Ultimate Thorny Rose: Hey guys. It's me, Ultimate Thorny Rose. I have decided to write a sequel to You, Me, Soccer, and Ice Cream, considering that all the reviews I got were positive. Thanks for that, by the way. Enjoy the first chapter!

Chapter 1

(Clove's POV)

School had just been let out for summer vacation. I was having a sleepover tonight with the girls.

The living room was all set up. The living room was downstairs. The coffee table was covered in chocolate bars and candy and root beer, me and the girls' all time favorite soft drink.

The furniture had been moved to make room for the girls' sleeping bags. My sleeping bag was already set up in my favorite spot, the middle of the room. The TV was right in front of my sleeping bag.

"This is just a girls' sleepover, right, CC? No boys whatsoever?" Finn asked.

"I'm 16, Finn. If I want to have a sleepover with boys, I can. And I invited some boys." I said. I was messing with him.

"You what?!" Finnick exclaimed.

I chuckled. "I was just kidding, Finn. This is just a girls' night. Now get your ass upstairs! This is a girls' sleepover, and there are no boys allowed!"

Finn smiled and said "have a fun sleepover, CC."

Then he walked upstairs.