Chapter 22

Kanda walked down the halls and walked past Lavi who was carrying a few boxes.

"You missed it." Lavi smirked.

"Missed what?" Kanda asked, uninterested.

"Your chance."

"What are you going on about baka Usagi?"

"Allen. He's forgiven me."


"Now I can help him. I can take care of my kids." Lavi smiled.

"So, you are basically whipped?"

"I am not whipped!"

"Please, Allen is a woman with balls." Kanda said.

"Why thank you Bakanda."

Kanda turned to see Allen with his triplets behind him.

"Morning Allen!" Lavi smiled.

"Morning Lavi. We came to help you move." Allen's smiled faded when he looked at Kanda.

"Moyashi." Kanda greeted in his usual manner.

"Bakanda." Allen said, returning the sentiment.

The two glared at each other.

"Daddy! Can we go outside?" Rin asked.

"No, we came to help Lavi more."

The boys picked up a box. "Let's go!"

Allen chuckled. "Yes guys." Allen picked up a box and walked over, giving Alice Lavi's pillow to carry. They walked down the hall.

"They are a beautiful family, our family, Yu."

"Don't call me that!"

"Yu, look at Allen. Make amends. I know that you want to talk to your children."

"That is where you're wrong Usagi."

Lavi rolled his eye.

Allen and his family returned.

"I'm leaving." Kanda huffed and walked away.

"Where is Bakanda going?" Allen asked as he approached.

"To the training ground probably."

Allen nodded. "Let's finish so we can go outside."

The kids cheered and grabbed boxes.

The family finished up and headed outside.

Allen watched as his kids played. "Lavi, I need to talk to you." He said softly as he watched the three run around.

"About what?"

"We got the results back from our check up with Komui."

"The kids are fine, right?" Lavi asked concerned.

"Yes. They are perfectly healthy." Allen smiled softly. "I am a different story though."

"What's wrong? You got a cold or something?" Lavi asked.

"Lavi, I am dying."


"I've overused my innocence and it's drained me. Komui says that I possibly have a little bit less than a year left."

"What? But you… and your… have you told the kids yet?" Lavi asked quietly.

"No. They wouldn't understand and I don't want to tell them." Allen said softly as he watched his daughter run over with a flower for her Daddy. "That is why I want you and Kanda to get close to them." Allen smiled and kneeled down to be eye level with his baby girl. "Oh, what did you bring me Alice?"

"Flowers!" She giggled and tangled them in her father's white hair. "I even brought one for Mr. Lavi."

"Thank you." Lavi smiled and accepted the offered flower.

Rin ran over, "Daddy, want to play tag?"

Allen smiled, "Sure."

"Okay." Rin grinned and tapped Allen. "Your It!" He declared running away as fast as he could.

"That is cheating!" Allen called to his son and ran after him.

Lavi chuckled as he watched the small family, he would never had guessed that it would soon fall apart.