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Parents II

Summary: All 10 year old Alexa-Nicole Miller wants for Christmas, is for her separated parents to get back together , using her mothers optimism and her fathers stubbornness, she will do everything in her power to make that happen even if it means literally locking them in a room together. Future fic, Jess/Nick Cece/Schmidt, some angst , rated T for adult themes in later chapters.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for Alexa and Ben.

"Alexa, your dad is here!" Jess called out to her daughter.

"I'm coming! My dads here, I'll Skype you later Ben." Alexa said yelling back then facing her laptop and addressing her best friend on the screen. She then packed up her laptop and grabbed her duffel bag before bounding down the stairs, where her parents stood waiting.

"Daddy!" Alexa said hugging her dads waist.

"Hey, kiddo, I missed you." Nick said hugging his daughter tightly.

" You saw me yesterday ." Alexa giggled. Her father had picked her up from school the previous day and it was his turn to have her for the whole weekend.

"I know but I'm always gonna miss you when I'm not with you, you're my baby girl. You ready to go? Nick said kissing the top of her head.

"Yep." Alexa said.

"Do you have everything sweet heart?" Jess asked.

" Yes, mom." Alexa said.

"Good. Nick, no sweets before dinner and make sure she takes her asthma medicine before bed." Jess said.

"I know Jess, you don't have to remind me ." Nick said.

"You don't have to catch an attitude, it never hurts to double check." Jess said a scowl on her face.

"I'm not gonna fight with you Jess." Nick said running his hand over his face.

"Fight, whose fighting I would never fight in front of our D-A-U-G-H-T-E-R" Jess said.

"You know I can spell ,I'm ten, not four." Alexa said rolling her eyes.

" I know sweetheart, I'm sorry. Have fun, call me later." Jess said.

"Its ok, Mom, I will." Alexa said walking over to her mother.

"I love you." Jess said hugging her daughter.

"Love you too Mom, bye." Alexa said grabbing her bag and following her father to his car.

Jess watched Nick drive off, sighed then closed the door. She never wanted this for her daughter, not with what her own parents had put her through. Nick and her just couldn't work out their issues and she refused to fight in front of their daughter. So four months ago,after months of fighting, they decided to have a trial separation, and she didn't know if they would reconcile.

She still loved Nick, not that she would admit it out loud, but something was broken between them, something she didn't know how to fix. No matter what was wrong between them, she wanted to make sure Alexa saw her father. Alexa adored Nick , and he was an amazing father.

"What do you want to do today Lexi?" Nick asked his daughter using her nickname.

" Can we do some Christmas shopping, I still need to get Mom's gift and something for Ben." Alexa said.

"Sure kiddo. Do you want to get some lunch first?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, can we get burgers from Charlies?" Alexa asked referring to her favorite restaurant in the food court of their local mall.

"Sounds great". Nick said. He hated shopping, more than he hated the mall, but he'd do anything to keep his little girl happy. Even if that meant, helping her pick out a gift for her mother.

God knows he still loved Jess,but he'd screwed up somehow and lost the best thing that ever happened to him,other than the birth of his daughter. And he didn't even know where to begin to fix things between him and Jess, all they ever did when they spoke was fight.

They arrived at the mall , as they ate their burgers, Alexa talked her fathers ear off about school and her friends. Her blue eyes ,so much like her mothers, sparkled as she spoke . She was almost a spitting image of her mother,with the exception of her hair, it was the color of her father and less curly then her mothers.

"What about this one,Dad?" Alexa asked as they looked at a pair of blue diamond earrings. Nick couldn't help but notice they were the same shade as Jess' eyes.

"Those are nice." Nick said then looked away from the earrings.

"You think Mom will like them?" Alexa asked looking over the earrings again.

"I'm sure your mother will love them." Nick said smiling at his daughter. He took a deep breath to try to get himself to stop thinking about his estranged wife and the way she'd look with those earring on.

"Hey ,There's your uncle Nick and Alexa!" A voice called out.

Nick turned to see Schmidt walking over, a young boy walking with him with brown eyes and tan skin and light brown hair.

"Hey, Schmidt, hey Ben." Nick said.

"Hi Uncle Schmidt, Hi Ben." Alexa said smiling at her uncle and her best friend.

"Sup." Ben said smiling at his Uncle Nick and his best friend.

"Where's Cece?" Nick asked, looking around. Cece and him weren't on the best of terms. Cece blamed Nick for the separation and basically give him the silent treatment when ever she saw him.

"Shes looking at some dresses, Ben and I just came from the shoe store, we came here to get a bracelet for Cece." Schmidt explained.

"Lexi's looking at earrings for J-,her mom." Nick said, just saying her name brought up memories, of how she used to tell him she loved the way he said her name.

"That's cool." Schmidt said. He wasn't really sure what to say to Nick these days, he couldn't really take sides. On one hand, Nick was his best friend, but Jess was his friend too and not only that,but she was his wife, Cece's, best friend, it was a complicated situation. He just wished the two would get back together already so things could get back to normal, the five of them hanging out, he missed that.

"Uncle Schmidt, what do you think of these earrings?" Alexa said showing Schmidt the jewelry.

" Good eye , Alexa, I see your fashion sense is better than your folks." Schmidt said jokingly.

"Not funny Schmidt." Nick said glaring at his best friend.

" Thanks uncle Schmidt. Ok, Dad,I want to get mom these." Alexa said with a smile.

"Alright kiddo." Nick said ruffling her hair.

"Abba,can we get a pair for Mata too?" Ben asked, saying dad in Hebrew and mom in Hindi. Schmidt and Cece wanted to make sure Ben(short for Benyamin) was familiar with both his Jewish, and Indian culture. After Ben was born Schmidt reconnected with his Jewish roots in order to be an example for his son.

"Yeah, lets get her a bracelet too." Schmidt said picking up a matching bracelet.

They all walked toward the cashier, the kids chatting while Nick and Schmidt discussed plans to take the kids to a football game the next weekend Nick had Alexa. They then went their separate ways.

"Where to next Lexi?" Nick asked .

"Game stop, I want to get Ben a Hanukkah present." Alexa said leading her father toward the video game store.

After Game stop, the father and daughter had Jamba juice before heading to Nicks apartment. Nick whipped up some dinner, which they ate while watching a movie from red box. He had taken some cooking lessons before he'd proposed to Jess almost 12 years ago, surprising her with a homemade dinner before he popped the question.

"Dad...can I ask you a question" Alexa said when the movie ended.

"It's not about boys is it?" Nick said looking at his little girl,there was no way he was ready for the boy talk. Plus he figured that was a job for Jess, or maybe Cece, since Jess couldn't even say penis till she met him.

"No, its not about boys." Alexa said giggling.

"Good, and yes you can ask me anything kiddo." Nick said ruffling her hair.

" Do you still love mom..." Alexa said.

Nick didn't know how to answer that, if he said no, he would be lying. If he said yes, he didn't want it to give hope to his daughter that her parents would get back together, when there was a chance that they wouldn't. After thinking a few minutes he decided on a form of the truth.

"I'll always love your mother, because without her, I wouldn't have you." Nick said kissing her forehead.

"Ok." Alexa said, not quite satisfied with the answer, but from the slight twinge of pain she saw in her fathers eyes, the same twinge she saw in her own mothers eyes, she knew she should leave things alone, for now. She was quite perceptive for her age, especially when it came to her parents.

" Can I Skype with Ben, before bed?" Alexa asked. It was a ritual between her and her best friend and tonight's call they would be discussing something very important.

"Yeah, fifteen minutes then bed. I'm gonna wash the dishes,then I'll tuck you in." Nick said.

"Ok." Alexa said giving her dad a kiss on the cheek.

Nick watched as his daughter skipped happily toward the spare bedroom in his apartment. He grabbed their dinner dishes then headed over to the kitchen, turning on the faucet. As he waited for the water to turn warm, he thought back to four months ago, when he and Jess had arrived on the decision to separate.

"I don't want to argue with you Jess..." Nick said, he had just gotten off work and he was in no mood to have his wife yelling at him.

"I know...I'm so tired Nick, we can't keep fighting like this." Jess said sitting on their bed.

"This isn't working anymore ,is it?" Nick said sighing and running his hand up his face and through his hair as he sat next to her.

"No, I don't even know what we're fighting about, maybe we need some space from each other." Jess said.

"Space? Do you want..." Nick couldn't even say it.

"No...maybe just a separation." Jess said knowing what he was referring to.

"Oh..." Nick said.

" We have to think about Alexa, Nick, I can't put her through what my parents put me through, I wont." Jess said.

"Ok. So how would this work?" Nick said.

"One of us would have to move out, for a little while." Jess said.

"I'll go." Nick said.

" And Alexa?" Jess said.

" She'll stay with you. We'll figure out some type of schedule so she'll be able to spend time with me" Nick said. There was no way he'd take his daughter from her mother, but he wouldn't abandon his daughter either, not like how his con man father had abandoned him and his Ma.

"Ok." Jess said.

"Ok." Nick said back.

The next day , after sitting Alexa down and explaining, as best that they could to a ten year old, what a separation was, Nick packed up some clothes and went to stay with Winston who had an extra room. A month passed and Nick decided to get a month to month apartment of his own so Alexa could spend nights with him. Jess would take Alexa to school and Nick moved his schedule around so that he could pick her up every day after school and she spent every other weekend with him.

They'd been in counseling for the past four months, but even with the aid of a counselor, things were not getting better between the two. It seemed as if they just couldn't pin point exactly what the problem was, which made solving it all the more harder.

Nicks mind returned to present time, he grabbed a sponge and soap and started to wash the plates. Jess and their problems not too far in his mind.

"Did you ask your Dad?" Ben said as he Skype'd with Alexa.

"Yeah, he took a little while to answer, then he said he'll always love her, cause of me. But I know its not just that. I know he misses her, and she misses him too. She sighs all the time, she never did that when he still lived with us, even when they used to fight." Alexa said.

" Whats the next phase of the plan?" Ben asked.

" I saw this really old movie that our moms used to watched when they were like our age, and I think we have to get them alone together, make them stay there till they make up." Alexa said.

"How are you gonna do that?" Ben asked.

" Christmas. They promised even though Dad moved out, that we'd still have our annual holiday party at home. I'm gonna need your help though." Alexa said.

"Sure, what do you need me to do?" Ben asked, he would do anything for Alexa, they'd known each other all their lives, and did everything together, They'd been born a few days apart, so they even celebrated their birthdays together.

"Here's the plan..." Alexa said then proceeded to tell him the plan.

"Got it." Ben said when she was done.

"My dads coming, I'll see you tomorrow at soccer practice." Alexa said. She and Ben were on the same boy/girl soccer team.

"k,good night Alexa." Ben said.

"Goodnight Ben." Alexa said then turned off her laptop.

Nick walked into the bedroom and placed her laptop on her dresser, while Alexa climbed into bed. After taking a puff of her inhaler, Nick then pulled the covers over her and tucked her in just the way she liked it, not too loose ,but not too tight.

"Goodnight,I love you Alexa." Nick said kissing her forehead.

"Love you too Daddy." Alexa said.

Nick then turned off the light and left her room closing the door behind him. As Alexa's eye lids began to close she thought about how, all she wanted for Christmas was her parents happy together again, and she hoped her plan would do the trick. With that last thought she succumbed to sleep, a smile on her face.

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