Chapter 19

Allen woke when he felt something crawl into bed with him. A little body curled up in his arms and he smiled. "Have a bad dream?"

Alice shook her head and hugged a little plush rabbit. "There is something in my closet."

"Alice, nothing is in your closet."

"But I saw it Daddy."

Allen yawned and sat up. He turned on the light and pulled Alice close. "Let's go take a peek at that monster." Allen slid on a white muscle shirt and picked Alice up and carried her to her room. He turned on the light and set her on her bed. "What did it look like?"

"He was like this big!" She held her arms out as far as she could. "And he had green fur with purple poka-dots."

Allen smiled and chuckled quietly as he opened her closet. "I don't see anything."

"You can't see it with the lights on silly."

"My mistake." Allen shut the lights off and crawled in bed with her.

Allen eventually fell asleep and Allen tucked her in and kissed her cheek before walking back to his room.


There were so many people staring. Allen and the kids felt uncomfortable as they walked down the halls.

They got to the mess hall and ordered breakfast. Aaron was so happy that he could have soba for breakfast.

Lavi walked up and smiled. "Morning Guys!"

"Lavi!" Rin cheered, He ran to Lavi and glomped the redhead.

"Rin." Allen scolded, "Finish eating first."

"I'm done Daddy."

"Take your plate to the washing window, Jerry will show you where it is."

Rin nodded and walked over.

Jerry had loved the three, he pinched their cheeks and wanted to hold each of them.

Lavi sat beside Allen. "So, What are today's plans?"

"What?" Allen asked, confused.

"What are we doing today?"

"We?" Allen raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah. We, you know… you, me, and our kids."

Allen dropped his forkful of scrambled eggs. Allen was quiet for a second before turning to his kids. "Are you two finished?"

Aaron and Alice nodded.

"Good, take your trays and follow Rin."

Once the kids left the table, Allen slapped Lavi. "I forgave you for what happened six years ago. I will let you see your children and spend some time with them, but don't you dare say that they are 'our kids'. Sure, they might have your DNA, but you didn't even know they existed until two days ago. You are not their father, I raised them alone! It is insulting for you to just show up and want to be part of their lives after I needed help a long time ago." Allen whispered and grabbed his tray and left Lavi, who was rubbing his read cheek.

"Daddy, what's wrong?" Rin asked.

"Nothing. Let's go to Komui's." Allen smiled softly and held Aaron's hand.


Lavi sparred with Kanda. "I just don't understand. I just wanted to help."

"He doesn't want help. Just leave him alone," Kanda said and blocked Lavi's hand.


"But nothing. He doesn't want you in his life. Just give up." Kanda said and kicked Lavi in the stomach when he saw him falter.

Lavi stumbled but caught himself, coughing. "I just… I can't, he needs me."

"What can you offer? You would just be another thing he has to take care of."

"I'm going to talk to him." Lavi said, walking out.

"He is going to go mother bear on you and kick your ass!" Kanda yelled his warning.


The Walkers' check up with Komui was almost done with Allen's examination being last. It turned out that Alice's innocence was fine and that both Aaron and Rin had innocence too.

Komui gave them their innocence so it would start shaping to their weapon's form.

Komui took off Allen's shirt and examined his left arm. "Everything looks fine."

"That's good."

Komui examined Allen's hand when Lavi walked in.

Allen looked up surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Lavi!" Rin yelled and ran over to glomp Lavi's leg.

"Hey buddy." Lavi picked up Rin.

"Look! I have innocence like Daddy." He said showing Lavi a green glowing cube.

"Wow. That is cool." Lavi smiled and Rin beamed a smile, happy.

Komui wrote some things down and gave Allen his shirt back.

Allen walked over and took Rin away from Lavi. "I thought we talked earlier."

"We did, but I insist that we talk again and this time, I will be talking." Lavi smirked, knowing he had just cornered Allen.

"What do you want?"

"Nope, let's take a walk."

Aaron held Allen's hand and nodded, meaning that he wanted to go.

Allen sighed, "Alright." Allen couldn't say no to Aaron's calm composure.

Aaron and the other two smiled and led the way out. When they were outside, the triplets played tag and let Allen and Lavi do their own thing.

Allen sat in the grass and Lavi sat beside him. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Allen, I'm sorry."

"For what?" Allen asked confused.

"Even if we were under the innocence's control, it was still wrong. I'm sorry that Kanda and I raped you. We would never do something like that to hurt you, I am terribly sorry. I know that my apology won't make up for it, but I just hope that you can one day forgive us for that terrible deed."

Allen smiled softly. "Thank you for the apology, but I already forgave you a long time ago."

"I wasn't done." Lavi informed.

Allen grew silent.

"I know that you are stressed, you've had a rough life and the last six years haven't made it better."

Allen nodded, not denying it. He couldn't remember the last time he had a day off without working. "You want to know something funny?"

Lavi looked over, "Sure."

"Don't tell anyone, please, but I've never been on a date before." Allen admitted. "A 21 year old with three 5 year olds is not exactly a turn on, I guess." Allen shrugged.

Lavi felt bad for his friend.

Allen laughed. "Apparently, I am considered 'cute' among soccer moms."

"Really?" Lavi asked. He wanted Allen to talk, hoping that it would make him feel better.

"I would do everything. Take Rin to soccer, pick up Aaron from Kendo, wait for Alice at Ballet, and take them all to Karate." Allen sighed. "I would sit with all the parents, or should I say moms. They were nice, but they saw me as just a kid too, considering that they were all either in their older 30's or early 40's. They offered to babysit and for us to come over for play dates, but I learned quickly that it was soccer mom talk for let's make out while the kids entertain themselves."

"Well, that is ummm… that's gross."

Allen laughed. "No need to tell me."

Alice picked a daisy for Allen and set it in Allen's hair, behind his ear.

"Thank you." Allen smiled and kissed her cheek.

Alice giggled and ran off.

Allen smiled. "She is going to look like Kanda, except, she will be much prettier."

Lavi laughed. "Allen you need a girl."

Allen shook his head. "I'll be fine."

"No, get dressed nicely tonight. I'll get Lenalee to watch over the kids and I will find you a date."

"Thank you Lavi, but I can find my own dates."

"Apparently you can't." Lavi said quickly.

Allen's eye twitched at the burn Lavi gave him. Allen thought for a second if Lavi actually wanted Allen to slap him again.

"Please? Let me try?" Lavi begged.

"Alright." Allen gave in sighing.

"Make sure you are ready by seven tonight."

Allen nodded.

Lavi smiled and ran off, he had a date to arrange.