Author's Note: Well here it is! Utterly sappy, smutty, and completely fluffy. Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoy the conclusion. I will probably be on hiatus for a bit with the holidays, but I have a couple idea's for stories kicking around in my head so hopefully will get those done.


Love Run Cold

Chapter 8 – The Best Advice

It was a rather rag tag group of Avengers that arrived back at SHIELD some hours later. "Well fought companions!" the jovial demi-God had shown up mid fight to help with the space creatures, Tony looked at him throw narrowed eyes tugging off his helmet, who was this happy and energetic after a fight? The others generally ignored him, beyond tired at the moment. Undeterred Thor moved to slap Banner, no longer green and angry, on the back as they headed inside the building. "Your arm ok?" Steve asked voice slightly nasally, and rather out of it Tony winced in sympathy mask off he could see Captain America had broken his nose, badly, "We should get that set…" he said gently guiding the big man inside.

Steve had taken a rather severe hit to the face compliments of the Hulk whipping an alien at him. He would heal quickly, but was probably suffering from a rather serious concussion, judging by his rather dazed looking. Taking a big hand Tony lead him to the infirmary, the medics righting his break with a rather vicious sounding snap. "We'd give him painkillers, but unfortunately they don't do much for Captain America," the medic looked at him in apology before packing up their kit.

Tony turned to Steve, "You look like a raccoon," he teased the blonde smiled at him rather dreamily, "Keep looking at me like that Spangles you're going get in trouble." Steve looked even more confused then usual, shaking his head as if trying to clear it. Tony tenderly ran a hand through mussed blonde hair "Take it easy big guy," Steve leaned into the contact, disappointed when the dark haired man moved to the far end of the room tugging out of his armor. Mindful of his cast, now lined with cracks he'd had to crush the blasted thing to get it in his suit.

Steve touched his nose gently, wincing, his face hurt, and the world felt like it was hazy and out of focus. He knew he wasn't thinking as well as he normally did, his head had been rattled hard. It wasn't all bad though, he felt sort of detached, like he was watching himself from outside his body. Unashamed he watched Tony strip out of his suit, dark hair sweat matted, his t-shirt wet, the white material clinging to hard muscles. Steve grinned Tony looked so good right now, he wanted to kiss him…pull him close, run he hands all over...

Missing the rather lustful disheveled looks from blue eyes, Tony tugged the wet material off wrinkling his nose, grabbing a fresh tee complements of SHIELD. Humming appreciatively at the site of half dressed Tony, Steve blinked realizing just how warm he looked; Steve shivered he was cold. Frowning he tugged off his uniform top, "Not warm," he mumbled his addled mind having problems formulating what he wanted to express. Tony armor once more packed away looked at him seeming to understand, "It's not?" he took the shirt flipping it inside out spotting the problem right away. "Hmmm…I can fix it, need to think of a way to prevent crushing," he mumbled, cut-off by a voice booming over the loud speaker, "Iron Man and Captain America to the Conference room." He looked up, "Yeah we hear you…" he muttered, "Come on darling lets go." Nodding placidly the Super Soldier trailed after him.

The others where already waiting, looking like they wanted to pass out more the anything. Tony among them. Planning to play the injured card and lure Steve into his bed, though by the look of him it wasn't going to be hard. He steered Steve into a chair the big guy settling, "Wow Capt nice," Hawkeye commented, Bruce glancing over at the big man guiltily, "I'm sorry Steve." The Captain smiled "No problem, accidents happen." Clad only in his spandex blue top, without Tony's heating device he was cooling rapidly; shivers wracking his large frame. Tony tapping away on his tablet could hear him shivering. Without a word the smaller man stood, tugging out the Capt's chair ignoring big blue eyes looking at him in surprise. Without a word he sat down between muscular legs, his overheated back pressing into the cool chest of Captain America.

Tony rested his broken arm on the table glaring around the room, daring any of the occupants to comment. Steve to dazed and detached to overanalyze the turn of events reacted on instinct; leaning forward into the warm body he wrapped his arms around the lithe frame tightly. Sighing content when Tony's heat began to seep into him, shivers subsiding. Tony busily redesigning the warming unit in Capt's suit.

"So…anything you want to tell us?" Natasha asked innocently, Tony knew Steve was sleeping, his soft regular breaths puffed against his ear. He resisted the urge to smile, sleep meant he was healing, "You don't sound all that surprised," she smirked. Tony glanced around the table his earlier suspicions resurfacing. "It was you," he said eyes narrowing, before he caught Bruce's guilty look, "Et tu Brute?" Tony shook his head; he really should have known better, they couldn't leave well enough alone. "You're the ones giving Steve the terrible date ideas." Clint held his arms up innocently, "You like horror movies." Tony opened his mouth to retort when Thor busted in the doors, "Friends!" he bellowed Steve startled awake, shifted to look at him blinking in confusion, unwilling to move from his warmth.

Fury was entering behind the God, looking around at the tired lackluster faces. Making no comment on the seating arrangements he moved to the front of the room, Tony held up a hand, "Sorry bright eye, but can this wait until tomorrow perhaps. I man look at us…look at Captain America," he gestured over his shoulder, no qualms playing the pity card. Fury glared at him, but his eyes flickered to the big blonde face swollen and distorted, eyes half closed in sleep. It irked the man, but Stark was right, they needed to rest, "I suppose," he relented.

Sighing happily everyone was quick to head out. Tony gently woke the man leaning on him. "Hey Steve," he said, waiting for baby blues to open, fancying the swelling in his face was already subsiding. "Wha?" he mumbled, laughing the dark haired man got off the chair tugging him up, "Come on baby lets go home." Smiling Steve looped big fingers on Tony's shirt. "Can I stay with you tonight?" he asked softly. Tony wrapped a warm callused hand around his, "Anytime."


"Captain, good morrow to you on this beautiful day!" Steve winced slightly, head still throbbing. It had been a couple days since the he'd got his head knocked around, but it was already much better his nose fully healed the bruises all but faded out. His head was still healing though, and the rather loud demi-God was not helping. "Better," he mumbled sipping his tea slowly the long haired man got himself a cup loading it with sugar.

"I hear you are enamored with the man of Iron," he said then completely out of the blue. Steve all but choking on his beverage, sputtering and coughing he looked at the man wide eyed. "Fear not Captain, in Asguard love in all forms is readily accepted. I have learned it not to always so on Earth," he looked rather sad for a moment, "I hold the belief if you find the one you love, it is worth moving the very heavens for." Steve Rogers was struck dumb; he blinked wide blue eyes, the last person in the world he would have imagined getting advice on love was looking at him solemnly across the kitchen table. "You know Thor…of all the advice I've been given lately, I think that is perhaps the best." The God gestured grandly, "You are welcome Steven," he raised his mug, "I think perhaps you should tell Stark your feelings, he is an excitable sort prone to worry."

Steve grinned it would appear the man was like Tony…not all he seemed. "Thank you," he said, genuinely meaning it. Thor was right; love was worth moving the heavens for. He hurried from the kitchen with one destination in mind the demi-god's booming laughter following his flight.

Tony was working once more on the heating system. Slow going with his broken arm, still he was determined to fix it before they had another encounter. As he worked his way across the complex netting and tiny heat sensors, his mind wandering away from the task at hand. Unable to help the small smile creep across features, he was happy. For the first time in a long time he was truly happy. He was eager to find his bed at night, knowing a rather large, chilled man needed his warmth, big hand settling on his reactor, safe, and warm.

His thoughts turning to the shower…the very memory making the inventor burn with lust. It had been a hand job, yet he couldn't seem to get it out of his mind. He would say he was an experienced man, but that night…it had harkened back to his adolescent days when he'd realized that perhaps his dad's obsession had spilled over to him. He shook his head at the thought, wondering if perhaps his father may have had a crush on the Super Soldier as well.

"Tony?" surprised he looked up to see Steve he hadn't heard him come in. "Sorry, wool gathering," he mumbled, setting aside his tools. Steve grinned, "Rather old fashioned saying," Tony laughed itching at the top of his cast; he was soon going to have to stick something down the infernal thing his arm seemed to itch interminably. "Guess my boyfriend's rubbing off on me," he winked at blue eyes, smile fading as he saw the serious look descend onto that broad honest face. "What's wrong?" He asked suddenly worried, every break-up he'd had through the years flashing across his mind. Trying to recall anything he'd possibly done to mess this up already.

Big hands where taking his, gently gripping his cast, "Tony?" dark eyes met blue and he held his breath, thinking he was going to completely embarrasses himself by begging the Star Spangled man to give him another chance. "I love you," he said, face heartbreakingly honest. Tony nearly keeled over in shock. "I don't know much about this time, or how things go. I've never been in a relationship before….but I've never felt this way about anyone, not like I do you." For once the man, who never seemed at a loss for words, had nothing to say. Steve released a held breath, grinning widely. A lightness coming over him, he had done it.

Tony was stock staring at Steve wide eyed for a long moment before suddenly Steve found his arms full. "I know I don't deserve you…but I love you anyway," Tony muttered fervently pressed tightly to the big man. That got Steve's attention, as he muttered between kisses, "You love me too?" he asked with wonder, "Less talk handsome, more kisses." Tony guided them across the lab with every intention of tumbling them onto his couch when a sudden thought occurred to him. He switched directions, gripping Steve with his good left hand tugging the man towards the door. "Where we going?" he asked a faint blush covering his cheeks, "Bedroom…now…" Tony huffed. Steve's face got impossibly red.

The big man rushed forward then scooping Tony up in his arms, dashing up the back stair, the dark haired man not the least bit put off by the manhandling wrapped his casted arm around the well muscled neck. Steve made for the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind them, Tony already tugging off his t-shirt blue glow filling the room. Steve dumped him unceremoniously onto the bed, even as he was tugging off his jeans. Steve hurriedly pulled off his own shirt and jeans pausing when he finally saw Tony's underwear; Captain America. "Shut up Spangles," for the first time Steve saw the older man blush, a red flush cutting across his cheeks. It was…adorable.

There was no hesitancy no fear as the big handsome blonde tugged off his own underwear crawling across the bed towards the other man Tony waiting for him with warm open arms. They kissed for what seemed like hours, tangled together intimately, neither was in a rush. Tony surprised when he felt Steve grip his ass, kneading and caressing. He bit back a chuckle, it would appear he was going to be bottom…and he was more then ok with that. Wrapping his legs around the big man's waist he flipped them, hands fumbling in his beside table. Blue eyes looked into warm brown curiously, as he held the lube in his hand looking at his broken arm sighing. Apparently he was going to need some help. Steve looked at his broken arm the bottle, taking it gently from the man he flipped them again. "I do have some idea of what I'm doing Tony," laughing the man slung his injured arm around the blonde kissing him harshly.

Steve may not have a lot of experience, or really any for that matter, but he wasn't wholly ignorant. He'd caught a couple of his men once, and despite the painful embarrassment of pretending to be asleep nearby, it had been educational. He kissed Tony, tongues dueling as he greased up his fingers moving to gently probe the tight ring of muscle. Tony gasped telling himself to relax as the thick, blunt fingers began to stretch him carefully. He moaned into the other's mouth when one of the teasing digits brushed that sweet spot. He arched back into the fingers, whimpering as they where removed, angry at his own noises he was making. Promising to be quite from this point. Biting his lip when he felt something substantially larger pressing against him.

Eyes wide he felt Steve slide inch by inch inside, gasping somewhere between pain and pleasure. Steve closed his eyes Tony was heaven, impossible tight…and impossibly hot. He stilled, large body trembling seated right to the hilt. The smaller man feeling every solid inch of him, deep inside of him their heart beats syncing. Steve locked eyes with his lover, Tony staring back at him dazed, panting faintly; it was the most erotic moment of his life. Then Steve moved.

Slowly at first before gaining force and strength as he adjusted shifting hips he found an angle that had Tony crying out his name. Grunting satisfied he began to hit that spot steadily, over and over, Tony's mind turning to a pile of mush. "Steve!" he cried out, short fingernails digging into the broad back, ignoring the lance of pain across his broken arm. Tony orgasmed hard and fast spilling between them without a single touch from the big man. Flushed with pleasure he gasped as Steve paused, still rock hard and impaling him, "Ok?" he asked softly, the small man moaned softly, apparently he really was a Super Soldier. "Yeah," he said shifting his hips, "Keep going." Grinning the blonde hoisted him into his lap sitting back hands holding tight to slim hips Tony moved in his lap.

The dark haired man was on pleasure overload as he kissed and sucked anywhere he could reach riding Steve in a steadily. Sweat slick, they moved together, moans of pleasure echoing in the room. Steve was hot, so deliciously hot as he thrust deeply into the man he loved again and again. Tony was getting close again, body trembling and shuddering, it was agonizing ecstasy clamping down tightly on the other man. Steve was on the edge, teetering on the edge senses filled with Tony. As Tony reached his second orgasm, Steve followed with him. "Tony," he mumbled squeezing him tightly as he spilled deep inside, feeling warm wetness between them once more Tony collapsing against him utterly spent. Panting Steve kissed a now; sweat slicked shoulder, "Wow…" Tony mumbled pulling back looking dazedly at the big guy. Steve chuckled, "Good?" the shorter man grinned, "Spec-fucking-tacular, comes to mind." They kissed again Steve sliding off the bed, still deep inside Tony as he carried him across the room and into the shower. The small man giving an amazed moan, Steve was hard once more, chuckling at they headed for the shower Tony nipping at the strong neck, "I've created a monster…"

Much later, the pair utterly exhausted lay tucked closely together in the big bed. Tony couldn't remember the last time he'd….well he'd never a marathon like that. The cooler man was pressed close to his overheated body. Smiling softly he kissed the blonde head near his chest, watching as a big hand settled over his constant glow. "I love your light," Steve said softly tracing the metal and skin, dark eyes smiled gently. "I love you too Tony," he finished palm firmly pressed to his chest. "I love you too Steve," humming happily the normally cold man sighed content, "You'll keep me warm." Tony chuckled, his body beginning to cool, as the other stole his heat, "Always," he mumbled eyes slipping closed. Steve yawned widely beginning to fade out too, his last fleeing thought, love can be a gradual thing.