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Eve was at school, it was the last period of the day and she couldn't wait to get home and relax.

I wish it was nice out. The young hybrid thought, looking at the cloudy sky.

"Ms. Corvin! Are you even listening?" The teacher, Mrs. Johnston asked.

"Yes ma'am, i'm sorry, it won't happen again." The girl answered, hiding her irritation with a small smile. Just as Mrs. Johnston was going to reprimand her again, the final bell rang.

"Class dismissed! Ms. Corvin, I would like to speak with you."

Sighing, Eve got up and went to the desk. Mrs. Johnston was a petite woman of about twenty-five-years-old with pale blonde hair and sea green eyes.

"What's wrong? You've been distracted lately." Her voice was calm and sickeningly sweet, and also had a German accent.

"Nothing ma'am, i'll behave and pay more attention next time, I promise." The twelve-year-old answered, giving a fake smile. The older woman nodded, un convinced, and dismissed the pre-teen.

"Eve look!" Mattie exclaimed, Eve looked at the red head and walked out side, to discover the ground was covered in a thick white layer of something she had never seen before.

"What is it?"

Mattie gave her friend a quizzical look, "you've never seen snow before? There's snow every winter!"

Eve sighed, "I've also been in a lab for my whole life, can you blame me?"

The two girls' began their long walk back to the mansion, throwing snow balls at each other along the way.

The two pre-teens were just a mile from the mansion, when a car pulled up beside them.

"I've been watching you two as I was driving, you seemed to be having fun." The man in the car stated.

"We were! Thanks for asking!" Mattie exclaimed.

"That wasn't a question, Mattie, we have to get home, my parents will worry." The brunette felt she always had to look after the red head, for all she knew, as soon as a stranger told her they had candy in the back of her car, she'd go with them. Eve wasn't as trusting, especially after she had gotten out of Antigen.

"Why don't I give you a ride? Two beautiful girls' such as your selves can't walk in this weather." He said, reaching out to grab for Mattie. The older girl now knew what it was about this man that had her on edge. Lycan. This man was a lycan.

The young hybrid snarled and pushed her friend protectively behind her and glared at him, she could feel the change coming on.

"Listen, we don't want a ride! We appreciate your offer, but, our house is less than a mile away." The twelve-year-old hissed, grabbing Mattie, she half dragged, half carried her back to the mansion.

"kúszás" She muttered under her breath, taking off her coat, she opened the door and walked into the warm mansion.

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Kúszás means 'Creep' in Hungarian. Just thought i'd let you know.