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Warning: References to past abuse

This story is dedicated to Couture Girl, Queen of Theo Writing, who made me fall in love with the idea Theo/Luna/Draco. I've borrowed several aspects of Theo's backstory from her works, so I'd also like to thank her for answering questions about her head!canon for him.

Now, enjoy!


Theo couldn't help being jealous every time he saw Draco and Luna together.

They were perfect – the perfect couple in every way that the perfect couple could have been defined. They didn't fight – Draco had once confided that he didn't even know how to fight with Luna. Luna was, according to Draco, an extremely exciting bed mate. They even looked alike, both pale and blonde haired and grey–eyed.

Not fair at all.

Theo did not have a girlfriend. He had slept with Pansy Parkinson a few times, on–and–off over their Hogwarts years and the time immediately following that. Theo had fancied that they might get married eventually, but Pansy had run off with Daphne Greengrass of all people, and good riddance to her. She was a stupid, stuck–up bitch of a girl, really, and Theo had no time for her.

He just wished that Luna and Draco had time for him.

He had gotten a flat close to Malfoy Manor and he tried to spend all the time that he possibly could with them, but the more time he spent hanging about their home, the more he worried that they were thinking that he was strange and co–dependant and God only knew what else. The last thing that Theo ever wanted anyone to think about him was that he was co–dependent. He had put so much effort into making sure that he didn't depend on anyone else – that had been how he had gotten away from his father…

But he didn't like to think about that.

He did wonder, sometimes, whether Luna caught him staring longingly at the two of them and was too polite to mention it, or whether Draco did and wasn't sure what it meant.

Of course Draco wouldn't be sure what it meant. Theo wasn't even sure what it meant.

When he was feeling particularly defiant, particularly willing to tell himself that there was nothing wrong with what he felt, Theo thought that he was simply jealous that they had such a strong relationship when he was alone. When he was a little more introspective, he sometimes let himself admit that he found Luna rather attractive. And when he was entirely consumed in his own thoughts… at night, half-drunk, alone… then, sometimes he thought…

Ever since they had been in school together, Theo had, if nothing else, admired Draco. He had been proud to call him a friend. He had been proud to say that Draco Malfoy considered him a friend. He admired Draco's self–confidence, his brash ability to put his thoughts out to the world and not care what anyone said back to him, and the way he could always do it with a proud sneer and a sense of superiority… Theo admired that.

Those were, of course, qualities that Theo himself had never had. He was quiet and retiring, preferring to disappear into the shadows and brood rather than openly insult or even acknowledge other people. The way that Draco acted, so free of any ordinary inhibition, but controlled and able to focus his pride and self–confidence, had at once fascinated and almost intimidated Theo.

Luna was, in her way, not so very different. She would not insult anyone for anything but the crime of being narrow–minded – and that insult did come up from time to time, but she hardly went around accusing people of it – but she had the same sort of unbelievable ability as Draco to simply not care what anyone else thought. Or perhaps, rather, the better explanation was that she didn't care if anyone thought unpleasant things about her. She beamed like anyone else when she was complimented, just as Draco swelled with pride when he was acknowledged, but if someone told her that she was stupid, or too old to believe in fairy tales, she brushed it off without giving it a second thought as easily as Draco did so when someone called him arrogant or spoiled. Perhaps Luna was too old to believe in fairy tales, and it would have been difficult to really deny that Draco was arrogant, but those were qualities of their personalities that they would not apologize for.

Perhaps that shared sense of self–pride – open in Draco and implicit in Luna – was what had drawn them together.

It was certainly what drew Theo to them.

It was unfortunate, he thought, that they had found each other before he had ever had a chance to tell either of them how he felt about them.

He had been too nervous to ever tell Draco that he found him more attractive than any boy should find a friend. He had never been able to find the words that wouldn't alienate Draco, wouldn't end in Draco sneering at him and telling him to piss off and find some other boy to fawn over. And Luna had been too shocking in her demeanour, too otherworldly for Theo to even know how to approach, much less for him to find it in himself to tell her that he was romantically interested in her.

He could talk to Luna now – carry on a coherent conversation and even make jokes in her presence – but it was a skill he had only acquired after she had moved in with Draco and they had become permanent fixtures in each other's lives, when all hopes of any sort of romantic relationship had been thoroughly dashed.

So Theo contented himself with friendship.

He tried not to think – not too often, at least – that he was only driving himself mad by allowing himself to form platonic relationships with them when he wanted something more than that so desperately.

But no matter how badly he wanted it, he refused to try to ruin what they had. It was better that he suffered than them.

He was always the one who suffered.

One late winter afternoon, he was lying on his thin, hard bed – he had refused the inheritance that he would have received when his father died; he would never take anything that had anything to do with the man who had made his childhood such a misery – and considering matters of himself and Draco and Luna, when there was a knock upon the door of his flat.

"Just a minute!" he called, sitting up and quickly glancing in the mirror to be sure that he was presentable. He looked all right, he supposed, if not wildly well put–together. But that hardly mattered – everyone who came to his flat was either someone who had seen him in a worse state than this before or someone who didn't really matter.

He opened the door and managed a smile when he saw Draco and Luna standing there.

"Hello!" Luna said brightly, and Draco nodded, acknowledging Theo, who held the door open for them. Luna was wearing a pair of very bulky boots that looked like they were made out of some kind of thick canvas and painted with bright splashes of colour, and she stamped the snow off of them before she came in. The bulkiness firmly offset the long coat she was wearing, which hung right to the tops of the boots and which Theo was quite sure had once been Narcissa Malfoy's. He thought that he had seen her wearing it when she had picked Draco up from Platform 9 ¾ sometime when they were young. Her arms were wrapped around her torso as if protecting herself from cold, but she wasn't shivering, despite her lack of gloves, scarf or hat.

"Been well, Theo?" Draco asked, stepping in and putting one arm around Luna's shoulders and reaching out with the other to clap Theo lightly on his shoulder. Theo winced automatically but didn't pull back.

"Not bad. Do you want something to drink?"

"Tea, please," Luna said. She was still hugging herself and Theo wondered briefly if she was hurt.

"Yeah… all right, I'll put a kettle on." He indicated that they should follow him into the kitchen, then pointed his wand at a kettle, which immediately filled with water and started to steam and whistle. "What sort of tea?"

"Any sort you have," Draco said and Theo turned away from him, making himself busy with tealeaves and cups. They were silent – strangely silent – until he turned back and handed them their tea.

"Thanks." Draco gave him a small nod and Luna simply smiled her beautiful, beatific smile and took the cup, sipping it while keeping her free arm wrapped tightly around her torso.

"Is… something wrong?" Theo asked. He sat down across from them, glancing from one to the other. "I didn't expect you. I don't mind, of course, but you usually send a letter if you're planning to drop by…"

"I wanted it to be a surprise," Luna told him. He looked at her questioningly and when she didn't say anything more, he looked at Draco.

"Wanted what to be a surprise?"

Draco hesitated, taking a sip of his tea and not looking at him. "You're supposed to tell him, Luna. I don't know how to explain."

"What's happened?" Theo was instantly alert. "What's wrong? Is one of you sick? What can I do? Tell me right now!"

"No, it's nothing like that," Luna assured him. "We're both fine. We're both very good, actually."

"Well, then…?"

"Well, you see," Luna said, looking at Theo with a very serious expression, "Draco and I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. About a lot of things."

"What… sort of things? Are you pregnant?" he added quickly, glancing at Luna's stomach. Was she dressed in the coat and keeping her arms folded to disguise a bump? He tried to imagine Luna pregnant and couldn't do it. He could imagine her with children, though…

"No," Luna said, shaking her head. "I don't want any children right now. I'm too young to be a mother, I think."

"You would be a very good mother," Theo told her quickly.

"Thank you." She beamed at him. "But I'm not pregnant. It's about you, Theo."

He looked at them warily. This, he thought, could only be bad. Perhaps they had caught him staring a few too many times and were tired of it. Perhaps they thought that he was too moody to keep imposing on their happiness and they wanted him to leave them alone.

"What… what about me?"

"We'd like you to move in with us," Luna told him.

"Pardon me?"

"You know," she said, looking a little surprised that he hadn't understood. "We'd like you to move into Malfoy Manor with us. We think that would be really lovely for all of us. Of course, if you're very attached to this flat…"

"He's not," Draco interrupted. He wrinkled his nose, looking around. "It's… eugh."

Theo glanced around. Part of him wanted to make a feeble protest, wanted to say that his house wasn't that bad and that Draco ought to keep his mouth shut until he had tried to find a decent place without his father's money, but he couldn't quite muster up the energy. After all, he was right.

"So… you want me to move into Malfoy Manor with you?"

"Yes, that's what I said." Luna nodded. "Would you like to?"

"Well… I…" Yes. Yes, I would like to move into Malfoy Manor with you. I would like to live with you both and I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you. "Why?"

"Because we love you very much," Luna said. The way she said it – so earnest, so weirdly sincere – made Theo do a double take. If she had said it more lightly, or if Draco had said it, he would have assumed that by love they meant care about and want you in our lives. But when Luna said it in that strangely serious way that she had, Theo couldn't help but assume that she meant… love.

"Good job at breaking it to him gently, Luna," Draco said, rolling his eyes, then he looked to Theo, who was staring at him and Luna with a perplexed expression.

"I… pardon me?" Theo said, blinking at them. It had to be some sort of joke – or perhaps he simply didn't understand the meaning. Luna was free with her emotions under most circumstances and perhaps she simply meant that she… that she was fond of him and wanted to share her home with him. Perhaps she meant that…

"We love you," Luna told him. "We've talked about it a lot and we both love you very much and we'd like you to live with us."

"Draco," Theo said, looking at his friend rather helplessly. "What's she talking about?"

Theo had never seen Draco look so awkward. He shifted in his seat and looked at his hands and finally took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Luna thinks–" he began, then quickly amended when Luna gave him a sharp look, "Luna and I think that you should… erm…" His face was rather flushed and he looked at Luna helplessly.

"We think you should live with us," Luna said. The way she was talking made it sound like she thought she was explaining something incredibly simple. "Like Draco and I live together. You would live with us too."

"I… I don't understand what you're… getting at…"

"If you don't want to," Draco said quickly, "you really don't have to. We wouldn't want to pressure you or anything like that…"

"Do you not want to?" Luna interrupted. She leaned over the table a little, examining Theo with an intense stare. "Do you not want to come live with us?"


And what was he supposed to say to that? Was he supposed to turn down an offer from his closest friend and his girlfriend to leave the grotty little flat that was his home and move into one of the most extravagant and well–kept manors in the country? How did he say no to that? And how could he say no to an offer of – if he was reading Luna and Draco right – some sort of relationship?

"I… it's very kind of you," he said carefully. "Very kind of you," he added. "A very… very good offer."

"Yes," Luna agreed. "It is, rather, isn't it?"

"But… I don't understand why."

"Why?" Luna blinked at him. Draco was pointedly looking everywhere but at him. "I thought I already explained that. We love you, Theo."

"Luna, you know…" Draco sounded very uncomfortable. "You know that most people don't say things like that?"

"But I do." There was no hint of shame in Luna's voice and she set her cup of tea down. "And anyhow, Draco and I discussed this already, and I thought you might need something to calm you down a little and help you understand the sort of thing that we'd do once you were living with us, so…" She stood up and held out her arms, and the coat she was wearing slid off of her.

Theo stared.

She wasn't wearing anything underneath.

He had thought about what Luna would look like naked before, of course – how could he not have? She wasn't particularly modest with her body and he often felt like if he craned his neck in just the right direction or if he came over to Malfoy Manor unexpectedly on a warm day, he would have a good chance of catching sight of her body, but he never actually had.

She looked absolutely beautiful.

She was thin, but pleasantly round in her stomach and thighs. There was a soft, slightly childish quality to her build, like her body hadn't fully developed yet, and Theo wanted to run his hands over her smooth, pale skin and pull her close to him and kiss her…

He looked at Draco, who was looking at him very seriously.

"Do you mind this?" he asked. "Do you mind Luna acting… like this?"

"Like what?" asked Luna. She still had her arms out and Theo thought that if she hadn't been wearing those ridiculous, bulky boots, she would have looked like a painting plucked straight from the portfolio of some great Renaissance master. She looked, Theo thought, as though Leonardo da Vinci had left a drawing of Venus lying in his studio and a trickster had snuck in to paint boots on her.

"Would you like to go to your bed, Theo?" Luna asked. "Or would you prefer to do it here?"

"Do– do what?" he stammered.

"Have a threesome, of course." As if the answer should have been obvious.

"If he's comfortable with that!" Draco interrupted quickly. "If you're comfortable with that, Theo – we don't have to." His cheeks were quite red and he looked like he wanted to tell Luna to put her coat back on.


His mouth was dry. He couldn't talk. He couldn't even think – couldn't think anything except Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy – how can they even need to ask whether I want a threesome?

He nodded. "I… want… to… I suppose."

Luna beamed. "Your bed or here?"

"Bed… I suppose." His brain was numb. He couldn't think at all.

"Come on, then." She held her hand out and he took it, barely able to register what he was doing. Part of him was thinking that this had to be a joke, some sort of wildly elaborate scheme to… give him a present, perhaps, or maybe just fuck with his mind…

But Luna certainly wasn't acting like it was a trick – and come to that, Draco wasn't either. He was following them into the bedroom, looking just as genuinely pleased about the situation as Luna clearly was, though the signs in him were more subtle than Luna's wide smile and bouncing step.

Luna put one hand on Theo's shoulder, gently guiding him so that he was sitting on the bed, then turned to Draco and kissed him hard. Her hand slipped down his chest and she quickly, skilfully, flicked the buttons of his shirt open. The way she did it made her look practiced, as though she had done this a hundred thousand times before – which, Theo reminded himself, she probably had. Draco knotted his fingers in her hair and then slid them down her back, kissing her fiercely while she pushed the shirt off of him, and for a moment, Theo wasn't quite sure what to do with himself. He hadn't ever participated in a threesome before – was he meant to watch them? Join in? How?

But before he had come to any sort of conclusion, Luna had gotten Draco's shirt off, kicked off her own boots, then crawled onto the bed. She seemed to know what she was doing, which shouldn't have been any surprise, really – Luna had often said – and Draco had often said about Luna – that she liked to experiment and didn't even think of sex as the slightest bit taboo. She'd probably had plenty of threesomes before.

But hadn't ever invited someone she was having a threesome with to come and live with her.

She kissed him and her lips felt warm and slightly swollen. She stroked his chest slowly, popping his buttons with as much ease as she had Draco's, but as much as Theo enjoyed that – and oh, he did enjoy it – it was nothing compared to the pleasure mixed with surprise that filled him when he felt a second pair of hands on his belt.

Draco smiled at him – a small, slightly cheeky little smirk – while he undid his belt. A flush went through Theo's body in response and the muscles in his legs and stomach clenched.

Oh, how many times had he thought about this, thought about Draco…

Luna slipped his shirt off and kissed his chest lightly, just below his collarbone. "You can touch us if you want, you know, Theo," she whispered and he hesitated before cupping one of her small, pert breasts in his hand. It felt so warm and soft and perfect

And then Draco's hand wrapped around his cock.

He hadn't been expecting that, not in the slightest. He had frankly expected Draco – Draco, the very epitome of charming male heterosexuality – to undo his trousers and then step back and let Luna do the rest of the work. It had surprised him that Draco had even undone his trousers but he had been able to justify it in his mind as him just being helpful. When Luna had said threesome, Theo had imagined himself on one side of Luna and Draco on the other, fucking her and having little contact with each other except a hand or arm brushing the other one while they caressed her.

He liked this a lot more.

Draco pulled his cock slowly, running his hand over the length and squeezing with a surprising degree of certainty as to how to touch him.

Just how many other people have you done this to?

"Mmm…" Luna moaned softly, taking Theo's other hand and putting it on her other breast. "Touch me, please."

He squeezed her softly and she groaned, letting her head fall back and her long, fair hair stream down her back, but Theo was half watching her and half watching Draco as he stroked him, and then finally leaned down between his legs and took the head of his cock into his mouth.


He bucked automatically against Draco and his hands tightened on Luna's breasts, eliciting another moan from her. She twined her arms around his neck and threw her head back, her pale hair streaming down her back. With some increased confidence, Theo pulled her nipples experimentally, and a flush of colour rose in her cheeks.

"That feels… so good, Theo…" she moaned, and she sounded absolutely delighted.

Draco moaned as well, sending vibrations through Theo's lower body, then he lifted his head, crawling onto the bed beside them. He ran his hands slowly up Theo's chest, then leaned over him to catch Luna's mouth with his. He kissed her fiercely, and one of his hands moved next to Theo's, kneading her breast.

Luna tossed her head and arched her back. She shifted on the bed and fell back onto the pillows with her legs spread wide, then looked up at Theo and Draco.

Draco groaned quietly. His eyes were cloudy with lust and Theo could only imagine that his own looked the same. But Luna's eyes were bright and clear and she was looking at the boys almost expectantly.

Theo leaned forward automatically to touch her, but Draco caught him by his shoulders and turned him around.

"Wha–" Theo began, but Draco silenced him with a deep kiss.

Theo's body tensed up automatically. Draco's kiss was firm and confident, his tongue steady as it slipped between his lips and explored Theo's mouth. He heard Luna give a contented sigh, but he didn't think anything of that. He was distracted – entirely distracted – by Draco's arms wrapping around him, and by the swell of his erection against his thigh.

"You've got no idea how long I've wanted to do that for," Draco mumbled, pulling away just a little so that his lips barely brushed against Theo's. Theo blushed and Draco's eyes gleamed as he leaned back and started to undo his own trousers.

Theo turned his attention back to Luna. She had slid one hand down between her legs and was stimulating herself with one fingertip while she looked at the boys. When she saw Theo looking, she lifted her hand away from herself. Her juices glistened enticingly on her thighs.

"Touch me, Theo," she whispered. She reached out and grasped Theo's wrist, pulling his hand forward and pressing it between her legs. She felt so good, so wet and slick…

Theo slid one finger tentatively over her clit and when she moaned happily, he pinched it between his thumb and forefinger. She arched off the bed with a gasp of delight and Theo, encouraged, rubbed it harder.

He felt Draco's arms twine around him from behind, and his hand wrap around his cock again. He jerked it back and forth, and Theo could not have helped rocking his hips against Draco's hand if he had tried.

And he certainly wasn't going to try.

Luna sat up and grasped at Theo's shoulders. Her face was slick with sweat, tendrils of hair clinging to her cheeks and forehead.

"I want–" she began, but then broke off and just pushed him down onto his back. She was surprisingly powerful, or perhaps lust was lending her strength, for barely had Theo hit the blankets when she was on top of him, straddling him.

Theo had barely registered what was happening by the time he felt her body sinking down around him.

He knotted his hands in the blankets, trying not to writhe too much. Luna looked so good bouncing on top of him, her hair all over the place and her breasts bouncing up and down while she rode him.

Draco had slid out from behind Theo and he laid another firm, passionate kiss against his lips before he moved behind Luna. He put one hand on her back and pushed her forward so that she was leaning down over Theo, who groaned at the shift in position. Then Luna let out a fresh moan, louder, and Theo felt a new pressure against his cock.

"Oh, Draco!" Luna cried, and Theo, craning his neck, could see Draco pumping his fingers slowly in and out of her ass.

He could have come on the spot.

He had to squeeze his eyes shut and dig his fingernails into his palms to keep control, and even that was just barely enough when he felt Luna tighten around him and heard her and Draco groan in unison. He barely dared to open his eyes and look at what they were doing.

Draco was behind Luna, who had leaned forward and braced herself with one hand over Theo. She was using the other hand to spread herself open, and Draco was slowly, steadily, pushing inside her.

Theo could feel Draco's cock pressing against his, Luna's body stretching to accommodate both of them.

Theo couldn't take it.

He felt his balls pull tight against his body and for just an instant, he tried desperately to hold on, but he couldn't do it, and a loud moan escaped his lips as he bucked desperately and felt himself spill inside Luna.

She gasped and he saw her mouth open in a silent moan through vision blurred with pleasure. She grabbed his hand and pressed his fingers against her clitoris while Draco thrust into her with steadily increasing speed.

It felt like only seconds before Luna screamed with delight, and he felt a rush of hot liquid spill over his hand and stomach. Draco groaned just seconds later, and then both of them collapsed forward, heaving and trembling on the bed, half on top of Theo.

They lay still for several long moments, all of them enjoying the afterglow, then Luna whispered, "So, why don't you pack up and come home with us?"