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Ch 6: Out and About Pt 2

One hour. It took one whole hour to make it through the security check point at the main gate the guard on duty insisted on inspecting every medical instrument in Law's bag, while another interrogated him about his visit outside of the walled city. This happened every time he made a trip to the Outskirts. After the first couple of times the young doctor made the mistake of asking why. They told him he always looked like he was up to something shady.

They also tried to bar Foxx from entering the city, when a passing marine told them that they had no right to do so and they were holding up the line for no reason.

Law was reorganizing his bag when Foxx came up to him. "We've got trouble."

Sarquiss stormed toward them with Ross and Rivers flanking him. The blue-haired teen looked pissed. He grabbed the front of Law's shirt and shoved the medic against the wall.

"Hey!" Foxx started forward but the other two blocked his way.

"You tell that little shit you've got hiding in your room," Sarquiss snarled, "if I ever catch him showing his face in public, I'll happily remove it for him!"

"I take it he's the one responsible for your injured hand?" Law smirked despite his position.

Before Sarquiss could react, the marine from earlier turned around, "Is there a problem here?"

"Not at all, Sir," The bully made a show of dusting off Law's shoulders. "Just clearing some things up."

"So, there's someone else who's not afraid to stand up to you thugs?" Foxx said.

"Laugh all you want," Sarquiss sneered over his shoulder. "One of these days that white knight attitude of yours is gonna put you six feet under."

Foxx just shrugged the barb off as he picked up Law's bag and handed it back to the other teen.

"Y'know? I've been kinda curious about the new kid myself. What's he like?"

"An annoyance and a half." Law recalled the observations he made on the young patient over the last week. Even when asleep the boy was fidgety. When he was awake, he looked around constantly…almost as if he was planning his escape. Then there was this morning when Law caught him trying to sneak out. Maybe I should go check on him. The young doctor immediately dismissed the thought; he had too much to do today to worry about a possibly disobedient patient.

Nearby, in a large drainage pipe, Sabo sneezed; the force caused him to misstep on the precariously slippery slope. He'd never admit it out loud, but he may have screamed like a girl (or Luffy) while flapping his arms, futilely trying to regain his balance as he slid the last ten feet of drain before being stopped abruptly by the grate.

"Itte…" He winced as his injuries momentarily protested the most recent abuse.

"Careful," said Hunter as he slid to a much more controlled stop. "The last 20 feet or so are steeper and more slippery. You have to watch your step."

"A little more warning would have been nice!" Sabo gave him an annoyed glare as the pain subsided. Hunter just shrugged as he slipped through the grate. Sabo was beginning to see why bullies targeted him. He was an interesting guy; no doubt, but he was severely lacking in people skills.

"So where to first?" Hunter asked as Sabo slipped through the grate after him. He pointed in one direction: "Down that way is the marine base and the workhouse."

Sabo could see the black and blue striped twin towers sticking out above the ramshackle buildings and piles of trash.

"In the other direction: The humble abode of the dregs of society." In this direction, ramshackle houses turned into pieced together huts which turned into mounds of trash. Overshadowing the Outskirts, was a towering dark forest that, when combined with the snow, was far more ominous and less welcoming than Mt Corbo. In other words—.

"How 'bout the forest?"

"Sherwood?!" Hunter's voice was a pitch higher than normal, which only peaked Sabo's growing interest.

"I must say your lack of self-preservation is quite astounding."

To be continued…

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