It took him a while. He didn't take to her like he did to his companions. She was just a soldier. A child soldier, yes. But a soldier is a soldier, and that's all she was.

Or rather, that's what he thought she was. Yes, she hurt that guard. Yes, she

blew up that tunnel. Yes, she held a disregard for life that can only be found

in a cloned race.

But she was alive, dammit. She was alive and she was using mercy.

It would have been so easy. The General was standing, a still target. She'd cocked her gun. She could have fired. Could have killed him and it wouldn't make a difference.

But she didn't. She pitied him. She was an anomaly, in a different way. He was a human anomaly. She wasn't. She thought differently. She wasn't like any of the other soldiers.

That allowed her to do different things.

That allowed her to spare him.

There was an obvious look of betrayal on his face when she shot the pipe. He didn't recognize the fact that she saved him. She didn't fire. She didn't kill.

She didn't injure. Her dad would be proud.

Or would he? She didn't know him well enough, yet.

Her dad talked about odd concepts. Things she could barely fathom. The war was only a week old? The Source not being a woman, but a machine? Terraforming?

But it didn't matter. Because he had promised to take her on his ship! She could see the universe. She could see those worlds. Places with or without war. Places she couldn't imagine due to the beauty of it.

He was amazing. Absolutely amazing. His sonic weapon, his brain, his inability to hurt. It was just amazing. There was no other word for it.

Is there any wonder why she took a bullet for him?

The General, unsurprisingly, held the gun in his hand. She spared him. She did that.

He could have killed her dad. That would have been her fault.

He would probably be proud that she saved him. He might not have been. She didn't really know him well enough to say.

She died there, in her dads arms. Those two civilians looked on, different levels of sympathy towards the man who held her. Different levels of sympathy towards her.

She didn't die, though. Not really.

Her dad hadn't had the time to explain it. He might have, in different circumstances, but he never did. She was left to figure it out alone.

She named the process regeneration, after her own title. Generated anomaly.

Regenerated anomaly.

She survived.

She didn't really care that she just stole a ship and flew away in it. She really didn't. All she cared about was finding her dad.

After all, he had some planets to show her.

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