4 years later…

"Make your stance longer." Kanda ordered as he hit Aaron's leg with a kendo sword, wanting him to perfect his stance.

Aaron (9) growled. He didn't like to be told that he was wrong.

Kanda sunk into a stance, "Now attack."

Aaron pushed off from his stance and swung his practice sword at Kanda.

Kanda blocked, his son was almost as good as he was when he was his age.

The two fought a while until Kanda ended the fight with a strike to his son's side.

"Yame!" The two bowed to each other. "We will stop there for today."

Lavi walked in clapping. "Very good, Aaron, you are improving every time."


Alice walked in, her hair up in a ponytail like Kanda; she had on a little green dress and smiled, clutching her silver locket. "Ready?"

"Yeah, give me a minute." Aaron said as he grabbed a towel to wipe some sweat off. "Where's Rin?"

"In Komui's office." Lavi sighed.

"Why?" Kanda asked, ready to scold his son.

"He kind of shaved Rouvelier's mustache off on accident." Lavi explained.

"How was that an accident?" Kanda growled.

"I have no idea, but Rin claims it was. We will have a talk with him later."

Aaron held his sister's hand. "Want to go see Dad?"

Alice nodded.

Lavi walked the two out and they came to a little headstone out by the woods. Lavi remembered pleading with Komui for a grave for Allen; it was against the Order's policy though. But since all of Allen's family and friends knew of Allen's death and already dealt with the loss, he allowed for Allen to be buried on the grounds.

Alice picked a small bouquet of wild flowers and set them before Allen's grave. "Hey Daddy," She smiled and sat before Allen's grave. "How is heaven? Everything is fine here. Aaron is working hard to be a good swordsman just like Mr. Kanda; his skills with a sword are amazing. Rin is causing trouble like always." She giggled. "He cut off that mean Mr. Rouvelier's mustache. Isn't that funny? Lavi's taken good care of us. Even Mr. Kanda stops by out room to check on us. I'm doing good Daddy. I've been helping out Miss Lenalee, Lavi's girlfriend. I carry coffee and help Mr. Komui and other scientists. We are doing really good Daddy. I miss you so much, but just know that we are fine. You left us with a very good replacement Daddy, just know that he will never be as good as you. Lavi can't even make chocolate chip pancakes like you use to." She giggled and then sighed. "I love you Daddy and I miss you so much." She said sadly.

Aaron nodded.

"Come on guys, let's go fetch your brother from Komui's office."

Alice stood and patted down her dress. She ran over and held her brother's hand.

"Why do you always talked like Dad's here?"

"Because, sometimes, he is." Alice smiled softly and covered up her innocence eye.


Allen watched his family leave. "I love you guys so much, you just don't understand how much."

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