Harry heard voices all around him. Some were faint and angry, others were close and worried. He struggled to remember what was going on. Then it hit him. His mind had gone back in time. What was it Neville and Luna had said? Act Faster? Yes, that was the jist of it - act faster. So, the Horcruxes needed to be destroyed sooner. Wait, what was that? Harry listened as the angry voices of Professor McGonagall and Minister Fudge came closer. So, Crouch, Jr. was just kissed. Well, it's down to showing memories of both the return and interrogation. I hope that works. And I need to go to Gringotts. I need to know if they send out monthly bank statements. Harry discretely reached for his glasses and slipped them on as the doors banged open. Behind Professors Snape and McGonagall and Minister Fudge, Harry spotted Luna and Neville. Their eyes held knowledge and fear, letting him know that they had come back with him. Nobody noticed them enter and join Harry on the bed, sitting with him.

Harry paid little attention to the arguing, instead, paying attention to his surroundings, while making it look like he was watching their faces. Even with the furtive glances Fudge sent his way, he never noticed Neville and Luna, the latter curled against him and the former curled around the two of them. When Harry spoke, Fudge started, making him aware that Fudge hadn't even known he was awake. After that particular altercation, Harry thought back to the memories that travelled with him, and one in particular, of a book that had appeared to him on the evening of July 30, 1997. A book his mother and father had collaborated on. A section of it was about showing a memory outside of a person's mind without using a pensieve. Just as Fudge was turning to leave, Harry cast the spell, Ostendere Memoria (1), making it seem like accidental magic. The two memories played, and Fudge looked spooked. He left without another word, and Harry hoped that Fudge understood. Luna looked up at the two boys, and smiled. She was glad that all three of them had retained their memories. She and Neville curled in tighter, reassuring Harry without words that they would always be there. Mrs. Weasley turned around, and jumped when she saw the two people curled around Harry. She looked ready to scold them and send them out, when she saw Harry already dropping off in their embrace, and so let them be, letting them know of her displeasure with a glare. She would just up the dosage of the love potion during the summer. To her surprise, Luna glared in her direction.

"The Nargles are at it again Neville." Neville nodded, and pulled the two closer.

"I'll stay up. You get some rest Lu'. Okay?" Luna nodded, and fell asleep in the embrace of her boys.

"Nev, what was she talking about? I don't fully understand. I know that she means someone's going to-" Harry stopped short, cut of by Neville pulling his head towards his chest. Harry blushed faintly, before scooting closer to the warmth Neville exuded, pulling Luna with him.

"You just get some rest. I'll explain tomorrow. Just sleep now. Luna and I will not move, at all." Harry nodded, and drifted off, knowing that tomorrow would bring its own troubles.

~ A Different Kind of Bravery ~

The next few days were filled with several happenings. The Diggorys came in to talk with Harry, who was curled up with Luna, Neville having left to take care of a few of his projects in the greenhouses. Luna held onto him as he showed them the last part of the task, up until he died. Amos Diggory was inconsolable. Mrs. Diggory, on the other hand, seemed beyond tears for her son, instead, she hugged Harry, thanking him for bringing his body back, and saying how Cedric would have been proud to be his friend.

"And Mr. Potter, we believe you when you say He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is back. I know," she held up her hand at Harry's open mouth, "that you prefer for him to be recognized by his named, fashioned or not, but we have lost too much to him to gather that strength just yet. When the time comes, we will fight alongside you, for you, and for Cedric, but most importantly, for ourselves to have ultimate Peace. Thank you." Mrs. Diggory stood, hugged Harry, then seemed to remember something. "Cedric once said that you were more about everyone else's happiness before your own. Please, just this once, do something about yourself. I remember your parents, and they were tall. Get out of whatever household you are in, and take care of yourself. If not for yourself, then for me and Amos, Cedric, Luna, Neville, and your friends. Lily was 5'10", and She told me that her sister was an inch taller than her. James was 6'1", and he would always brag that a Potter was a scrawny little thing until they were thirteen, but by the time Fourth year came around, they would shoot up, and stop growing at twenty. You haven't hit that, and I'm worried on what that means. So please, take care of yourself this summer." With that, she stood to her full height of 5'8", and turned placing an arm around Amos Diggory's waist, guiding him out of the infirmary. Harry turned to Luna.

"How do I get out of the Dursley's? I'm going to have a guard this summer!" Luna giggled, and ran her hands through Harry's unruly hair.

"Why, you just don't go of course! We send a dummy, and place charms on it that will irritate the muggles into killing it, making everyone think you're dead. In the meantime, you will be under that ingenious cloak of yours, hiding out in the shack. Either Neville or myself, most likely me, will come pick you up, and we spend at least part of the summer at Neville's. But then we can easily get you to Gringotts, and Then, from there, it's a fly by the seat of our pants type of plan. Your best, if I remember correctly. But, since I am a dove animagus, I can get dirt on the Dursleys, even the "murder" of you, and when summer ends, we reveal that, get them arrested, and by then you will already be either emancipated or adopted by someone who will help you. But beware the Weasley females. They don't care for you personally, just about your fame and money. Do you understand?" Harry nodded, practically a pile of goo under the ongoing ministrations of Luna's tiny, smooth hands. Luna blinked down at Harry, who had just started purring in pleasure, mewling when she stopped at the sound of the door opening.

"Hello Luna, Harry." Harry lazily turned his head from its position on Luna's lap, grinning when he saw Neville.

"Hey Nev! Luna's hands are very nice. She's also very mean sometimes. She was running her fingers through my hair, but she stopped." Harry pouted up at the other boy, who had a streak of dirt on his forehead, and a smudge on his nose, causing Luna to click her tongue and pull out a handkerchief to wipe it off.

"I stopped to see who was coming Harry. You are a silly one, but that's why I love you. Neville, finish washing up before joining us, okay?" Neville nodded sheepishly, before turning to the nearby wash station.

"Harry, I know Luna's hand's are nice, I can remember them. They are gentle, and caring, but never tick her off. She's very protective of those she considers hers, and we are hers, just like you two are mine, and we are yours." Neville placed his robe, vest, and over shirt on a nearby chair, and climbed onto the bed, bangs dripping with water. Luna giggled faintly before the two shifted to curl into the newcomer. "How was the meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Diggory?" Luna filled him in as she returned to playing with Harry's hair. The two of them watched with amusement as Harry melted and purred like a cat.

That's a new take on being a lion, thought Luna with amusement. Turning to Neville, who was staring at Harry with a mix of love and lust, she asked, "Does your Gran know?" Neville, without tearing his gaze from the brunet that was purring against his side, he nodded.

"She expects you and Harry, at the least, your father if he wants, by the second day of July. He can stay with you the first day, but she wants all of us safely behind Longbottom Family wards as soon as possible. Somehow, she knows everything before I do, therefore knows that our minds are from the future, and that we are to change it. She will have tutors in different subjects for us, and says she's sorry for making me use a wand that was never meant for me. That will change soon. But we need to see about Ron and Hermione. What do they know, are they being paid or are they being controlled?" Neither of them noticed Harry stop purring until he spoke.

"They are being paid, but they haven't touched it. They didn't know where it came from, and despite everything, they do have a moral compass pointing the right direction. All except the fight this year was orchestrated by us. I tell them what to tell the Old Goat-face, but knowing what I know now, that has probably changed. I'll be sounding them out this summer, and if one of those tutors is for Occlumency, I say we kidnap those two, if they pass my test, and teach them too, so that we are protected on all accounts. But for now, don't be alone with him or Snape. They both know Legilimency." Luna and Neville looked down in shock, having thought he was out of it with pleasure. Although, with the way he was shifting...

Luna shook herself into motion, leaning down and capturing Harry's mouth in a passionate kiss. Lips battled, and tongues lashed, but eventually, Harry gave in to the pleasure of feeling Luna's hands in his hair once more. Moaning, he turned his head slightly, breaking the kiss, to catch his breath. Neville, on the other hand, had other ideas. Leaning in close, he hissed into Harry's ear, "You little tease, you know what you've been doing to us," before pulling him into a teasing kiss, not giving him more than a taste. Luna smiled.

"We have to stop for now guys. For one, we are in the infirmary, not the most private of places, two, Madame Pomfrey is headed this way, as well as Ron and Hermione, and three, if we continue now, nothing will stop us, and I know you want to keep some of your life private Harry." The two boys separated and glared at Luna before Neville pulled her into a quick kiss, one that teased and promised. Just before the door opened, Neville and Luna were out of the bed, Luna perched on the foot, and Neville sat in the chair that held his robes.

Ron and Hermione rushed to Harry's bed before stopping and letting Madame Pomfrey do her thing. When she was gone, Harry held up his hand.

"They know. Now, what's happened?" Ron ran a hand through his bright red hair, blue eyes worried, and Hermione's frazzled hair did nothing but worry Harry more. Suspiciously wet brown eyes met his, and Hermione burst into tears, throwing herself into Harry's arms. Bright emerald eyes met blue, and Ron sighed explosively.

"He knows we've been holding back information, Harry. He told us to stop it or-" Ron cut off, shuddering.

"Okay, then we need to have a falling out. That way, you won't know, and can't get into trouble. I'll just be closing myself off, and pushing you two away, and that will be the reason for the falling out." Wet brown eyes, dark blue eyes, very light gray eyes, and blue eyes stared at him in shock.

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