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I've been around for a long time. A long time, all alone. With few friends I live my life, that was until I became a Guardian. My name is Vanessa Summers and this is my story.

Cold. That's all I can remember, freezing, dark, cold. I slowly opened my eyes, it looked like I was in a cage. Well, not really. But it felt like one, with me being trapped inside, darkness everywhere. The wind slowly brought me out of the cage.

I blinked a few time and looked around, it was beautiful. Summer was in the air and the birds were chirping. I smiled and saw a light wooden scepter laying on the ground. I carefully picked it up and started to walk in the fresh green grass.

Soon I came across a stream, there in the reflection was a young girl, about 17, with blonde hair that had different shades in it, tan shorts and a brown short-sleeved shirt. I smiled at the reflection, that must be me. Soon the sound of laughter came into the air, children were playing in a nearby field. I saw the large smiles on there young faces, and it brought a small one to my face.

"Hey!" I called to the children "Wanna play?" I asked. I had always loved children, back when...when...I don't really know when. No one acknowledged me as I walked down, "Hey," I said to one little girl playing with a doll, "pretty doll that you have." she didn't even look up as I knelt next to her.

I furrowed my brow and stood up, I walked over to some boys throwing a ball. "Can I play?" I asked them, one boy ran to me, right through me. I gasped, more children had walked right through me. I walked around, with a child going through me every few feet. I asked the wind to pick me up and get away from here, and it did. As the soft summer breeze carried me away, I was left thinking Why couldn't they see me?

That was almost 200 years ago, as time went on I figured out a few things. Like how I never aged, or that no one could ever see me.

I am, what some people would call, a legend. Yes like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but unlike the big four I am not well know. Or know for that matter. There are only a few people who know about me, one of them being a complete pain in the ass. Oh, who is this pain in the ass? None other than Jack Frost himself.

Why would anyone want to be in the winter, much less create it? It's all cold and crap, plus you can't even see the animals since they're all hibernating. You're always inside and you can't even feel the gentle summer breeze. Sorry, was I ranting again?

My powers? I have a special communication with animals, I can also can make plants grow. I change spring into summer, not that big a change. But important none the less, I also have a scepter that is almost like the sun.

Enough about me, it's time for the story. My life was simple, or at least the part I could remember, nothing ever happened until the day...

I walked along the side-walk of Ohio. It was the middle of summer, the sun was shinning bright on the city. All was calm until I felt a chill run up my spine as snow flakes started to fall to the ground.

I glared up at the sky "Frost!" I yelled up to it, looking around for the white haired boy. I had changed out of my worn out shorts and baggy shirt to black shorts that came right between my knee and my thigh and an orange t-shirt.

The boy in question was leaning against the statue right behind me. "How ya doing sunshine?" he asked causing me to jump around and glare at him. "What do you think you're doing? It's the middle of July for goodness sake!"

Frost jumped off the statue "Which is why," he said walking toward me, hands stuffed in his pockets "it's perfect timing. Not many kids want to wait months for snow." I glared at him. "Listen Frost," I told him sternly "I am going to go out to another town and when I get back. All this snow will be gone."

Jack gave me a childish smile "And if it's not?" I sent him my best glare "I'm a Guardian now Sunshine. You really can't make any threats." I snorted in disbelief "You? A Guardian? What did they need someone to annoy the hell out of Pitch?" I said referring to the boogie man.

I had, unfortunately, run into The Nightmare King a few times. And I gotta tell you, he isn't exactly the guy you want to play shuffle board with. The meetings that I had with him were never pleasant. Evet though I'd never admit it, the man scared me beyond reason but not as much as he should. When ever I meet him there seems to be something nagging at the back of my head.

Jack smirked and I felt a snow ball hit my forehead straight on snapping me out of my thoughts. My mouth was gaping open staring at Jack. "You did not just do that." I told him, gripping my scepter tighter. "I did. And you, Little Miss Sunshine, aren't going to do anything about it." He told me, tapping my nose with his finger.

I glared up at him and tapped the end of my staff on his head. There,where my staf had touched his head, was a bright pink flower. I smiled in satisfaction as he quickly wiped the flower off his silver locks. "Oh, it is on."

By the end of our little spat, I looked like I had stepped through Antarctica and Jack looked like he had just went to Hawaii, flowers growing in his blue sweatshirt, and a squirrel had attached itself to his sleeve.

The sun was starting to set in the cloudless sky, and Jack looked up. "Wonder what North wants now." he muttered under his breath "See ya later Sunshine. And believe me there will be a later." I blinked in surprise as he rocketed off into the sky, leaving me with the wink of his eye. I looked around at the mess that we had made, "Jack Frost, do you ever not make a mess?" I asked to no one starting to regrow the frozen grass, and having thoughts about a certain winter spirit.

It was almost midnight before I had finished. I sat up and dusted off my hands, through out the sky gold sand made it's way across the town. "Right on time Sandy." I had met the Sand Man before, he was one of the first people who could see me.

I walked into the city, taking in the clear night view. Until I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head, it was gone. I gripped my staff as I walked carefully down the street. There it was again!

I whirled around, and I saw a little elf. He was chewing on a rock. I recognized him as one from North's workshop. "Hey there little guy," I said kneeling down " What are you doing this far from the North pole?" the Elf smiled at me then pointed behind me. I turned around to see two Antis behind me.

"Shit." I said as they grabbed me by the shoulders and tossed me into a red sack. "You know!" I shouted as I felt them carry me "You could be a bit gentle!" then all I felt was spinning, my stomach turning inside out.

Suddenly I hit a hard floor, I opened the bag slightly to see the big four looking down at me. "Crikey!" shouted Bunnymund, better known as the Easter Bunny "She looks a lot better in person don't ya mate!"

I crawled out of the sack, rubbing my head. "Oh! I heard that your teeth sparkle like the sun! Here open up!" Said Tooth flying toward my opening my mouth and looking at my teeth. "They Do! Baby Tooth come look at this, these are better than Jack's" I cocked an eyebrow, my mouth still forced open

"Tooth, get off ze poor girl and give her some room." North said. I looked around, I was at North's workshop. Toy's were flying around the large globe and Yeti's were scrambling around.

"Um don't mean to be rude or anything but would you mind telling me why I'm here?" I asked them standing up. "Because you, are going to be Guardian!" North said. I fell down in shock.

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