing badly, and Dani didn't help them?" Robin asked, obviously not happy with the video and Dani's apparent lack of discipline in a situation like this. Danny seemed to stop at the mention of his sister, though there was still a smile on his face as he got up to face Robin.

"No, you don't understand. Boxy is practically harmless. I'm actually happy for him, the fact that he actually won a battle. That's like a record breaking moment right there." Danny explained, a glimmer in his eyes that I have never seen before. I could tell that Cyborg saw it, and I'm positive that Robin saw it as well because they both seemed to relax at his body language and facial expressions.

"Harmless?! He didn't look harmless to me!" Robin shouted, not pleased with how casually Danny was blowing this off.

"No… He did get stronger, but that's not really a concern of mine. The only reason he was causing so much damage was because the Titan's East didn't have the proper equipment to battle him with. I promise you that if they did, he wouldn't have lasted two seconds against them." He explained, looking over to Cyborg for some support.

"He's right. Dani kicked his ass in under a minute, without changing into her ghostly form." Cy stated, "Dani basically stated that 'On a scale of one to ten, the Box Ghost is a negative one hundred,' in her exacted words of course."

"A negative one hundred is a little drastic, with his new look and power from just this video I would say he finally leveled himself up to a level 1 ghost, on the ghost scale. He used to be a zero, but I am curious as to how all my other enemies are ranking on that scale as well?" Danny mused to himself, "But that doesn't matter at the moment. What this video does show is that you all have a serious weakness when it comes to ghost fights, because you all don't have the proper gear to engage them with. Like I was saying about the Titan's East, if they did have the ghost hunting equipment, they could have easily taken out the Box Ghost without breaking a sweat. Obviously, there is some simple fixes that can give you an edge when fighting them for now, but I'll have to design some new things in order for them to accommodate of all of your abilities. And for the Titan's East, some of their abilities are going to be tricky, so I'll have to ship them some upgraded weapons. What they have with them will be fine for now, Dani should be able to take care of the low leveled ghost that show up from time to time…"

There was a bubble of power building from the left of Danny, and I could have sworn someone as said 'time out', but after a second it was gone, things about Danny however had changed. I don't remember Danny ever having a note in his hands, but he suddenly did, and he was grinning at what ever was on the tiny piece of paper.

"When did you get that?" Robin questioned, confused. We all were. Danny's arms were folded before he had finished his rambling about new weapons, and now they were somehow holding a piece of paper that was giving him something to smile about... Well, I guess if he is smiling it can't be that bad.

"This," he motioned to the note, "I got it a few minutes ago... Oh, right... You weren't there." What's that supposed to mean?

"Huh?" Beast Boy uttered, agreeing with my thoughts. Everyone else in the room seemed to agree with me as well.

"It's from Clockwork." Theres that name again, and that feeling that I should know who he is was back. Robin raised an eyebrow at the name as Danny continued, "He's tired of watching over my friend... Speaking of which, how would you feel about having a puppy in the tower?" Danny asked with an amused smile on his face as a green blur tackled him to the ground.

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