Solace In You

Two figures standing in the snow approached the cemetery. Neither of them made a sound. Snowflakes were falling in their hair, and light footprints were softly pressed against the wet snow. Winter had not fully ended by early March, and one of the figures shuddered in the cold, pressing her gloved hand on her stomach. As the two came closer, their features became clearer. One was taller than the other, his naked hands tenderly over the other's shoulder. His dark brown hair was longer than it used to be, where it curled at the end. Sharp blue eyes stared at the three graves before him, and he almost stopped moving until the woman prodded him forward. The woman was his wife, with long dark brown hair that reached to her shoulders. Her brown eyes locked with her husband's, and she held his hand, knowing that this was a hard journey for him. Her right hand was still motionless on her stomach, which held two lives within it. She was twenty weeks pregnant with fraternal twins, although it looked as if she was thirty-four weeks. The recently-turned oolice lieutenant had been on maternity leave for a while now. Then the two stopped. Rena and Andy Yablonski stared at the three graves.

Andy crouched down to his knees and bowed his head. Rena didn't say a word as she crouched down next to him. His eyes were tightly closed, and his large hands gently – almost painfully – traced the letters of the graves belonging to the dead that had laid there for thirty-four years. "Mom…" Andy's words were ragged and tense. "Dad…" Rena knew that he had never said those words before. His parents had died before he had the chance to know them, and any attempt at love had died when the child of two had been taken in by his abusive uncle. Andy's pained blue eyes opened, and thick tears flowed down onto the graves of his parents. Both of them hadn't known that the former physicians and their older son were buried here until today. This was the first time Andy had visited them. Today was his mother's birthday, on the twenty-fourth of March. His father's had been the twelfth of December. And the four year old boy known as Logan William Yablonski's had been the second of July. All had died in a car accident that took their lives, leaving Andy – then known as Andrew – without the loving family that had been taken away from him. Now the two year old child was a grown man with a wife expecting children of their own. Although Andy didn't say so, Rena knew that he was afraid. The only love he had as a child had been from her. He didn't know how to be a parent. Andy's tears continued as he now stroked the birth and death dates of his older brother's grave. Dr. Jordan had much to say about Andy's parents and brother. She knew when they were born, when they died, and that "they lived and breathed for him." Luc didn't know much information either. Andy cries quieted and Rena took that moment to squeeze his hand. Her husband blinked at her gratefully. He kissed her swollen stomach tenderly, and both of them felt their children kick in their watery home.

They decided to name their son and daughter after Andy's parents. The boy would be known as Alan Daniel Yablonksi, and the girl would be known as Simone Erin Yablonski. And unlike both of their parents, they would be loved… preciously…tenderly…and unconditionally.