Here is chapter Six! Thanks to Shortyblackwell1 for the idea about the Hole! and to Tee-bone for the pamphlet info!

We went to town to do some exploring and pick up some food more to John's liking. Port Royale was a small little spot right before you reached the pier. Cobblestones made up the roads and walkways. It was bustling with activity, little souvenir shops, scuba tours, restaurants and bars. We came to the convenience store Brian told us about. Paul explained to the owner while John and Ringo gathered food and rang it up at the counter. My attention drifted over to a brochure rack. I saw one for Ernest Hemingway and picked it up. John loved to read, though not always keen to admit it, and Hemingway was one of his favorite authors. I flipped through, scanning the information, when a photo caught my eye. It showed a fish mounted on a plaque with intricate wood work around the edges.
I read the article on the next page;

This type of fish was once thought to be sacred by the natives that lived on the island when Ponce de Leon first came to the Americas. They would build a special alter to the gods, and placed The fish, along with six stones, on the altar at full moon to ask the god's favour. Many years ago earnest Hemingway caught one of the legendary fish, and when he was stuffing it he found what is believed to be one of the sacred stones in it's mouth. It was mounted along with the fish until it was stolen.

I pulled the black thing out of my pocket, the spot in the carving looked the same size and shape as it.

Paul walked over and touched my shoulder. "Ready mate?"

I shoved the pamphlet into his hand. "Look at this!"

"Yeah Ernest Hemingway, so what?" He said puzzled.

"Look at the fish plaque, that spot looks just like the coin!" I held it up to the picture.

"You're right." He said looking closer. John and Ringo came over carrying bags, and looked at us curiously.

Paul started explaining. "John, George thinks he found out where that black thing came from." He said and showed him the picture.

"Well lets head out then and see!" John said excitedly.

We hurried out to the car and stuffed the bags in the trunk.

As they exited the building a man with a dark hood appeared from behind the aisle. He lowered his hood to reveal dark hair.

"So that is where they are going." His voice cool. He chuckled evilly and followed them out the door.

Paul started driving north out of town. The house was on the north island, which meant taking a ferry across the marsh. As we pulled in, a few cars and pedestrians boarded the ferry. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a black sedan pull up. I got a Erie feeling. I tried to get a look at the driver but he windows were to heavily tinted. I turned my attention back to our car. Paul was reading through the rest of the pamphlet, John had his feet propped up on the dash, and Ringo was patting his hands to a beat. Drummers never seemed to stop. I sighed wondering about the car behind us, I had this feeling last time.
Paul back at me over the top of the pamphlet.

"Ok Georgie?" Paul asked.

"Yeah, it's nothin'." I said brushing it off. "Anything gear?" I motioned to the pamphlet.

"Well, There are lots of legends and such about this place." Paul commented.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Well," he started. "There is a place up ahead, some underwater rock formation, that people think is the road to Atlantis." He explained.

"Really?" Ringo asked. "I thought Atlantis was out in the middle of the ocean somewhere." Ringo pointed out.

"Well I guess we can see for ourselves." Paul said looking back at it.

Finally the ferry began to reach the other side. I hoped we were looking at the right place, and that we could find where "The Hole" as Ringo called it, came from.