Love in the Sunset

By GreatAngemon

"Red," Yellow said, panting slightly. "I can't keep up with you. Your Pokémon are just too powerful."

"Don't think of it like that," Red scolded. "Your Pokémon are just as powerful as mine, just not in the same way. Look, you're using a Butterfree, a flying type, against an electric Pikachu. Obviously you're going to have trouble winning."

"Yeah, but your Pokémon's levels are way higher," Yellow said.

"I trained them for two years before you started training your Pokémon," red explained, "But you managed to take down Lance, and I had trouble with Bruno."

"That's because he cheated," Yellow muttered, blushing at the compliment. "If it had been a fair fight you would have won, no problem."

Red smiled. "Thanks." He looked at his watch, and his eyes widened. "Let's cut this training session short for today," he said hurriedly, returning his Pokémon to his pokeballs and jumping on his bike. "I have to go get ready."

"Ready for what?" Yellow asked, but Red was already gone. She sighed and turned back to her house.

"Let's go, Chuchu," she said to her Pikachu, walking slowly into the house. She watched T.V for a little while, until the phone rang. "hello?" she asked.

"Yellow," Red's voice said. "I'm getting ready for a date. Do you mind if I come over so you can check it out, to see if it's okay?"

Yellow's heart seemed to stop for a moment, and then she said, "Yeah, I suppose so." She hung up the phone, and sat down.

"He's going out on a date," yellow said to Chuchu, who was curled up in a ball on one of the cushions. "It's probably with Green." She sighed, and then suddenly started crying.

"Why would he go out with her?" she asked herself, but she knew the answer. Green was Red's age. She was smart, pretty, funny and she had known Red a lot longer.

She sat up, and then heard the doorbell ring. Wiping her eyes, she walked to the door and pulled it open. Red was standing there, holding a bouquet of flowers.

"What's wrong Yellow?" he asked, sounding concerned. He stepped inside and put the flowers down on the hall table.

Pulling Yellow into the living room, he made her sit down. "Tell me what's the matter," he said.

"How do you know something's wrong?" Yellow asked.

"Your makeup is running," Red said, and Yellow blushed.

"I was just watching a sad movie," Yellow lied. "What did you want me to look at?"

Red stood up. "Do you like my outfit?" he asked. Yellow looked him up and down. He was wearing his usual red jacket, though he seemed to have put on a new black shirt on underneath it. He had replaced his old, ripped up jeans with a pair of fresh ones, and had taken off his insulated gloves.

"You look good," Yellow said, though she felt like her heart was breaking. "And what do you think of these flowers?" he asked, retrieving the bouquet from the hall.

"They're pretty," Yellow said.

"Cool," Red said, sighing with relief. "Thanks." He walked out the door, and a moment later, Yellow heard someone knock on the door.

"Oh, did you forget something Red?" Yellow asked.

"Yeah," Red said. "My date." He handed her the flowers, and she blushed.

"You're taking me out on a date?" she asked.

"If you want to," Red said. Yellow smiled, blushing, and said;

"Of course I want to. At first I thought you were going to go out with Green…"

Red snorted. "I wouldn't go out with her," he said. "When we first met she stole my trainer badges."

Yellow giggled. Grabbing her bag, she asked, "Where are we going?"

"I thought we could go get a bite to eat and then we could go walk on the beach."

"Red," Yellow said. "We're in Viridian City. We're nowhere near the beach."

"I have Aero," Red said. "We're going to Vermillion City."

"Okay," Yellow said.

A few hours later, Yellow and Red were walking along the beach of Vermillion City. "It's kind of cold," Yellow said, shivering.

"Here," Red said, pulling off his jacket and draping it around Yellow's shoulders, making the younger girl blush.

"Thanks," she said quietly. They walked for another minute, until Yellow suddenly stopped. "Can we just sit here for a little while?" she asked, "And just watch the sunset?"

Red smiled. "Yeah, that sounds good," he said. He sat down next to Yellow, and put his arm around her shoulders.

Yellow blushed, but slipped her hand tentatively into his. "I'm really glad you asked me out tonight," she said.

"I am too," Red said. They sat there, watching the reds and yellows cascade across the water, until Yellow fell asleep. Smiling to himself, he picked her up and started walking back to the harbor.

Yellow awoke to find Red's jacket still around her shoulders. She smiled, and felt something crinkle in the pocket.

She pulled out a little note, which read, 'Dear Yellow. I'm really glad that you agreed to come on a date with me. I had a really good time. I thought you looked good in my jacket,' Yellow blushed at this, 'So I decided to let you keep it. Don't worry, I have lots of them.

'I'm coming over tomorrow, so I hope you're better prepared for this date than you were for the last one. Lots of love, Red.'

Yellow smiled, and said to herself, "Lots of love."

She looked over at Chuchu, and smiled. "Looks like you aren't the only one with a boyfriend now." Chuchu looked up at yellow, who giggled. "Red and I are dating now, I guess." She grabbed the note off of the couch and read it out loud to Chuchu.

"Lots of love, Red," she finished, giggling. She looked at the note, and smiled again. "I guess Red's my boyfriend now." She fell into transports of giggles, and lay down on the couch.

"I can't wait to see him," she said. She fell asleep in Red's jacket, Chuchu sleeping on her chest. It was the best sleep she ever had.