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2 Months Later

Austin's POV

I'm finally back! I told Ally I was returning this week but not the exact date I was going to return to make it a sort of surprise. I really want to see her and Ash's face when I return. I'm planning to go inside and lay on the couch and watch TV until they wake up. Whoever wakes up first will be in for a surprise!

"Well, tours over and you're going back home. How does it feel?" Jimmy asked.

"It feels amazing that I get to see Ashton and Ally again but I will miss traveling all over the US!"

"It was great! I'm glad I invested in you, Austin. Hope it can repeat itself and maybe go on a World Tour sometime..." Jimmy said dropping a hint.

A smile grew across my face and I shook Jimmy's hand. "I'd be more than happy to! But not that soon." I scratched the back of my neck.

The car pulled up in front of my apartment building and I got off the car.

"Thanks a lot Jimmy! See ya next month!" I waved at Jimmy as the car pulled away.

This tour was fun. None of my friends went which was a HUGE bummer but It was really fun. Dez was visiting his family in Ireland, Trish was busy with Houston, and Ally was busy with Ashton. I missed them all a LOT but I also had lots of fun on tour. The crew was awesome and I got to meet lots of fans.


The elevator door opened and I pulled my luggage behind me. The front door of the apartment got closer and closer and I started getting butterflies. It was 6:12 am so Ally is definitely sleeping and so is Ash. Ally and I talked, skyped, and texted as much as we could but it still wasn't the same as getting to be with her for real. I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door to our apartment.

I walked in and it was silent. Everyone was sleeping! This is just how I planned it. I took off my coat and placed it on the coat rack. I took off my shoes, shirt, and pants and laid down on the couch. All I have on at the moment are my light blue boxers. I really hope Ally wakes up first for several purposes. Nothing dirty, she is pregnant so I can't do anything.

Ally's POV

I woke up to go to the bathroom. It was 8:32 am Ashton should be waking up in about half an hour. I heard the TV from the living room.

"Oh. Ashton must've gotten up early." I said to myself.

I walk towards the living room and take a peek. I see a blond head on the couch.

"Ashton, what are you-" I cut myself off to the sight of Austin.

"Good Morning." Austin said as if he hadn't been gone for 2 months.

"AUSTIN!" I screamed. Suddenly I wasn't so sleepy.

I ran towards him and jumped on him. I hugged him tightly then looked him in the eyes.

We kissed.

It was even more passionate than the kiss he gave me before he left.

"I missed you so much..." I said cuddling up to his warm chest and began listening to his heart beat.

"I missed you too Als. More than you could imagine."

We snuggled up and fell asleep together.


We both jumped up to Ashton's loud scream.

" Hey buddy!"

Ashton ran to Austin and hugged him incredibly tight.

"I miss you daddy..." Ashton said hugging him even tighter.

"I missed you even more Ash." Austin kissed the top of Ashton's head. "Have you been good to mommy?"

"Yes!" Ashton said happily. " I help mommy make pancakes!"

"Wait... When did he start saying I?" Austin asked jokingly.

"I know! I realized he was saying I like last week." I answered.

"Well, I'm proud of you Ash!" Austin said ruffling his hair.

Ashton ran off to his room and Austin and I snuggled up once more and began watching a movie.

"Austin, why are you in your boxers?" I asked.

" Do you not like it when I'm in my boxers?"

"Yeah, Its just that it was random haha."

"Well, I thought it would be a nice gift for you."

"Oh well thanks" I said kissing him.

I saw a bulge forming in Austin's boxers.

"Woah... Someone's getting excited." I said pulling away.

"Haha... Yep."

"I think I can do something about it..." I said smiling at Austin.

I have not told anyone I'm pregnant, besides Austin so we decided to go out and tell everyone by inviting them to dinner at this fancy restaurant across town. I looked in the mirror and lifted my shirt. I cupped my stomach and realized that I was starting to show a little but not too much.

"Hey Austin, do you think I'm starting to show?"

Austin came out of the bathroom rubbing a towel on his hair attempting to dry it.

"Hmm..." Austin looked closely. "Not much, just a tiny bit."

"I thought so too..."

Ashton ran into the room carrying his stuffed dog. He got really attached to it all of a sudden when Austin left.

"Ashton Bobby has to stay here while we go to the restaurant, ok?" I asked while putting on my earrings.


"Yeah Als, just let him take Bobby, after all its so cute!" Austin grabbed Bobby and started hugging it.

"Ok, I guess you can take him.

At the Restaurant...

Everyone was here. Austin's parents, my dad, Trish ,and Houston. Dez is still in Ireland so he couldn't make it obviously.

We all spoke among ourselves and caught up with each other's lives. After everyone was done eating I stood up and tapped my glass with a spoon.

"Everyone, I have some news!"

Everyone's attention turned towards me. Austin stood up and held my hand.

"Ashton, wanna tell everyone?" I asked.

"Mommy and daddy have baby!" Ashton jumped up.

Austin and I waited for the reactions.

"That's great!" Mimi exclaimed.

"I'm so happy for you Ally!" Trish got up and gave me a big hug.

Everybody hugged and congratulated Austin and I then we went our separate ways.

"What now?" Austin said as we drove home. Ashton as asleep on the back seat.

" I guess we're going house hunting."

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