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It had been a hard day's night. Literally, we had been going non stop touring America for the past few months. We were all glad when Brian told us we could go on holiday.

"But where can we go?" Paul asked when Brian mentioned it.

'Why not somewhere exotic?" He suggested. With a flourish of his hand.

"Yeah someplace with nice scenery," Ringo said.

"How about the alps? I always have favored Swedish birds." John said offhand.

"No you don't John Lennon!" Brian said. Jumping up. "No girls. This is for relaxation. You can't forget your image."

I rolled my eyes. He was pulling every excuse in the book.

"I don't know." Ringo said. "A date might be very relaxing." He leaned back in his chair.

"Not with you it wouldn't" john mocked.

He shoved Ringo's chair out from under him and he fell on the ground. I looked back at Brian and Paul, stifling a laugh.

"Well I don't want to be out in the freezing cold." I stated.

Skiing wasn't my idea of fun.

"George is right. How about someplace warmer?" Paul asked.

"The Bahamas?" I said.

"No." John said.

Ringo's head popped up.

"But I'd like to there." Ringo said disappointed.

"We're not going there!"


"Never you mind!" John mocked. Standing and shaking his finger.

"The Bahamas is fine with me Johnny." I said, standing up for Ringo.

"Yeah they're supposed to be real gear." Paul agreed.

"It's settled then." Brian said. "Off to the Bahamas!"

Then he busied about making arrangements. We didn't really pay that Much attention after that.

"Let Brian do as he likes." Paul said.

"Just as long as we get a holiday." John mumbled.

After those last two weeks of touring we were finally heading out. I gazed out over the endless seeming ocean. Thinking of what awaited us. I felt myself beginning to fall asleep when suddenly.

"Worked ya to hard, aye George?" John joked around.

His voice broke me away from my gaze out the window. I looked at John, he was walking up a down the center aisle. John was often restless in airplanes.

"'Ow much longer will it be 'till we get off this bloody plane?" He asked no one in particular.

Ringo was snoozing. He was exhausted from the heavy tour schedule. And Paul had his nose pressed in his notebook, working on a song. John plopped back down in his seat and started fiddling with the lunch rack.

"Really Paulie, can't you quit working for now. We're supposed to be on holiday." John complained.

"We haven't made it to the Bahamas yet. Besides it helps me headache." Paul snapped back.

He was really on edge. This vacation would do everyone good. I glanced back out the window and could see the islands coming into view.

"Look John! It's -"

Before I could finish John had shoved me and Ringo out of our row to get a look out the window. Ringo awoke with a start.

"What 'appened? Did the engines fail?" He asked quickly jumping up.

"No. Johnny is just getting anncy." I said standing and brushing meself off.

"What is it George?" Paul said glancing up from his notebook.

"I saw -"

"Look at the islands!" John yelled in my stead. "Cant be more than twenty minutes now!"

I rolled my eyes. Paul set down his work and crossed over to stand beside John.

"Wow. What a view." Paul said taking it all in.

"I can't wait to lie out in the sun!" Ringo piped up, jumping on John's back to get a view out the window.

As John and Ringo broke into a scuffle on the floor I joined Paul at the window.

"Do you really think we will be able to relax Paul?" I asked.

"Of course, Brian's got it all planned out so none of the fans will know." He said.

His gaze turned to rest at Ringo who was sitting atop John. We both started chuckling.

"I'll get you rings!" John yelled flipping over pinning Ringo down.

"I give up! I give up!" Ringo said in between fits of laughter.

John stood and pulled him up. I looked back at the island. Something was bothering me. Then the pilot came on over the intercom.

"All passengers please prepare for landing."

Paul shoved John into his seat and I sat back down next to Ringo. He smiled, excited like, but saw something was bothering me

"Don't worry it I'll be great Geo." Ringo said.

I buckled my seatbelt. John squirmed anticipating the landing. I knew I had no need to worry. We had been through hundreds of Airports through thousands of cities. This was all old hat. But I couldn't shake this strange feeling.