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Chapter 1


How did I get here? I wanted to die. He was my rock. The one man I held on to when I needed to be strong. My warrior. Alice was sitting by my side and my mother and father were sitting on my other. Maddie was being held by my mother. She was crying. I had to explain to a 3 year old girl that her Daddy wasn't coming home and she couldn't see him on the computer anymore. Alice gently squeezed my hand and I cried harder. She wrapped her cold arm around me.

Alice. My best friend. The one who left the Cullens and came back to me a month after Edward had left me in the woods. The one who helped heal my soul. The one constant I had during my pregnancy, and the challenges of being a mother at 18. Jasper still refused to come near me. I felt bad about that. Alice always told me not to worry about it. It hadn't affected their relationship. And now she was here with me at the end of my relationship. I saw the uniformed man walk up to me. I didn't want to look at him anymore than I wanted to look at the chaplain who came to my door on the worst day of my life.

"Ma'am, we present you with this flag on behalf of a grateful nation."

I felt the flag being placed in my hand. I handed it to my father. I watched as the flag over my husband's coffin was folded and his body was lowered into the ground. Maddie crawled over to me from Mom's lap. She buried her head in my shoulder and wailed. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't tell her it would be okay. Because it wouldn't. It wouldn't be okay. Not without AJ.

I jumped when the first round of guns went off. Maddie cried louder if that was possible. I used my hands to cover her ears. I looked over at my father who had tears in his eyes.

I don't remember much about after the funeral. I only sat while Maddie napped thinking about the love of my life. Anthony Weber, Jr. AJ.

He had moved into Forks to stay with his cousin Angela's family right after Edward had left me. I barely noticed him for the first month but he noticed me. When Alice came back and I started to realize that life wasn't over because a boy dumped me, I started to notice him too.

A month later I had sex for the first time. Two months after that I found out I was pregnant. We loved each other but we were so young. We still are. At least I am.

People thought we were crazy. AJ had already planned to join the Army. It had always been his dream to be an Army Ranger like his father. He convinced me to marry him after graduation. He used the excuse that we needed the medical benefits the Army would provide to have the baby. He told me later it was the only excuse he could think of to get me to marry him.

Everyone watched us, waiting for us to fall apart. But we were strong. We loved each other. I spoke to him on our anniversary over the militaries' live camera link on the computer. He saw Maddie. She was growing so fast. She kissed the screen. We laughed about it. It seemed so funny then.

Two days later a man in a uniform and an Army Chaplain were at my door. During a routine sweep of an area in some town in the deserts of Iraq, someone threw a grenade into the window of the room that AJ's squad was searching. He dove on it. It was so like him. Heroic. And it pissed me off so much.

I remember my mother and father trying to convince me to move. Move to Forks, Move to Florida. Angela wanted me to move back to Forks. Alice wanted me to move in with her. Everybody wanted me to leave. I couldn't stay on the base in our home any longer. But I had a job I had worked hard to get in a publishing house. Maddie had a daycare she liked. So I refused. We got an apartment. We stayed in San Antonio. I would get on with life. I would raise our daughter. I would be strong the way he was. I had to be. My daughter was relying on me. And I wouldn't let her down.

4 years later


"I am a bit confused here Alice. You claim to know who my supposed mate is. But you won't tell me? Is there a reason for this? Do you hate me that much?"

"I don't hate you Peter. I don't particularly like the influence you have on Jasper but I don't hate you. It's just she wasn't ready."

"And it's not Charlotte?"

"Geez Peter, will you give it up already? She is never going to give you the time of day. She has been with Garrett since the two of you escaped Maria and she met him at that bar in Oklahoma. Get over it already." Jasper said laughing at me. I didn't think it was funny. She had great tits.

"Wait, what do you mean she isn't ready? How long have you known about this?"

"Five years."


"Yes, and there is no reason to yell. Let's all use our inside voices."

"So why are you telling me this now?"

Alice sighed. That can't be good.

"I keep having visions of her becoming a vampire. But I can't figure out why. Until a few days ago the visions stopped. When I looked for her all I saw was a vampire preparing to attack her. It will happen in a week. Only he isn't going to turn her. He or she plans to kill her."

What the hell?

"Someone is attacking my Mate? Who?"

"I don't know numb nuts. Weren't you listening? If I knew who, we could go kill them now before it gets that far. I don't like her life being bothered! Now listen, there are some things you need to know. Number one she may not like you. Trust me, it can happen. Number two, you will not turn her without permission from her or Jasper will dismember and burn you. She is my best friend. I'm not sure if she is ready to meet you or not. But she must be protected. You know the area as well as I do. And you are the only one Jasper and I completely trust. At least Jasper does. Jasper and I will be working to find out who is behind this. You are to stay with her at all times, especially a week from today!"

I smiled a little. Spending twenty four seven with my supposed Mate? No problem. I hope she has large breasts. She probably has large breasts right? I mean she is my Mate and I am a breast man so…

"So let me get this straight. She is my Mate, but I can't turn her? And if I do, Jasper who is like a brother to me will kill me?"

"Yep." She replied looking me in the eye. Scary fucking pixie. He probably would kill me on orders from her. She sure has him wrapped around her pu…

"And one more thing. You can't tell her you are mates. She will run from you. She knows about vampires. She knows about mates and she thinks it's a load of crap."

Oh. Well this should be a piece of cake.

"Anything else I need to know?"

"No. Just keep to her. Do not let them be alone. Or… screw it, you will figure it out. Just protect them Peter."

Looking back on this later on, I probably should have caught on that she said them. But at the time I was wondering if my potential Mate wore thongs or regular underwear and what colors they were.

"And after this I can tell her?"

"Maybe. I'm not sure she is ready to date again. I will have to broach the subject gently with her."

"Date again? What did she have a bad breakup?" This shit gets weirder and weirder.

"Her husband died. Don't bring it up. It still brings her pain. You make her hurt, I make you hurt. If I can't, my husband will. We understand each other?"

I nodded. Dead husbands was something I definitely needed to know about and steer the conversation away from.

"Got it. So are you going to tell her I am coming? And what's the cover story for my presence?"

Alice sighed again. She is usually happy. I have never seen her react like this to a human or a vampire.

"Yes, I have to tell her. She hates when I keep things from her. Especially things I think are for her own good. Plus if a human eating vampire shows up she will freak."

"I only eat bad people."

"Yes, but knowing Bella she will burn down her entire apartment trying to burn you up. And I have to tell her the reason you are coming. She has to know. As much as it pisses me off that vampires are bothering her she has to know."

"If it pisses you off so much why do you keep hanging around her?"

"Selfish reasons Peter. She is the only true friend I have ever had. And nothing and no one will hurt her. Understand?"

"Yes ma'am." I nodded. I had never seen this much sentiment from Alice. I didn't particularly like her but I wouldn't let her down.

"You have the address. Get going. I will call her now."

I looked at Jasper and nodded. "You gonna come by later bro?"

"No. I don't come around Bella." Jasper said looking kinda sad.

"Why the hell not?"

"It doesn't matter Peter. Just go." Alice responded. Jasper smirked.

I put on my hat and left without another word. I guess it was time to get down to business.

Alice POV

"You didn't tell him about Madison." Jasper said, stating the obvious.

"I didn't want him to back out."

"He wouldn't have."

"He will be alright. It will be a pleasant surprise."

"You know when they see each other that will be it, don't you?"

I took a deep unneeded breath. "I tried to hold off as long as possible Jaz. But you know as well as I do, Bella Swan was destined to be a vampire from the day she was born. And her ancestors did something to piss off God by mating her with him."

"Peter is a good guy underneath all the bullshit Alice."

"Maybe. He better be. Now I have a phone call to make."


"Absolutely fucking not! Not going to happen Alice! I'll be damned!"

What the fuck? A human eating vampire? In my home? With my daughter?

"Who the hell wants me dead anyway? What the hell did I do?"

"I don't know Bella. Listen, Peter will not harm you. You can trust him."

"Why can't you come?"

"I will, but I have to look for who is behind this Bella. This is no random attack. Someone is out to get you and Jasper and I have to end it before it gets too far."

"And how am I supposed to go to work? Maddie has to be at that sitters all day. Its summer time you know? How is this going to work Alice?"

"Peter can stay with Maddie during the day. He can be close by your job so if anything strange happens he can be there."

"You want the human eating vampire to babysit my daughter?"

"Could you take vacation?"

"I suppose. Maybe I could just take her out of town. Go to Florida or something?"

"And when you return? What then Bella? You can't hide from this forever. I have to find out who is behind this."

"Fine. I have two weeks coming to me. I can call in and say I have a family emergency or something. Does this vampire know that Maddie knows nothing about vampires?"


Oh shit.


"I never got around to telling him about Maddie."

"Are you crazy?!"

"Bella it will be fine. I promise you. Trust me…please?"

Dammit, she is using that little girl voice she knows gets to me. Dammit.

I took a deep breath.

"When is he coming Alice?"

"He should be knocking on your door in about 30 seconds."

Oh Jesus.

"Thanks for the heads up and everything." I replied in my best sarcastic tone.

"Trust me Bella. If he gives you any problems call me."

The call ended before I could yell at her more.

Sure enough I heard the knock on my door. I walked over and prepared to open it. For some reason I had a feeling my life was going to change drastically. And not just because of a vampire wanting to kill me. Won't be the first time.

I opened the door and saw him there. Oh my…


God she is beautiful. I looked in her eyes and was lost. No wonder Jasper would kill me over his Mate. This was strong. She was 5'4 and thin. My eyes went directly to her breasts. Not large by any means but they fit her frame so well. But the best thing about her was she had these beautiful brown eyes you could get lost in. She was staring at me. Did she fell it too?

"You going to stand there all day or come inside?"

With that said she turned away and walked inside. I stood there with my mouth opened for a few seconds.

She sat on a recliner and looked at me.

"Have a seat."

"It's okay, I can stand. I can't believe I got those words out of my…"

"Sit the fuck down Peter. I makes me nervous when people are standing while I'm sitting."

I slowly sat in a chair. She regarded me with a less than civil look.

"Take off your hat."


She continued to stare.

"Your hat? Don't you know it is rude to wear a hat in someone's home?"

"Oh, yes ma'am." I sat my hat in the cushion next to the one I was sitting on.

"So you are Peter Whitlock?"

"You know my name? How?" It must be some mystical mating call magic…

"Alice told me."

Oh, yeah. For some reason she didn't seem impressed with me. I don't understand it. If we are mates…

"Can I get you…no I guess I can't. Can I?"

"No ma'am. I'm just fine."

"So what are you planning to do here Peter?"

I winked at her. May as well start laying on the charm.

"I plan to be where you are. Ma'am."

"Well I am about to be going to bed and you damn sure won't be there. Stay in the living room tonight. Don't leave it unless you hear me calling for help. I talk in my sleep sometimes. Don't listen. It's not your business. Also I will be sleeping with…"

I heard the light footsteps coming down the hall. Too light to be a persons. Vampire? I grabbed Bella out of her chair and placed her behind me before she could protest. I stared down the hall waiting for a fight.

"Momma? Who is this?"

A three foot tall brown haired clone of Bella just stepped into the living room.

Bella walked around me.

"If you are done protecting me from my daughter could I possibly come out from behind you?" Bella walked to the little girl and picked her up.

"As I was saying Peter, I will be sleeping with my daughter tonight. Sometimes she has nightmares. Do not run in if you hear her scream unless you hear me scream. Understand?"

I nodded my head as best as I could. Daughter? Fucking Alice!

Bella placed the little girl on the floor.

"C'mon sweetie. This is Peter and we will get to know him better tomorrow. He is a friend of Aunt Alice."

"Okay Momma." Wow. After getting over the initial shock of seeing my mate had a daughter I have to say, she is cute. If I can win her over maybe Bella wouldn't be so cold toward me. I watched them walk into the bedroom. I heard the faucet running. Bella must be brushing her teeth. I heard the little pitter patter of little feet coming towards me. The girl walked into the living room and stared at me.

"My name is Maddie. You're Peter?"

"Yes." I smiled.

"I don't know what your game is Peter but I don't like you. I can tell these things when I first look at people. You look like trouble. I will be watching you."

And with that said she turned and ran back into the bedroom. This should be fun…