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The Dark Lines

Some of you will not know what I'm talking about. This story is not for you.

Others have already explained and defined this world. It is not my place to do so again. I am simply here to enlighten those who do know this world of things unseen that have shaped it almost as long as it's masters.

In Dialga's ultimate creation there is a flaw. A corruption. There is a point where time itself splits in two major directions. In one direction time fragments, fractures and ends, the threads blackening and cracking. There are exceptions to this however, there are a few – a very few – timelines where time and the world survive without our intervention, but they are very few and far between. In the other direction, all the timelines are bright and fluid, healthy and intact.

This does not merely apply to time however. Space ends as well. Some threads of time continue on through the barrier of space. All of these are black and cracked. This is why these black threads and vanishing points in space have been given a name.


That is what they are, the ending of all existence in that combination of time and space, that version of the world we live in. Thus far all attempts to heal and repair the Endings have been met with disaster and tragedy.

I am not here to tell you about the Endings however, although I may sometime and someplace. I am here to tell you about us. Let's begin with the healthy half of time, the part after the splitting where all timelines are alive. The ones where existence continues on beyond the view of myself or any other.

Those are our timelines. The ones where we have interfered or intervened in the direction events were taking.

We are the Immortelle.

I know, it doesn't seem to tie in to Pokemon much, but bear with me here, this is really the back stories for my characters, individual Pokemon will appear more often as the story progresses.