Chapter 17

Allen helped Alice slide on her jacket and handed her a picnic basket, almost as big as she was, filled with sandwiches and tea for her and her brother's lunch. He kissed her cheek.

"How come you can't go Daddy?" She asked.

"We are moving."

"Where?" She asked, hugging my leg.

I bent down to be eye level with her. "We are moving into a big building, like a skyscraper."

She gasped, "Really?" She asked, excited.

"Yes, there are lots of nice people there and you can see Lenalee almost every day."

She smiled.

"So Daddy has to stay and pack, okay?"

She nodded. She kissed Allen's cheek and carried the big picnic basket. "Thank you for lunch Daddy."

Allen walked her out to where Lavi and Kanda were standing with Aaron and Rin, waiting for us.

Alice walked to Lavi and handed him the basket, it was too heavy for her.

Together, the little group walked down the street to the park as Allen watched them leave. Allen walked back inside the house to see Lenalee waiting for him.

"So how are," She was cut short by Allen shushing her.

"Did you hear that?" Allen asked.

"What?" She asked hearing nothing.

Allen smirked. "Exactly."

Lenalee laughed. "Enjoy it now."

Allen smiled and set about trying to pack.


Lavi and Kanda walked to the park with the little balls of energy, enjoying the cold breeze as the three kids ran to play on the jungle gym.

"I can get use to this parenting thing." Lavi smirked and sat on a bench and watched them play.

Kanda huffed and sat beside him.

"Oh come on Yu!" Lavi smiled. "Those kids are adorable and they are ours. How amazing is that?"

Kanda blew Lavi off.

"Look at the boy… ummm… Rin… I think. Rin looks just like you!"

"So what?"

"And the little girl, Alice, She has your hair."


"Aaron is the mini version of you, besides the looks. He is most likely stubborn, protective, and quick tempered." Lavi smirked.

"I am not like that!" Kanda yelled.

Lavi laughed. "Whatever."

They watched the three play.

Lavi pushed Alice of the swings and chased Rin around.

Aaron didn't like to be played with so he was always playing by himself or with his siblings.

At lunch they all sat down at a picnic table and ate sandwiches and drank tea.

As Kanda sipped tea, he felt something tug his hair. He turned to see the kid that looks like him, Rin.


Rin grinned and showed Kanda that he had Kanda's hair tie.

"You little snot!" Kanda growled and reached for his hair tie, but Rin ran to the jungle gym.

Lavi and Alice laughed and Aaron just sighed.


Allen finished packing up the boys' stuff before packing Alice's things as Lenalee packed up miscellaneous items throughout the house.

As they packed Allen was telling her funny stories about the three kids.

Lenalee could hear the love and compassion in Allen's voice as he talked about his kids. Her best friend was in love with his kids.

Allen walked out with the last box and set it down. "Alright, that is everything of the kids'."

"All that is left is your room."

Allen sighed. "That will be a chore."

Lenalee laughed.

The door opened and Rin ran in and glomped Allen's leg.

"Wow! What's up buddy?" Allen asked picking Rin up.

Rin showed Allen a hair ribbon.

"Isn't that Kan-," Allen was cut short by Kanda storming in.

"Where is that little Shit!" Kanda yelled.

Allen held his son defensively, like a mother bear. "You will not say that around my children!" Allen yelled at Kanda.

Kanda rolled his eyes.

Allen gently took the hair tie from Rin and gave it to Kanda.

Rin awwwed and Allen set him down and ruffled his hair. "Don't touch Kanda's things, okay?"

Rin nodded and smiled mischievously at Kanda.

"You are an evil little kid." Kanda informed him.

Alice hugged Allen's leg.

Allen smiled and kissed her. "Have fun?"

She nodded.

Allen laughed. "That's good." Allen noticed his son walk by. "How about you Aaron? Have fun?"

Aaron nodded.

"Are you hungry?"

Aaron nodded.

"I made chicken and mixed vegtables for dinner."

"Can I have soba?" He asked Allen.

"You will have soba tomorrow night."

Aaron nodded, happy.

"Dinner is ready. Wash up and I will set the table." Allen said to the three and they ran to the bathroom.

Allen turned to the exorcists. "So how was your first parenting trip?"

"Exhausting." Lavi admitted.

"Annoying." Kanda grumbled.

Allen laughed and set the table with Lenalee's help.

Soon they were all eating, a small unique family.