Chapter 21

Allen walked with Lavi to the village beside the Order's location.

"Now, do you want a man date or a woman date?"

"What's the difference?" Allen asked confused.

"On a woman's date, I would take you out for dinner, maybe some dancing, and then a movie."

"And a guy's date?"

"Dinner, and a sports bar. I'll buy the drinks."

Allen smiled. "That sounds nice."

"Which option?"

"Both, but I could go for the drinks in number two more than a movie tonight."

"Are you a drinker?"

"A little. But I'm not addicted."

Lavi smiled and walked Allen into a restaurant. "Table for two."

A waitress seated them and got their orders.

Allen had ate dinner at the Order so he wouldn't scare his date, so he wasn't that hungry. He ordered 3 pieces of cake as Lavi ordered dinner."

They ate, casually having little conversations.

Allen talked about the kids, telling Lavi a lot of things that had happened in those 5 years.

After dinner, Lavi escorted Allen to a bar and they had some shots. Lavi found that Allen was great at holding his liquor. They played some pool and poker until 11:30.

They returned home and quietly walked in. Allen woke up Lenalee who was sleeping on the couch.

"Allen, your home."

"Yes, were the kids okay?"

Lenalee nodded. "They were angels."

Allen smiled.

"How was your date?" Lenalee asked Allen and Lavi.

Allen looked up at Lavi and nodded. "It was good."

"That's good." Lenalee smiled. "Good night." Lenalee walked out and left the two alone.

"So, ummm… I had fun."

Allen nodded. "I did too."

"I can move in tomorrow?"

"Yes, if you will?"

"Of course." Lavi walked out.

Allen kissed Lavi's cheek. "Good night."

Allen softly closed the door and walked to his room. Allen stripped and changed clothes and cleaned up. Allen laid down and fell asleep with a smile on his face.