I just saw this movie, and needless to say… it was awesome. So I decided to make my own little one-shot fanfiction to celebrate! It's only going to be one chapter, but be fair warned, angst ahead.

I hope you enjoy this :)

Jack Frost had never felt more alone.

He stood perched at the cliff's edge, the vial of memories in hand. He felt so guilty… He should have stayed with the Guardians, but instead he'd allowed himself to be lured into a trap. Jack had single-handedly ruined Easter for the entire world.

None of this would have happened if he had just listened to them. He didn't need to return Sophie home, one of the others could have done it for him. Heck, they had even offered to do it. So why hadn't he just let them?

It was too late to change anything at this point. Children all over the world had stopped believing… all because of his little mistake. For all he knew, Bunnymund could have disappeared completely.

Just like Sandman.

It was all his fault.

They'd all left him after that. Or maybe he'd just run away, Jack couldn't remember. After that he had fled to Antarctica. Even now, after 300 years, it was the only place he could still think clearly. Being a winter spirit, he'd always loved how cold it was in the South Pole. It had snow, ice, wind, blizzards… all of Jack Frost's favorite things. They provided him with comfort, if only for a little while.

But now, for some reason, Jack didn't find comfort in the barren wasteland. If anything, the tundra had only made things worse. His whole body felt numb… and the icy pang in his chest wouldn't go away. For the first time in decades, Jack desperately wished that he was warm.

Had the Guardians really lost? Before long, Pitch's nightmares would haunt the dreams of every child. They would all disappear, soon… including him. Had he even existed to begin with? It's not like any of the humans could see him. Not even that one kid, Jamie. And what use was it to exist if no one believed in you?

At this sudden realization, Jack's heart sank deeper into depression. His entire character had been used as an expression, nothing more. All this time he'd never truly noticed how lonely he was. Up until now, winter had been his only companion. But all that had changed after his first meeting with the Guardians. Jack finally understood that there was more to live for than just snow and fun. There were friends out there, too. Maybe that was what the frost spirit been missing all this time.

If only he'd realized it sooner.

He pulled his hood up. He didn't want anyone to see him this way… he just couldn't help himself. Silent sobs racked their way through Jack's body, and the tears began falling in tiny, frozen droplets. Oddly enough, they turned into snowflakes before hitting the ground, only to be carried away by the icy wind.

With newfound hatred, the boy glared at the teeth in his hand. The memories were still there. If the Man in the Moon had wanted him to remember, then he should have been given these from the start. What good would they do him now?

Without hesitation, Jack threw his memories over the cliff's edge.

…And then he fell as well.

He didn't know whether an immortal could die or not, though quite frankly, he no longer cared. All Jack wanted was for the pain to end… even though he knew it was a selfish request. But no one would miss him anyways, right? This was all his fault...


Slowly, Jack Frost watched as the world around him faded into darkness.

But death never came. Instead, he was caught by a strong pair of arms that held him mere feet from the ground, saving him from impact. Black sand cleared, revealing a single figure standing amongst the ice and snow.

Pitch smiled sadly as he stared at the unconscious teen in his arms.

"Even immortals have nightmares, Jack."