Chapter 4

"So the seals are all air and earth based, except the last one, 'tiger', right?" Arashi asked his newest tutor. Kushi – for he still didn't know her real name – grinned and nodded at him and the child went through the seals quickly before ending with the fire seal of tiger that was common to many Leaf shinobi. With his target in mind, he molded his chakra into the proper form and was pleased to find himself two feet behind Kushi.

Operation Learn Shunshin: success! As was operation sneak up behind Kushi of course.

"You catch on pretty quickly, 'Rashi," Kushi grinned down at him. "I must say you've got my flair for learning ninjutsu, and you're not even six you little imp. I feel like an old maid next to you." She was over dramatic and chipper and definitely mischievous. Arashi could learn to get along with this girl. "So, you got any interesting jutsu you might want to show little old me?"

"Do you know the Shadow Clone?" Arashi asked. That was really the only jutsu he knew that he could say he knew. His other best technique was the Rasengan (and variants), but he couldn't exactly go showing that one about. What if Minato had already started developing it? What if he had already completed it? Well, according to Kakashi, Naruto was the first one to complete it, but Arashi knew what he meant.

"Please, that's a kinjutsu," Kushi sighed. "I mean, all the upper ranks know it, and I've heard that most can pick up the seals easily enough, but there's no way a mere chuunin would be allowed to know it, let alone an outsider like me." She was positively pouting. "Kasumi mentioned that you could do it when she was picking up Anko from class last week, but you must be exhausted from training and stuff all day, especially after making one of them just before lunch and learning shunshin. I mean, there's no way you could –"

Arashi caught that she wasn't meaning to challenge him, but he took the challenge regardless and in one seal – he could mold the rest of the technique without the rest and had been doing so for a long time after all – he brought forth one shadow clone. It wasn't surprised to exist and instead set to stretching out its imaginary muscles.

Kushi whistled low in surprise. "Oh, I'm impressed," she grinned. "How did you learn to do that, anyway? Shadow Clones are more difficult to create than Water Clones. That one is pretty easy if you're near a body of water. I've never heard of any kid that can make any solid clones other than you though."

Even though Kushi was treating him as a child, it wasn't the same way everyone else did. Asuma and Anko treated him like some sort of super-child, Minato was far too careful with him in any circumstance, the Hokage, in the one time they met, treated him the same as any kid on the street if a bit more cautiously... and Kushi was treating him as if he were a prized pupil and yet still somewhat equal.

The pupil bit he could understand, since she was in her second year as an Academy teacher, but the equal bit was a surprise. No one really treated him as an equal. His classmates had always treated him as an inferior (except Hinata, but she was kind of weird), teachers had treated him as both a nuisance and an idiot, though as a genin they at least taught him properly. Even Iruka hadn't treated him as an equal, but a bit more like a pet project and little brother along with some "idiot" thrown in.

Kushi had taught him something and honestly expected him to be capable of something she was not. She may have gone into teacher mode to teach him to use the body flicker technique, but now he was teaching her, and she was just as attentive as he had been.

It was actually kind of disturbing, but Arashi just grinned and started teaching her the seal order. It was a lot harder to learn Shadow Clones – especially since Arashi hadn't been able to read all the kanji on the scroll and had "filled in the gaps" on his own. Improvisation probably wasn't the best way to learn a technique, but it was his best skill, and a prized one at that.

"I don't remember exactly what the scroll said," he admitted, "but since Shadow Clones is my signature move I'm really good at it. It only took me about three hours to learn it, too!"

"Okay, if you're telling the truth, I can see why they gave you to Namikaze," Kushi grumped. "He may be a stick in the mud, but he probably knows more about teaching a prodigy effectively than anyone but maybe Orochimaru-sama. Don't tell him I said that though or he might start to think that I like him or something." She wrinkled her nose, but Arashi was more caught up on the mention of Orochimaru.

Right, everyone else was alive, of course Orochimaru would be. He praised whatever gods there were for not having run into the snake-faced bastard, else he didn't know what he would have done. Probably tried to use a Rasengan on the man, get defeated, and then be tossed into the ANBU interrogation cell for attacking him unprovoked. And, if the Rasengan had already been created, Minato would want to know how Arashi knew it. So it was a very good thing that Arashi had yet to meet the evil member of the Legendary Sannin.

That thought made him wonder if he would meet Jiraiya at some point – the man was the sensei to his new sensei after all – but dismissed it. As much as he would love the reassurance of Jiraiya's continued existence, he also didn't know how he would react and how that might give him away as someone other than who he was.

So Arashi continued to teach Kushi how to use his favorite jutsu. His only experience with teaching was with teaching Konohamaru how to do Sexy (which the kid couldn't do quite right because he couldn't use Arashi's henge), so he wasn't as good at it as Kushi, but he still managed. Still, the sun was hovering over the treetops, threatening to drop into darkness before she really got a handle on it.

"You did it!" Arashi cheered happily and he hugged Kushi in favor of her clone, which was getting hugged by his clone. "You must have a lot of stamina. I don't think most shinobi can train for so long." And he had been teaching her – or trying – for the better part of the afternoon.

"Yeah, it's genetic," she grinned, a bead of sweat slowly falling down her face as she released the Clone. "I'm the first in my family to become a kunoichi here, but back in Whirlpool we were a big shinobi family. High stamina runs in my family's blood. Though I gotta say, we have nothing on you short-stuff." Arashi decided not to take offense. "We should do this again sometime. I'm teaching tomorrow, but maybe next weekend or something. Someone with a lot of chakra like you have needs to learn some good jutsu after all."

Arashi grinned foxily – an expression mirrored by Kushi – and would have spoken were it not for an unexpected interruption.

"Uzumaki! What do you think you're doing?" Arashi wheeled around, wide eyed as Minato appeared on the center log. What? How? He hadn't said his real name and suddenly Minato knew it... but how?

"A-ano, Minato-sensei, I can explain," Arashi tried to get out, but he stammered as he said it. They had found out they lied about his name somehow; what else had they found out? Did they knew he was really fifteen? Or that he was a jinchuuriki?

"No need, 'Rashi," Kushi waved her hand dismissively and glared at Minato. "Honestly Namikaze, you think that you can dictate who I spend my time with? If I want to spend my time with your student and teach him when you're busy to bother, then it's hardly any of your business, now is it? Apparently you haven't taught this little chakra monster a single bit of ninjutsu in the whole month you've had him in your grasp, and I taught him to shunshin in only an hour. What a waste!" She sounded quite proud of herself, almost as if Minato hadn't just called Arashi by another name.

"I had important business to attend to, Uzumaki," Minato sounded just an inch from snapping, and his face looked more serious even than it had been upon discovering Arashi's handicap. "I assigned Arashi to train independently on what I have been training him in. He needs to develop his taijutsu before learning any more ninjutsu than he already knows. I don't need you filling his head with ninjutsu that he is too undeveloped to learn."

"Oh, so teaching a five year old how to kill is okay, but not how to get away? Is that what you're saying?" Arashi was suddenly quite lost in the argument between Kushi and Minato. It was almost as if Minato hadn't been calling him out a moment ago.

"I... you know that isn't what I meant!"

"Really? Because that's sure as hell what you said, Namikaze!"

"You guys sound like an old married couple," Arashi stated succinctly. That caused Minato to choke on his retort and actually fall off the log he had perched himself on. Kushi wrinkled her nose and made a fake gagging noise before laughing at her foe's plight. Arashi could feign ignorance for the moment, considering he really was ignorant as to what they were arguing over.

"Gods, what have you done to the kid, Uzumaki?" Minato groaned as he stood from the dirt. "You've contaminated my student, haven't you?"

This time Kushi really did laugh. "Nonsense, he was like that already," she was now poking fun at the blond man. "Nope, all I did was teach him a jutsu and let him have some fun for once, not that an old stick in the mud like you would know what that is. I thought maybe you'd learned to live a little when your hair was pink, but since I learned the kid did that..." Kushi eyed the now-short blond hair was disdain. Minato had it cut after two weeks, when he would have at least a little hair left. It was still hardly more than peach fuzz.

So it was Kushi that Minato was calling Uzumaki... but that couldn't be right, could it? No, no way in hell was that right! Then again, hadn't she said she was from Whirlpool? Not that Arashi had ever heard of such a place, but what if...

"I've had enough of this," Minato stated calmly, his face impenetrable. "Arashi, come on. We're getting Ichiraku for dinner. Lord Hokage gave me some free meal tickets for you; apparently Asuma carried along that I've prohibited you from eating it." Normally, a statement like that would have been slightly joking as Minato allowed himself to loosen up, but obviously he was not at all comfortable in the presence of Kushi.

"Yes Sensei," Arashi replied quickly. While it was rare for Minato to be completely serious, it did happen and it was best for Arashi to be at least less of a goof. Though it called for a good prank later that night or tomorrow morning. "Bye Kushi. See you later!"

Minato barely stayed long enough after that sentence for Arashi to gather chakra for the run before streaking off through the woods. The pace was a lot harder than any he had set previously, and Arashi had to use his newly learned shunshin to catch up at one point. After that he would have had to pause again to gather chakra if they weren't already on the roof across from Ichiraku.

That... was not an experience he was keen on repeated as his legs screamed in protest to the harsh treatment even as he knew a tiny bit of Kyuubi's chakra was fixing whatever damage had been done. It especially hurt when he jumped down to street level, though part of that was his headband – which had turned around on his neck from the breakneck run – bouncing up and smacking the back of his head. His legs still didn't like supporting him after that drop.

Note to self, Arashi sighed, don't let Minato-sensei get pissed off. I am not a sprinter.

Still, the say was a success. He learned a new jutsu and got to have ramen for dinner. Now he just had to worry about his new handicap.

Arashi waited until Friday before asking what had been discovered about his new handicap. Not that he didn't want to ask before, and he hadn't forgotten, but he had thought that Minato would tell him without provocation. This turned out to not be the case, and after that he wasn't sure he wanted to ask until his teacher had cooled down from the incident with Kushi (apparently her full name was Kushina Uzumaki).

What he found out was neither good nor bad really, it just was. It had been postulated – whatever that meant – that his chakra behaved like sage chakra (he had a hard time not gawking at that), and they would just have to study it further. Arashi lamented this, but gave it and did all the training exercises that were asked of him and then some.

On Saturday he had some free time after that day's mission; dog walking. The only other option had been babysitting, which they were too young to do, and so Arashi had to deal with running away from a bunch of random dogs. Summon animals had no problem with him, but it seemed that the scent of the Kyuubi was still noticeable enough to regular animals, and they continued to dislike him quite a bit.

With the free time, he had been intending to go spend the afternoon with Asuma and Anko playing ninja (he promised) and then have dinner with Anko's family. Unfortunately, Anko had gotten sick, and Asuma had been invited to watch his older brother's team train, so Arashi had nothing to do unless he wanted to ask Minato for some extra training or something.

Luckily, fate intervened.

"Hey there, 'Rashi!" Kushina called out as she landed beside him from a roof. He didn't wheel around like he might have since it was a crowded street, but he did jump slightly. "What have you been up to since Monday, short stuff?"

"Training, learning to never let you and and Minato-sensei be in the same room, kicking Kakashi's ass... the usual," more the unusual, but Arashi just laughed along with Kushina. She was Kushina Uzumaki; at the very least, she was his aunt if not his mother. He had family and Kushina at least seemed to care, though he couldn't imagine that she didn't. It was an infantile hope to expect anything from her, but already Kushina was added to the list of precious people that Arashi had been building since he arrived. Kasumi, Anko, the Third, Asuma, Asuma's brother (Masato), Minato, Kakashi (if only for what he would be rather than what he was), and Kushina now made up that list.

"That's better than nothing, I suppose," Kushina feigned boredom. "Up for an extra Saturday class?" Were it not for the absolutely vicious grin, Arashi might have said no. As it was, he nodded quickly. He obviously got more than just his stamina from the Uzumaki side. "Wonderful! Now, we'll need sixteen live eels, twelve boxes of jell-o, some piano wire, a pack of explosive notes, water balloons, a pail of orange paint, and Councilmen Danzou's panties."

Arashi could scarcely imagine what they were going to do, but he was certainly going to enjoy it.

"You are so immature!" Minato snapped at them both when he had caught up. Arashi and Kushina were, by this point, hiding out in Kushina's house – for she did have a house, and all by herself apparently – and she was trying to teach Arashi how to play shogi. He was doing pretty badly, but he could see why Shikamaru played so much. It was good for strategy, just not the sort of strategy that Arashi was good at.

Arashi was tempted to point out that he was five and therefore allowed to be mature, and really seventeen was hardly a mature age either, but he rather liked Kushina's reply better.

"I'm not immature, I just know how to have fun," she retorted easily. She set down her pawn and sent Minato a withering look, as if he were the one who ought to be chided for the prank that was currently irking the council. "Can't say the same about you, Namikaze."

"To be fair," Arashi interjected in a stage whisper, fighting back a laugh as he came up with his support for his first-ever relative, "I think he's gay and trying to hide it from his old sensei." The horrified look on Minato's face made it so so worth it.

He tried to sputter a denial. "Y-you! You know I'm not... I mean, that jutsu you used..." he looked completely helpless, and both Arashi and Kushina collapsed into laughter. "You have no idea what you're saying... Uzumaki, why did you put him up to this? You're corrupting my student again!"

"I already told you, I don't corrupt children, I teach them," Kushina gasped out, still laughing at the look of utter horror that had "graced" the face of her house guest. "And all I've taught this particular kid is how to use shunshin no jutsu and a very good application of some of his hard-learned shinobi skills. If he had a proper jounin teacher, say, one who pulled more than a single year at the academy, I might not feel quite so impelled to take his education out of your hands."

"Stealing the underwear of a council member and stuffing it full of eels and jell-o is not a good application," it was getting to the point where Arashi didn't want to see them in the same room together... but he rarely had such high quality entertainment! He could wait until they were at the point when they would be blowing up.

"Maybe not, but it's a good lesson on infiltration and espionage," Kushina started listing with a smirk, "and this kid seems to a be an expert at hiding himself. I spilled orange paint on him you know, and when the ANBU were looking for us he managed to hide from them almost effortlessly. He didn't even try using a henge to hide, smart kid that he is. The piano wire trick with the altered explosive notes was also apparently his first lesson on sealing, though I kinda figured you would have taught him some. Yes, highly useful life skills, I should think."

"And the orange-paint filled water balloons that you used as whoopee cushions? What purpose did that serve?" He sounded highly doubtful.

"Entertainment," was all Kushina replied. She then moved another pawn. "Check mate, Midget. I also taught him to play shogi."

"Again?! But I..." then Arashi paused and grinned. "Liar! I can still do this!" And he moved his knight which blocked the advance of her pawn. "Check. So there."

"See? I taught him a lot today, now get out of my house before I call the Uchiha police on you for breaking and entering," Kushina sent a final grin at the man and turned her attention back to teaching. She was very good at that. "Okay, so now that I'm in check, you -"

"Do you honestly think that I'm not going to tell the Hokage who pranked the council, do you?" Minato deadpanned.

"As my sensei and guardian, since I'm below the mean age of Academy graduates, you're responsible for all my misdemeanors, aren't you?" Arashi asked innocently, blue eyes wide in a sort of freaky-puppy gaze. Minato shuddered and looked away, though he did nod. "So then if we get turned in it's you and Kushi who will get punished. What if they make you serve the punishment together?"

Both of them gagged at this, but Minato tried to maintain a serious face. "It's... even that won't stop me from turning you both in," he persisted, though he didn't look entirely dedicated to his answer. "I can survive being even around her even if it means that she's getting her just desserts for what you two have done. And don't think I'm not going to run you ragged for doing it, either." He was gaining steam; not good.

"But what if the punishment is clean-up duty? I mean, I know you're gay, but I didn't think you'd be that happy to handle Danzou's underwear," that seemed to be the last straw as Minato went pale, then green, and vanished mysteriously from the room while Kushina had fallen over from her seated position on the floor and laughed heartily.

"You, Arashi Kazama, are a gift from the gods," she snickered. "What was he talking about though, your jutsu?" The glint in her eye spoke of evil. Arashi certainly considered not telling – they tended to not like that he invented something as pervy as Sexy jutsu, and as far as anyone knew he had also invented yuri jutsu and yaoi jutsu – but he decided he might as well. The news of his yaoi jutsu probably had only not reached her because people were afraid she might use it; such is the curse of being a master prankster.

"You have to promise not to tell anyone," he said first. The grin he got in reply was a good response; it meant she would use it in front of everyone, but not tell. "And promise not to hit me." He rubbed a phantom bump from one of the many different women who had been quite irate regarding his technique. Kushina nodded readily.

With no other reason to stall, Arashi drew a breath and called out "Sexy jutsu!" In a puff of smoke he transformed into the female form that he had practiced many times and that had inspired so many nosebleeds that it wasn't even funny. Several people's worth of blood had been lost to Naruko after all, and it seemed that Kushina was suitably impressed... and not violent, surprisingly enough.

"Wow, you did a really good job with the proportions, though any girl that well endowed would have some major difficulties with running I think," she nodded walking around the female before her. Arashi was more than a little shocked considering he had never actually had his form critiqued. But he was glad to be tall enough to look Kushina in the eye now, even if the women thought his eyes were somewhere south of the henge form's eyes.

"Kushi!" He harrumphed in the girlish voice that came with the form, crossing his arms over the exposed bosom. "That's really creepy, you know? And my eyes are up here." He was fighting a blush. Did she have to look at the henge like that.

"Oh very funny brat!" Kushina swiped her hand low, to where it would have just barely swiped the top of Arashi's head normally... and instead came in contact with very naked and very female flesh. The smacking noise was also rather audible, and Kushina's surprise was evident. As another test she pulled on the long pigtail on the left.

Quite fed up by being gawked at, Arashi released the henge and another cloud of smoke masked his transformation back to a fully clothed and pint-sized male. And he had no missed not being short, too. But he had years to go before he was that tall again.

It was then that Kushina started worshiping him, so it was probably a good thing that he did teach her his version of the henge, or he would have had his only known relative mad at him.

"So what's up with you and Minato-sensei, anyway?" Arashi inquired when they had returned to their game. He was honestly curious as to what made his sensei hate her and vice a versa. Were the Uzumaki traditionally opposed to the Namikaze? But the Uzumaki were apparently from some country called Whirlpool, so that couldn't really be the motive unless it was from before the settling of the shinobi villages. Maybe Minato hadn't always been a closet pervert and had been openly perverted before Jiraiya left the village or -

"We were in the same class in the Academy," Kushina shrugged. "He was top in everything for the boys, me for the girls. Back in second year, my hair was really long, and he said it looked pretty; so I cut it short and haven't grown it out since."

"You hate each other because of your hair," Arashi deadpanned, not getting the connection. A feud... over her hairstyle? Seriously?

"No, that was just the start of our Academy rivalry," Kushina corrected. "We were always at each other's throats, ever since my mother and I arrived in the Leaf, and he always hated that an outsider, someone with no blood ties to the Leaf, could be just as good as he was. He always said that mom and I had to be spies since we were refugees, and by the time we graduated we were as close to enemies as allies could be. Be glad you weren't around back then; they were a lot worse."

Arashi had a hard time not gaping as he nodded. So the Fourth was a xenophobe... not even a war hero yet, and he had been distrustful of someone from outside the village walls that early in his life. What must he think of Arashi then?

"Well, let's get back to our game," Kushina smiled and moved a pawn. "Your turn."

Arashi sighed and decided he could think later. He had to get his butt kicked at shogi again.

Weeks passed and feel back into routine, except for the time with Kushina, which was always a surprise. She never seemed to have any schedule that she followed except that she taught four out of seven days a week. No progress had been made on Arashi's handicap either, as no one had found Jiraiya yet. Minato was considering asking the toads to give the perverted sage a message, but he claimed that they didn't respect him enough yet since he couldn't summon Gamabunta like Jiraiya could.

The first chuunin exam of Arashi and Kakashi's genin days passed without Minato even mentioning them, instead Arashi heard from Kasumi when Kiyoshi and his new genin team – Asuma's older brother's team – were sent and returned unsuccessfully. It was towards the end of the month delay between the initial exam and the one that would decide who made chuunin in all the countries that Minato finally decreed them prepared for a C-rank mission.

It had been five months since Arashi arrived in the past, and he felt that they more than deserved it. He and Kakashi had been working so hard for those five months that he had to wonder why the silver haired child's older counterpart hadn't required the same of Team 7. Team Bed Head – with Minato's hair back to a more acceptable length – were given a patrol mission on the border between the Land of Fire and Land of Mist. It was a very safe mission since the River Country was no threat to the Leaf what so ever.

Still, Arashi packed diligently the night before leaving, a single extra outfit and other necessities for the two weeks away. The next morning he was up when Minato started their breakfast, and he drank the miso without complaint, too excited. Since they would still be in transit come lunch, Arashi packed bento for all three members of the group so they could continue on quickly.

Or he would have packed three, but Minato stopped him before he could start the third. "Don't bother packing one for 'Kashi," Minato had a sort of half-sad half-nervous expression. "Something happened yesterday when he went home... it slipped my mind... but he can't make it. We'll see him when we get back from the mission though, okay?"

"Something" happened. That meant either an injury or someone died. It was something shinobi knew, when "something" happened, and Minato wouldn't expect Arashi to know that. If it were an injury then Minato probably would have brought him to visit Kakashi or something, so someone close to his fellow apprentice must have died, or nearly, and there was only one person who Kakashi was close to.

Let it never be said that Arashi had no skills with logic. While he was better with Naruto logic, he could follow a train of thought to the end – provided nothing shiny caught his attention that is. Those shiny things were simply too attention drawing...

But that was besides the point. While Minato wasn't looking, Arashi created a Shadow Clone which then proceeded to make up a third bento and jump out the picture window at the front of the apartment. Kakashi would need a friend, even if they weren't actually friends. Especially considering there was no one else to comfort the most serious third of Team Bed Head, though Minato came in a close second for that one.

Tucking both bento into his bag, Arashi waited for his sensei to finish his breakfast patiently before they left for the West gate.

Two weeks alone with Minato, without any fun interludes, on a mission. And Kakashi was going to be home alone but for a couple hours – if that – when he would have a clone for company.

It didn't seem right, but there was nothing else for it. Arashi couldn't do anything short of his duty, and he'd already gone beyond that by sending that clone.

Only time would tell if that would help Kakashi at all.

"What do you want?" Snapped Kakashi. He was sitting on the corner of his bed, simply staring at the wall, but the clone couldn't really be surprised that the genin had caught him so quickly. "You're supposed to be on the mission with Minato-sensei." What did surprise the clone was that Kakashi spoke to it; he usually didn't talk to Arashi since he didn't hold as much stock by the rules as Kakashi did.

"He is, they should be out of the village by now," the clone nodded. "He thought you could use some company, but he couldn't leave the mission. So... here I am. I hope you don't mind much." Kakashi didn't answer, and the clone just sighed. "I brought you a bento. You can eat it now or later, but I thought you wouldn't be thinking of your own needs at the moment." No response again. "There's also a thermos of eggplant soup."

Kakashi nodded slowly in thanks and the clone set both the bento and the thermos down on Kakashi's book case. It was sparse, not that this was much of a surprise. Kakashi was a five – almost six – year old child and not one to care over much about reading. There were a couple of jutsu scrolls though, and the shinobi hand book.

"What's that?" It asked, seeing the sheathed blade in Kakashi's lap.

"The White Fang," Kakashi responded. That was a name Arashi had always heard in correspondence with a person though. The Leaf's White Fang, a man who had been on par with the Sannin until his fall into ignominy. Jiraiya had spoken highly of him... while drunk. "My father's chakra blade."

"It must be nice to have something of his," the clone stated. He knew better than to be too soft on the grieving. Pity was looked upon with scorn by the shinobi world, because it cheapened death. On his way in he had heard someone say that Sakumo Hatake had committed sepukku to expunge the shame of a failed mission nearly a year past.

Kakashi didn't seem to appreciate the effort though, and glared up at Arashi. "What do you know? You don't know what it's like!" The standard proclamation of someone who didn't want to be understood. Arashi may not know much about psychology – especially for kids – but he knew that Sasuke was like that too. Except there was no one for Kakashi to exact his revenge on.

"Of course I don't, Arashi never knew his parents to begin with," but that wasn't entirely true as Arashi was now fairly certain that Kushina was his mother since she was the last of the Uzumaki, and he had his suspicions regarding his father. "Doesn't mean I can't give you lunch though."

The younger of the two – though by birthday he was almost a month older that the original, and the clone was technically twelve minutes and thirty-four seconds old (but that wasn't the point) – slumped and went back to looking at the chakra blade resting across his knees. "Why are you here?"

"Well, partly because you need to eat," the clone sounded so reasonable, didn't it? "And partly because while it's said that those who break the rules are trash, anyone who abandons a friend is far worse than trash." It consciously quoted Kakashi himself, and unconsciously quoted a boy who had only started at the Academy in April.

Kakashi didn't speak to it again, but he didn't try to dispel it either. The clone stayed as company for the newfound orphan until it ran out of chakra at noon the next day.

When its memories loaded into Arashi's head, the genin couldn't keep the sad look from his face.