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Chapter 1

The exorcist separated into groups and were searching among the art works in the art gallery in France trying to find a piece of innocence that was reported to be located within the building. Lenalee and Allen separated and went to the west wing to search while Lavi and Kanda were searching the east wing. They already destroyed 2 level twos and many level ones as they searched. They finally found it, a Rosario containing a glowing innocence.

"We found it!" Lenalee announced through the golem that connected to Kanda's golem.

"Alright. We will meet you out front." A chipper voice replied, obviously Lavi's.

Lenalee removed the Rosario from behind the glass casing. She was shocked by how heavy the little cross necklace was. She closed up the case and walked over to Allen and smiled. "Ready to get something to eat?"

Allen's face brightened and he smiled. "Yes! I'm ready for some French food. Any food is fine though."

She smiled. "I think there was a nice restaurant down the street."

"That sounds great."

The two walked down the halls and out to the two out back.


Kanda was not happy with the food selection at the restaurant, but he settled with some plain bread as they ate.

After dinner they arrived at their in and got settled in for the night, Lenalee got her own room while the boys shared a room.

The three argued about bed arrangements, but Kanda won the argument getting him his own bed while Allen and Lavi shared.


As the three settled down and finally got into bed to sleep a knock sounded, Kanda rolled in his sleep grumbling for someone else to get the door.

Allen slowly crawled out of bed and answered the door, it was Lenalee.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. I got a mission and I have to leave right away." She removed the Rosario and placed it around Allen's neck. "Can you take that back to headquarters with you? I trust you a bit more than Lavi or Kanda."

Allen nodded. "Alright, I will take it. Thanks Lenalee, and come back safely."

"I will." She promised and picked up her bag and left, leaving Allen to go back to bed.

Allen yawned and laid down, not noticing that the innocence was slowly losing its glow.