Developed by Telltale Games

Adapted by Andy IsEpik

The Walking Dead Episode 1/5

Chapter One

The day just wasn't going so good for Lee Everett.

He'd fallen ill while on his way to his teaching job, so he decided to call in sick for the day. Lee remembered arriving at his home, the anger and sorrow he had felt when he discovered that his beloved ex-wife had been having an affair with a senator. He distinctively remembered the extreme satisfaction of killing the man. But now all he felt was regret. One moment he was at home, the next, he was in a police car on the way out of Atlanta.

The first ten minutes of the ride were spent in silence and awkward glances through the rear mirror.

Then, the officer driving the vehicle decided to get a little chatty.

"Well, I reckon you didn't do it then."

Lee doubted his answer would even matter at this point of time. "Does it really matter?"

"Nah, not much." The officer nonchalantly replied, before quickly launching into his story. "Y'know I've driven a buncha' fellas down to this prison. Lord knows how many. Usually is 'bout now I get the "I didn't do it."

"Not from me."

"'Cause guys in your position already said it enough?" the officer inquired. He stopped talking, possibly gathering his thoughts.

The radio in the front was saying something, so Lee leaned in closer to hear.

"We've got what looks like a 10-91E near Peachtree Exit of 285. All cars asked to keep on the lookout for a 91V in the area." Lee wasn't a cop, so he didn't really understand the terms. Then, the officer interrupted his thoughts again.

"I followed your case a little bit, you being a Macon boy and all."

"You're from Macon then."

"Yep. Came up to Atlanta to be a city cop in the seventies." The officer explained, "Always wanted to work a murder case, like that senatorial mess you got yourself mixed up in, with all due respect. A real shame that is."

Lee was only half-paying attention; he looked out the window and saw a police car zoom by in the opposite direction, towards Atlanta.

The officer continued, "Hell, the whole family used to be regulars at your folks' drugstore right in downtown. Still there?"

"Sure is."


The radio sounded again, "Be advised of medical personnel on route to Hartsfield, various 10's and 20's coming in."

For some reason the officer seemed to be more interested in Lee than the messages on the radio.

"I got a nephew up at UGA, you teach there long?"

"Going on my sixth year." Lee answered. He was a history professor there.

"You meet your wife in Athens?" he pressed.

Lee felt a bit uncomfortable talking about his wife, and remained silent and looked out the window. More police cars and an ambulance drove by.

"You wanna know how I see it?"

"…Not really." Lee solemnly replied, shaking his head.

"Well too bad, it's my car. You might have the right to remain silent, but it don't mean I gotta be."

Lee remained silent.

The officer continued speaking, "Regardless, could be you just married the wrong woman."

Lee felt enraged and wished he wasn't handcuffed so he could punch the guy in the face. He considered cursing at the man, but sighed deeply, knowing the consequences wouldn't be worth it.

The radio once again sounded, "Riot in progress. All officers are available for incoming 217's. Rolling calls and dispatches to all locations." Lee curiously glanced at the radio and the officer's obviously indifferent expression.

"Any of that seem important to you?" Lee wondered, glancing out the window behind him.

A helicopter and tons of police cars rushed by as the officer answered. "All of it, but that box never shuts up. Sit in this seat and pay too much attention and you'll drive yourself crazy."

The strange amount of police and such, determined to get to Atlanta as fast as possible was very unusual. What's going on back in Atlanta? Lee thought to himself.

"I'm driving this man once; h-he was the worst one. He wouldn't stop going on about how he didn't do it." The officer spoke, launching himself yet again into another long story, "He was an older fella. Big, soft eyes behind a pair of smart folk glasses, and he's just wailing back there, says it wasn't him. Crying and snotting all over, right where you're sitting."

The radio blared again, interrupting the officer. He reached over and turned the thing off mid-speech. Then he continued.

"Then before long he starts kicking the back of the seat, li-like a fussy baby on an airplane. And I tell him he's gotta stop, that that's government property, and I'll been forced to zap him otherwise." He ranted. "So he stops, and having exhausted all his options, he starts crying out for his mama. "Mama, it's all a big mistake! It wasn't me!"

Lee thought about it, it reminded him of some of his former students in his history class.

"Maybe he was innocent." Lee thought out loud.

"Innocent?" The officer questioned with disbelief, "They caught the fucker red handed! Stabbin' his wife, cutting her up as the boys came through the door! He sits in my car screaming bloody murder that it wasn't him! I think he actually believed it himself. It goes to show, people will up and go mad when they believe their life is over."

Lee immediately took back his thought, that murderer was even worse than himself.

"Oh I got another good one for ya." The driver chuckled to himself, looking over his shoulder at Lee. He continued talking.

Lee suddenly got a bad feeling, and looked up ahead at the unwatched road. He saw a person dressed in dirty rags slowly shambling themselves across the road. Right into the car's view. Before he knew the words were coming out of his mouth, he yelled, "Fucking drive!" But it was too late, the car hit the person and was sent off course, taking out a road rail and into a ditch. The car rolled and flipped several times, sending bits and pieces flying and knocking Lee out cold.