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Why did the sun have to shine on the day he broke her heart? Why were the birds still singing? Why did the children still play and be merry? Why didn't everyone suffer the same pain she did? How could it all be so cruel?

Time marched on. It didn't stop for a broken heart. It wouldn't let her breathe, it wouldn't dim the pain. Just kept pressing on, forcing her to move with it. The sun rose and fell in its endless cycle. The world didn't stop just for her.

It wasn't right. It wasn't fair. She'd been so stupid to ruin the good thing they'd had going. If only she hadn't opened her mouth.

She accepted his words with bowed head. Hadn't fought. Hadn't protested. He was right. Deep down, hidden away in the part of her she never allowed anyone to see, she knew it couldn't have lasted.

She was alien. He was human.

She was open in her affection. He was closed. Secretive. Hidden behind his mask. He'd never open up enough to truly let her in.

He hadn't cared, not like she'd cared for him.

She'd be the only one to carry this burden, this flaming torch.

An explosion rocked the side of the building.

Chucks of rock thrown aside, tumbled down the outer wall to create a mound, a cloud of dust billowed from the newly created hole. Silence filled the moment after the explosion, then small broken fragments of stone began to rain against the concrete.

"Everyone out!" a voice bellowed. Robin. The eighteen-year-old leader of the Titans, protectors of Jump City. He was out first, ready to aid the injured through and spirit them to safety.

Black energy encased the wall, providing support, while stretchers of black magic carried the injured. More strength added by a cybernetic form, while a green figure herded the lesser injured people toward the small opening. From somewhere up near the trembling roof, a green light shone.

A shadow flickered among the dust, a brief shape, disappearing as fast as it had appeared.

"That's the last," Beast Boy said as he stumbled up to the exit, panting. Sweat and dirt streaked his face, making the stubble on his chin more pronounced. He wiped at his face, streaking the dirt even worse.

Robin nodded, then jerked his head to indicate behind him. "Okay, get clear. Raven, c'mon!"

"Yeah, yeah," she muttered, gliding through the opening in the wall, energy still streaming from her hands as she kept the opening open. "I'm coming."

Cyborg clambered through next, an unconscious body thrown over his shoulder. "All clear," he announced in his deep voice. "We're good."

A loud metallic groan sounded from inside the building. Loud and long, as though some metal platform was straining against an enormous weight and failing. People yelled as they scrambled to get even further away. Clangs sounded as metal poles hit the ground, or each other, or the brickwork as the building came apart.

Then the roof collapsed.

Among the chaos of fleeing people, the screams and yells, the plume of dust and fire rising from what had been a factory, a cry of four voices rose.