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The Walking Dead Episode 2/5

Chapter 12

Three months later

There was a slight rustling of leaves as Lee crept forward, axe in hand. There was an oblivious walker before him, snacking on something nonchalantly. He positioned himself behind it, taking aim. He raised the axe highly above his head and brought it down. The axe came down and struck the walker in the head with a sickening crunch. Lee nudged it with his leg off the axe and it sank towards the ground. He looked down at the corpse of his kill and there was another rustling of leaves from behind him. It was Mark.

Mark had been a new addition to the group after recently fortifying the motel. Before this all had gone down, he had been employed at the US Air Force base. When Lilly suggested searching her former workplace, the group had happened upon him taking refuge in the base by himself. Lilly had seemed reluctant to having him stay with them but when he had offered to share his commissary food, she seemed to lighten up and agree for him to join them. Mark wore a pair of thin glasses and had 9 o' clock shadow. His hair was black and neatly combed back. He wore a black jacket with a wings design on the back. He looked over to Lee.

"Damn, what'd they get this time?" He sighed, shaking his head.

Lee examined the walker's half-eaten meal, "Looks like a rabbit."

"Ugh, that's another meal lost. I still can't believe we went through all that commissary food in three months. It seemed like so much at the time." Mark expressed, as they turned from the two carcasses and strode slowly away.

"Maybe you shouldn't have opened the door."

"Yeah, except then I'd probably BE food right now. Trust me, I have no regrets."

"Well, a rabbit's hardly a meal Mark, but I'd take it. We're all hungry."

"No kidding."

They continued walking aimlessly through the forest when Mark spoke up again, "Last night, I heard your friend Duck laying in bed just naming types of pie. It was driving me nuts. I think he's starting to lose it."

"He's not the only one. Just cut him some slack."

"Yeah, you're right. I wish I knew for sure how much food we have left."

"Not enough. According to Lilly, we've just about hit the last of our food reserves. Some people might have to go without tonight."

"You mean Lilly's Lottery again? Kenny's gonna be pissed."

"She thinks everyone should have an equal chance of missing a meal."

"You think Kenny's having more luck than we are out here?"

"I sure hope so."

"Yeah, between the lack of food and Kenny and Lilly fighting all the time, things are getting pretty tense back at the Motor Inn. You know, Kenny's been talking about taking off if he can get that RV running."

"He's got a wife and son to look after." Lee replied, giving his opinion on Kenny.

"And they're safest in a group. Going out on his own will get them ALL killed. Can't blame him though, did you hear Larry going off on him last night? What's the old guy's deal anyway? Seems like he's got a problem with you in particular."

There was a sudden cawing of a crow as it flew over the clearing. Mark took notice of it.

"He thinks I'm a danger to the group and Clementine."

"I think he's the one putting us in danger. The way Lilly worries about his health, I wouldn't be surprised if she starts saving rations for him. And I know Lilly thinks he's getting weaker, but the guy's all muscle. He's a walking piledriver. I know I wouldn't want to be stuck in a room with him. And didn't he punch you in the face one time?"

"Knocked me flat." Lee answered bitterly.

Mark and Lee followed the cawing of the crow as it perched itself on the branch of a lofty tree. Mark saw the opportunity and positioned himself discreetly behind a large rock. Lee followed. Mark raised the scope to his eye, aiming for the prey.

Lee advised, "It's a long shot. I'd hate to waste the bullets."

"Trust me. If I don't think I can hit it, I won't shoot."

Mark focused his gun on the bird, squinting. He pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang as the bullet soared past the bird, missing it. In surprise, the crow quickly flew away. Suddenly, there was a loud and piercing yell that echoed through the forest, attracting Lee and Mark's attention.

"Shit! Was that Kenny?!" Mark shouted.

"I don't know! Come on!"

The two of them scrambled to their feet and scurried into the bushes, towards the source of the noise. They ran through the forest, stopping for a second, only to hear the sharp yell once again. It led them to an opening in the forest where they saw two teenagers assisting a man who was on the ground. One of the boys, a black haired one that looked way too much like a jock, was fiddling with the trap that had ensnared the older man. The older man kept yelling in pain as the other boy who was brown-haired watched in fear. The older man's left foot had been trapped in a red bear trap, almost camouflaged by all the blood spilling out.

"Jesus Christ…" Mark expressed, his eyes wide with shock and fear.

Suddenly, the three men noticed them, the black haired one pleaded with his hands up in the air defensively, "Oh shit! No. No…Please don't kill us! We just want to help our teacher! We'll leave, I swear!"

Suddenly Kenny came running into the clearing, joining the chaotic scene, "Lee! You guys okay?" He turned and stared at the scene enfolding among them.

The older man begged, clutching his knee in pain, "Get it off! Get it off, God Dammit, get it off me!"

The brown haired boy spoke up, "Travis, maybe they can help!"

"These might be the same guys that raided our camp and…we barely got away from that!"

Mark questioned, "What guys?"

Kenny shouted, "Why the fuck is there a bear trap out here?!"

The brown haired boy replied, "I don't know man!"

Lee asked, "Who raided your camp?!"

"I-I don't know! Guys with guns!" he replied, raising his arms like he was under arrest.

"Please! We won't bother you, I swear!" Travis said.

Mark turned to Lee," Lee, this is fucked up. We've gotta help 'em."

The brown haired boy pleaded, "PLEASE!"

Travis half-yelled and half-whispered to him, "Ben, shut up! My dad was Special Forces, I know what I'm doing!"

Ben grimaced and ignored him, "Just see if you can get him out! After that you can leave us or whatever, I don't care! Please!"

Lee agreed with urgency, "We've gotta get him out of there."

The man on the ground cried out in pain and relief, "Oh God, thank you!"

Kenny relented, "Fine, but you've gotta hurry!"

"Hurry… please hurry…" The man begged as Mark began to examine the trap.

There was a low moaning combined with slow, dragged steps as a walker emerged from a behind a nearby tree. The group didn't notice.

Mark looked up from his work, "Lee, this trap's been altered. There's no release latch."

The moaning got louder, turning Travis's head towards the noise, his eyes widened, "…Oh, no."

Walkers were beginning to stumble their way towards the group, attracted by the blood that was sweet to them and noise that was music to their ears.

Kenny cursed, "Shit! Walkers! It's now or never, Lee."

The man cried out weakly, "Please… get me out of this!"

Lee stepped closer to the man, "Mark, get the boys back! Kenny, keep those walkers off of me!"

The scene was becoming more and more chaotic by the second; everyone was speaking all at once. Lee knew what Mark had said, there was no release latch, and he doubted that his axe could cut through that strong chain. He knew what had to be done. Lee slowly got off his knees.

"Oh, God." The man whispered, understanding the look in Lee's eyes.

"I'm gonna have to cut you out."

He frantically refused, shaking his head wildly, "No no no! Try the trap again! Anything, please!"

There was nothing else that he could do, Lee raised the axe up high and reluctantly brought the axe down, slashing into the man's leg.

"AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!" He screamed, clutching his partially dismembered leg.

The leg wasn't fully cut yet. Lee closed his eyes tightly and brought the axe down again. The man screamed again. Again he swung the axe. The bloodstain on the grass was getting larger and redder. Lee was trying his best to not think about what he was doing as he brought the axe down once more. Finally, the axe carved its way through the man's leg. There was a slight sssssssssss as bloody sprayed out. Giving out another yelp of pain, the man collapsed. Travis and Mark looked upon Lee's handiwork.

"Oh, God!" Travis expressed, before dashing towards a spot to throw up. Ben took his spot.

Mark whispered, "Shit. Is he…?

"He passed out." Lee replied.

Lee looked down at the man, there in the pool of blood, was the red bear trap encasing his discarded leg. Kenny ran forward to them, "If he's alive, grab him and let's go!"

The walkers were gaining in great numbers. Mark stepped forward and hoisted the unconscious man up onto his back. He and Kenny began walking towards a safer direction. Lee turned to Ben, noticing Travis, "BEHIND YOU!"

Ben cried out, "TRAVIS!"

Travis was wiping his mouth from his spill, confused about the ruckus. Lee prevented Ben from going any further, "Come on, come on! We gotta move!"

Travis turned, remembering the situation, "AHH!"

Several walkers were approaching him, he stupidly inched his way back, his movements impaired by his fear and shock. He clumsily tripped back and hit the floor, staring with wide eyes at his gaining pursuers. He backed up until he collided with a large rock, "HEELLP-AHHHH—ahhhgggrkkk! He shrieked, before three walkers tackled him and began tearing at his throat.

"NOOOO!" Ben yelled in sorrow as his comrade began to be devoured. One of the walkers stabbed through Travis's abdomen, ripping out an intestine as Travis gave his final and most piercing cry.

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