disclaimer i do not own the waling dead

hello this Xavier Everett . i may have the same last name as the character lee Everett which is my favorite character from the game walking dead by telltale games. after i found out the episode at the end of the game lee died . it made me so mad.
that i smash my computer with my left fist. than when something strange happen lightning came out of the night cloudy sky and hit me.
when i woke up by a guy telling me to get up it was near the police car that he and his officer had crash into a walker.
when i got a good look at him. it was lee Everett.

hey guys i for got to explain what my character look here it goes name xavier height 6'2 weight 190, eye color brown has tan skin color and has brown hair. he wear a red t shirt and blue jean pants and white sneakers has a watch on his left wrist.