He heard her before he saw her. He heard her whistle and call for the children to line up, just as she always had with those annoying little creatures she cared for all those years ago, her "lost boys." He turned just in time to see her take the hand of a little girl who had clearly been crying. She bent to whisper some comforting words to the girl, and memories came flooding back to him as if they had happened yesterday. Images of a brave young girl fighting with Peter and running through the forest with Tiger Lily, and the shock he felt when he first saw her as not a child, but a beautiful young woman, returned with a vengeance he had never known.

This woman he saw in Storybrook was not much older than the teenager he had gotten to know so well during the late nights she spent in his cabin aboard the Jolly Rodger. The last time he had seen her, her dark curls fell to her waist instead of her shoulders, and she wore his clothes instead of the knee length skirt she wore now. What surprised him most about seeing her here had nothing to do with her occupation or her appearance. He watched her disappear in to the school with his mouth hanging open, because the last time Captain Killian Jones saw Wendy Darling she was throwing herself overboard into mermaid infested waters.