Sweden was busily working on some documents with his sleeves rolled up. He had been working for days and he knew he was starting to worry everyone, especially Finland. He never meant to make him worry but he had. He was busy with some more documents, which were everywhere, on the table and on the floor. There was a sudden knock on the door as he yelled out "Come in. It's open."

Finland walks into the room nervously. "U-Um... Su-san," he began, his voice quavering, but then steadies it and continues, "You've been working for hours. Shouldn't you take a rest?"

"I should. But I won't." He said as he continued. "This is important."

Finland stood awkwardly at the doorway. "But you haven't slept for days, and everyone's worried about you. Especially me." He looked down, a blush creeping to his cheeks. "I'm... worried about you..."

He looked to him and blushed. "You are?"

Finland suddenly jumps up, realizing what he had just said. "U-Um... I mean..." His blush only grew deeper, and he turned his head away to hide it. "I'll... go make some tea for you, if you want..." He turns to the door without waiting for Sweden's reply.

"N-No!" He called out as his he got up and went over to him. "I-It's fine. I appreciate it. Very much."

Finland gave a start at Sweden's strange outburst. His eyes grew wide when he realized how much the blonde nation towered over him in height. Staring up at him, he replies, "Are you sure? Because... you've been working so hard lately, I just want to do something... to help you. Somehow." He tore his gaze away from those sky blue eyes and looked down once again.

He bent down a bit. "I know of something that'll help me. You just have to look at me first."

His blush rose to a deep red, but kept his eyes trained to the ground, afraid that if he looked up, he would only get lost once again in those blue depths. "And wh-what is that?"

Using his thumb and his index finger, he grabbed Tino's chin and kissed him.

Tino's heart seemed to stop mid-beat. Berwald was... kissing him! All he ever dreamed of, all the feelings he wished he could confess to him but was to scared to... now he knew Berwald felt the same. And so instead of pulling away, he wrapping his arms around his neck and deepened the kiss.

Being 12 cm taller than him he straightened his back and held him as he kissed back. He closed and locked the door so as not to have any intruders.

Suddenly realizing what was happening, Tino pulled away, having not noticed before that Berwald was carrying him as they were kissing. "Uh-um..." His furious blush spread even more across his face. "Su-san, you really super tall..." And he burst out in a giggle.

"I know." He said smiling. He sat on the one couch in the room and made Tino straddle him. "Would you like to continue?"

"Ah, um..." Tino looked away, a little nervous. "I-I mean sure. I've just... never really done this before..."

He smiled. "Then let me teach you." He kissed him again, this time adding his tongue.

Tino gave a slight gasp at the sudden new contact, but relaxed, surprised at how gentle Berwald was. He entangled his fingers into his soft, blonde hair and closed his eyes, relishing at the warm pleasure, and the happy thought that Berwald loved him as much as he did.

He kissed him deeply as he pulled him close. He was blushing insanely.

Tino smiled into the kiss, before being embarrassed at how much he was blushing, but now realizing he wasn't the only one. He couldn't help but notice at how utterly adorable Berwald looked.