Welcome everyone to the Sequel to Goosebumps Deep Trouble: The Beginning. Darkness Rising is the name so I hope you enjoy it and leave a review! Enjoy!

Chapter 0: Same Old Situation…

My name is Daniel. But everyone calls me Dan. I'm 11 years old. I have medium long brown hair with an "I don't care" expression. I go to the old Pinewood Intermediate School in Wood Grove, New York. Wood Grove is actually the merger between the towns of Rotterdam and Schenectady but now Rotterdam is called "Lower Wood Grove while Schenectady is called "Upper Wood Grove". Last year, the school librarian gave me two Goosebumps books as I came to the library every day. But it turns out that (after a little research) is that I was somehow transported inside those books. It was really freaky but luckily I got out. During that time, I had made some friends with (after further review via the internet) the characters from the book, Billy Deep, his sister Sheena, their uncle Dr. D. And (don't ask how) a mermaid named Cam. So after all that, I'm back in my house relaxing. Two years have passed since this happened so hopefully my life will improve…

The first day of summer vacation. Thank the Lord. Not only am I happy to not have to be stuck in a classroom listening to stupid lectures on math and stuff. As soon my teacher, Mrs. Nelson told us that we could go it became complete mayhem. Everyone started running down the hall screaming bloody murder or something. I walked calmly down the hall with my friend Mikey. He had short brown hair, kinda chubby and wore an orange shirt and blue jeans. I was wearing a blue shirt with matching jeans.

"So, what are you doing over the summer?" He asked.

"Same as usual. In the basement. Playing video games. Nothing too different." I told him.

"My family and I are going to visit my grandparents in Georgia." He said as we climbed onto the bus. Yeah. Nothing too different. Except for the message in my book.

Congratulations. You are one step closer to fulfilling you're destiny laid out before you. Two year from this day, you will return to this world to combat an even greater evil. Be warned: you may not be so lucky this time…

That message kept going through my head throughout the day. Today was the day it was talking about. What "greater evil" is it talking about? And that bit near the end, "Be warned: you may not be so lucky this time…" If it's saying I'm going to die that's just insane. I can't die just yet. As soon as my Mom stopped the car in our driveway, I ran up to my room and opened up the book. I set the first book, Deep Trouble to the side and opened up it's sequel, Deep Trouble II and stared at the monstrous looking fish on the cover and said,

"Show me your worst." I was ready. All of a sudden the room looked blurry. I felt dizzy and weak. I fought the urge to close my eyes. I looked up and saw the ocean closing in. So this is what happened to me. I thought to myself. I hit the water with a smash. I looked around the ocean to spot the sight of a boat.

So at this point in time I was inside this place. Off the coast of a tiny island called Ilandra. Billy told me that was where they were two years ago. I recognized the tiny speck of an island. Now I had only one problem: Where was the boat?